Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: No good was coming

Xiao Si's body gave a fierce tremble.  There was killing intent in the Empress Dowager's words, so if he said nothing, then even if the emperor protected him, he shouldn't think about keeping his head.

"Reporting to the Empress Dowager, this servant has seen and heard nothing earlier."  Xiao Si steeled himself.

He would rather lose his head then betray his master.

"Good, Xiao Si, you can stand up.  For your master to have such a loyal servant, this widow is also happy for the emperor."  Empress Dowager Zhou's voice changed tones and Xiao Si almost could not believe his ears.

"This widow has been sick in bed recently and missed a happy event, I feel ashamed to mention it.  King Ding Yuan, I've heard that not only did you gain a princess, you even gained a concubine, you must have brought them into the palace with you.  Bring them up to see this widow, this widow still has to give them a reward."  Empress Dowager Zhou said with a kind look on her face.

Ever since the eldest princess said Chen Ning's name, Chu Shao Yang's face had turned dark as the watery depths.  Hearing this, his face turned even more sinister.

He did not say a word as he pulled Chen Ning in front of Empress Dowager Zhou and kneeled down.

"I greet the Empress Dowager.  This is my princess, Miss Chen.  The concubine consort Chen Bi Yun has made a mistake and has already been imprisoned in the Cold Palace by the emperor."

"Oh, Miss Chen, come up here.  Let this widow take a look at you."  Empress Dowager Zhou did not pursue the matter of Chen Bi Yun being imprisoned since she already knew this matter.

The separation between King Ding Yuan and his princess was not a matter that she needed to care about at all.

However, Empress Dowager Zhou never thought that the Ding Yuan Princess and her son had an affair.  This was definitely not allowed!

Chen Ning took two steps forward like she was ordered.  She slightly raised her head and lowered her brows a bit, letting Empress Dowager Zhou see her face.

She didn't need to look up to tell that nothing good was coming.

"You truly are beautiful, even more so than all the other girls brought here today.  King Ding Yuan is truly blessed."  Empress Dowager Zhou praised her with a smile.  She picked up a smooth jade bracelet and personally placed it in Chen Ning's hands.

"Many thanks for the Empress Dowager's reward."  Chen Ning looked down and thanked her.

"After sitting so long, this widow is feeling tired.  However, being able to see a beautiful girl like you that is even more beautiful than the flowers, this widow did not waste her time.  Emperor, could you send this widow home?"  Empress Dowager Zhou slowly stood up.

Everyone was stunned.  The Empress Dowager was leaving like this?

They were prepared to see a great storm, but they never thought that it would be this calm.

Mo Chuan helped support the Empress Dowager and replied, "Your son is willing."

Empress Dowager Zhou patted the back of his hand and nodded.  She looked over at Chu Shao Yang with a smile and said, "King Ding Yuan, you've gotten such a beautiful girl to be your princess, you must take care of her.  With such a beautiful girl, you should bring her back as soon as possible.  Otherwise, it will be too late if someone else sets her eyes on her."

The expressions on a few people's faces changed.

Chen Ning thought that this old ginger really was spicy.  Empress Dowager Zhou made no moves, but she had already planned everything.  She pushed her to Chu Shao Yang's side with just a single phrase.

With her speaking up, it was impossible for her to return to the Hu Guo Manor right now.

Chu Shao Yang never thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would support him.  His heart filled with joy and he bowed down again, "Many thanks Empress Dowager."

"Mother….."  Mo Chuan slightly knit his brows, but he was cut off by Empress Dowager Zhou.

"Emperor, arguments between a married couple isn't all that important.  As King Ding Yuan's elder, you should be trying to help King Ding Yuan fix his marriage.  The Ding Yuan Princess wants to return to her parent's home out of anger, but it is just words of anger.  How could you follow along with her!  Listen to this widow's words.  Let this young couple return to their palace and in less than three days, they will be able to patch things up.  Isn't that right, King Ding Yuan?"

Empress Dowager Zhou looked down at Chu Shao Yang.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 389

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