Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Shameless audacity

The eldest princess face turned green with anger and her chest was heaving.  Her hand was raised and moved towards the sword on her belt.

Ye Ting Xuan quickly pressed down on her hand and gently advised, "Eldest princess, please calm yourself.  If you like eating pears, then Ting Xuan will help you cut them."

He pinched the eldest princess' back a few times and said in a soft voice, "I think this brat is regretting his decision.  Let's wait and see for now."

The eldest princess bitterly stared at Chen Bi Yun, "What kind of regret does he have.  Didn't you see that this brat even brought his concubine with him?"

Ye Ting Xuan just gave a faint smile and began to cut a pear.  This finally made the eldest princess suppress her anger and sit back down.

"Chu Shao Yang, what are do you want to do?  Are you finally filled with regret?"

If she had not been sitting by Chu Shao Yang's side and saw his lips move, then Chen Ning really would not have believed that these nauseating words could have come from his mouth.

"This king will never regret his words."  Chu Shao Yang calmly replied.


Chen Ning gritted her teeth and then suddenly stood up.

"Emperor, this minister's concubine, King Ding Yuan's Princess Chen has a matter to ask of the emperor."  She moved through the crowd and then bowed down to the high up emperor while wearing that red dress.

This move completely surprised everyone.

Even Chu Shao Yang did not expect this.  The snow pear in his hands fell to the ground and his hands couldn't help clenching together.

The eldest princess' right hand slapped down on the table and she praised, "Good!"

The emperor was particularly silent today, not saying a single word.  His expression seemed very calm, only in those deep and unfathomable dark eyes flashed a kind of glow that could not be understood.

"Miss Chen can just say it."  Mo Chuan finally spoke in a slow voice.  His voice was very calm, not showing any signs of strangeness.

Chen Ning felt a pair of beast like eyes staring right at her.  She did not need to look up to know that it had to be Chu Shao Yang.

She could easily guess why Chu Shao Yang would suddenly have a change of heart and treat her so nicely.

For a b.a.s.t.a.r.d that only cared about appearances, it must have been because he had seen her face and Chen Bi Yun's face was ruined, so that's why he transferred all the love he felt for Chen Bi Yun to her.

Thinking of the nauseating actions he did and the words he said, she felt a chill of disgust.  

G.o.d!  This man's face changed faster than an open book!

She never thought that there would be such a shameless man in the world!

Did he think that just by saying a few sweet words and peeling a few fruits for her, he would be able to change her mind?

In his dreams!

Chen Ning never hesitated once she decided on something, she would quickly cut of this source of trouble!

"Reporting to the emperor, this minister's concubine Chen wishes for the emperor to pa.s.s an imperial edict to allow this minister's concubine to separate from King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang."

She looked up with a firm look in her eyes, as she said this word for word.

The main hall that had been silent suddenly filled with a cold gasp.

Everyone looked at her face as they thought in their hearts, "Such a bold woman!  She dared to ask the emperor about separating from King Ding Yuan?  Is she tired of living?  This is the first time this has happened since the founding of the West Chu Country.  He, he, this is interesting, truly interesting."

Chu Shao Yang's right hand was holding a wine cup.  Suddenly, with a "ka" sound, the cup was smashed to pieces.

His hand immediately began to bleed, but he did not feel the pain at all.  He just continued to stare at Chen Ning like a wounded beast.

"Your highness, your hand is injured!"  Chen Bi Yun called out.  She wanted to help him bandage his hand, but he didn't even look over.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 369

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