Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Waiting for the day you are willing

Her cold voice was like a bucket of water that suddenly extinguished the flames of rage in Chu Shao Yang's heart.  His body suddenly trembled and he calmed down.

He slowly released his fingers.  Chen Bi Yun's eyes had already turned white, falling limp to the ground.

"Ning'er, your meaning is that if this cheap woman does not die, you will have a method to see if this child in her stomach is mine or not?  Say it quickly, what method do you have!"

Chu Shao Yang's eyes suddenly lit up as he grabbed Chen Ning's wrist.

He was very smart, understanding her words as soon as he heard it.

Chen Ning knit her brows, "Use your words, not your hands."  She broke free of his grasp.

"Ding Yuan Princess, have you thought of a way to prove King Ding Yuan's innocence?"  Mo Chuan's eyes lit up.

Chen Ning slowly nodded, "There is a way to prove it, but it can't be done right now."

"Why can't it be done?  As long as you saw it, this king will be able to do it!  Say it!  Say it!"  Chu Shao Yang excitedly called out.

"You can do it?  You can make Chen Bi Yun's child come out right now?"  She curled her lips into a sarcastic smile.

"What do you mean?"  Chu Shao Yang did not understand this.

Chen Ning quietly said, "My method is to wait.  We'll wait until Chen Bi Yun's child is born and use a blood test to prove everything.  We'll know the truth in time, so if you want to prove that this child is yours or not, you have to make sure that she lives and that she can safely give birth."

"Blood test?"

"Good method, good method!"

The hall immediately filled with praise.

Mo Chuan also gave a small nod, as his gaze looking at Chen Ning filled with praise.

"The Ding Yuan Princess has a good method."  He slowly said.

The blood test is simple and effective.  He did not expect that at this moment, this girl's mind would move faster than everyone else present.

Only with this method, they had to wait several months before they would know the truth.

"Many thanks for the emperor's praise."

Chen Ning replied with the proper courtesy phrase before looking over at Chen Bi Yun's face.

She thought in her heart, when Chen Bi Yun heard about the blood test, she didn't reveal any panic and there was a trace of happiness in her eyes.  Does that mean the child in her stomach really belongs to Chu Shao Yang?

She really did not care about the truth of the matter.  It was good if it was, it didn't matter if it wasn't because she wouldn't fall in love with Chu Shao Yang.

"Alright, then this cheap woman will live another five months.  When she gives birth to that evil sp.a.w.n and it's proven not to be mine, they will die together!"

Chu Shao Yang coldly said.

That voice that contained no emotion at all made Chen Bi Yun tremble.  Her tears flowed out as she spoke with a trembling voice, "Your highness, Yun'er is completely devoted to you, but you hate Yun'er and your child that much?  Even if Yun'er has fooled you, this child is innocent.  You….You really are ruthless, even wis.h.i.+ng to kill your child…."

"Cheap woman, who cares if that even sp.a.w.n in your stomach lives or dies!"

Chu Shao Yang did not take another look at Chen Bi Yun and went to grab Chen Ning's hand, "Ning'er……"

Chen Ning took a step back, avoiding his touch.  She looked down and said, "Your highness, please behave yourself.  Before the truth of this matter is out, please keep your distance from me."

"Alright, as you wish.  Everything will be as you wish."  Chu Shao Yang was not angry, rather he smiled and said, "Once the truth comes out, you will be willing to jump into my embrace.  Ning'er, I'm willing to wait."


Chen Ning rubbed the hairs standing up on her arm while looking at him.

Even if the truth is revealed, that day will never come!

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 381

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