Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Cordial and warm greetings

Chu Shao Yang had not walked far and he heard Chen Ning scolding him behind him which caused his brows to knit.

She actually did not drown?

Humph, she really is lucky!

Chen Ning continued to insult him, but he turned a deaf ear and began walking faster.

All the way until he was far enough to not hear Chen Ning voice anymore did he finally slow his steps.

It was unknown why, but he revealed a faint smile with his lips.  Even the oppressive anger he felt began to slowly fade away.

This one kick was truly soothing!

Chu Shao Yang's mood continued rising as the smile on his face became larger.

Of course he knew that his own behaviour was very petty and could even be considered despicable.  He also knew that he would become a joke if this was spread.

But he could not endure it in that moment and just did it!

Moreover, he did not have a single bit of regret!

Chen Ning pulled her wet body onto the lake sh.o.r.e.  Her lips had already turned blue from the cold and it felt as if her blood was completely frozen.

Xiao Ru quickly took out her outer s.h.i.+rt and draped it over her.

It was a good thing that the Flowing Cloud Pavilion was not that far away.  Seeing Chen Ning looking like a drowned chicken coming back, Chun Tao and Xie He were both shocked.

They did not even have time to ask what happened before they rushed into the kitchen to boil hot water for the freezing Chen Ning.

Sitting in a bathtub filled with warm scented water, Chen Ning finally let out a long exhale.  She felt her four limbs begin to warm up.

She gritted her teeth and cursed, "Chu Shao Yang!"  Then she let out three big sneezes.

After waking up the next day, Chen Ning felt that her nose was stuffed up and her throat was burning.  She knew that she had caught a cold and would be better in just three-five days.

This man could even sneak up behind her and kick her into the water like this, what couldn't he do?

Chen Ning had regarded him as a human before, but after today, she had decided not to view him as a human anymore.

So, she began to give a cordial and warm "greeting" to this man who wasn't a human.  She gave a "greeting"  to all eight generations of his ancestors, starting from the ape men.

Chun Tao and Xia He were terrified hearing this.

Isn't the princess consort too brave  She even dared to insult his highness eight generation of ancestors, doesn't this also include the emperor?

Daring to insult the emperor, this was a crime with the punishment of beheading.

Xiao Ru couldn't help being enraptured with excitement.

"That villainous thing, have a child that has no eyes!"

Chen Ning was tired from giving out greetings and her throat hurt, so she stopped shouting out greetings today.

Xiao Ru couldn't help correcting her, "Young miss, this servant remembers it as failing to have a child."

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile at her and said ,"That is indecent.  We are refined people and cannot say these kinds of words."

"But in the wooden hut, you even called Housekeeper Xu and the others mouse farts." Xiao Ru blurted out.

Chen Ning couldn't help getting angry as she scowled and said, "Xiao Ru, no one will treat you as a mute if you keep speaking.  Since you are feeling this lonely, then go out and help me with something.

This dumb little girl, actually exposing her shortcomings.

"Alright, please tell me what you need young miss."  Xiao Ru stuck out her tongue and made a face.

"Help me buy some medicine from the pharmacy.  That's right, you should also go and p.a.w.n the jewelry."

She picked up a pen and write down the prescription for cold medicine.

She did not understand medicine, but she had seen many medical books before which included many chinese medicine books.  She had remembered many different cla.s.sical prescriptions.

To be able to go from the ancient era to the modern era, these are cla.s.sics tempered with time.

Such as the magical Xiao Chai Hu Soup that had been changed a hundred times, or the Ma Huang Soup that was labouriously made.  The Gui Zhi Soup, the revitalizing Si Jun soup, the Ba Zhen Soup, or the wide variety of other alternatives that she could choose from.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 157

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