Breaking Off The Engagement… Bring It On! Chapter 177

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Tournament 7

The opponents were decided, and we opted to return to granduncle's residence.
The excitement in our surrounding has yet to die out, so not many people are trying to go back.
I thought we'd have to weave our way through the crowd… but with grandfather's usual technique opening the way, we got back quickly.

When we returned to the mansion, granduncle's servants were preparing to celebrate our partic.i.p.ation in the tournament.
Ange-san's expression became cloudy when she saw it.
But soon she smiled happily at Allen-kun and started playing around with him.
… Honestly, it should be frustrating, enduring with a smile must be painful.
But, with Ange-san doing her best I'll follow her example.

Grandfather and grandmother are probably aware.
They're looking at her with gentle eyes.
And, I suddenly remembered, I can't see Sasuke-san.
Huh? Since when is he gone?
Sasuke-san acts alone quite often but deep down he's an earnest person so usually we know his destination.
I asked Allen-kun and Ange-san who were playing around.

"Allen, Ange-san. I feel like I haven't seen Sasuke-san for a while, do you know where he could go?"

My question made the two of them look at each other and tilt their heads.

"I'm sorry. Neither I nor Ange know where Sasuke went."

They answered apologetically.
Hmm, if both of them don't know, did he for example tell grandfather where he's going?

"The celebration preparations will take a while longer, so everyone, please take a rest in your rooms."

Since granduncle said so we decided to take a rest in our rooms until the preparations are finished.
Me aside, Ange-san needs to rest after collapsing.
But perhaps she would say she's fine.

Each of us returned to their rooms.
Only when we finally separated I became aware of my appearance…

Uh, ugh, that's right.
I forgot my appearance because Ange-san's case made me lose my cool.
I was exposing such appearance to Allen-kun and Lute-sama.
W, why did no one tell me!
Reflected in a mirror is someone who would be called an obscene woman outside of the Northern Country… The slight consolation is that because this is the Northern Country it's alright.
Anyway, I need to change immediately.

While I was panicking in front of the mirror, somebody knocked on the door.
They appear to be the maids of this mansion.
It seems they prepared a change of clothes, and urged me to change.
Phew, I can finally separate from this dangerous object.

… Ah, I forgot.
In this country, a typical dress is like this.
The prepared change of clothes is somewhat better than what I was wearing during the tournament, but it's still something you'd be arrested for wearing outside this country.
For some reason, I can't find the clothing I brought with me, I changed into provided clothes in tears.
This is without a doubt, grandmother's work.
Because, while I was hesitating to wear this dress, a maid said 'We have been entrusted with this by Leafisama. We were told to watch until you finished changing', with a pleasant smile, and my clothes were changed while I was overcome with surprise.

It seems I have no choice but to give up as it's what normal in this country.
I pray the worn-out Ange-san won't be caught in the clutches of evil.

After changing clothes, while I was relaxing drinking tea, somebody knocked on the door.

"Lillina, it's me."

The owner of the voice is grandfather.
I opened the door and greeted grandfather… However, huh? Why is grandfather dragging Sasuke-san?

Grandfather came inside dragging Sasuke-san along.
On a second look, grandmother is with them.
Not knowing what's going on, for now I quietly closed the door.

"Um, why is Sasuke-san being dragged by grandfather?"

I couldn't not ask.
Rather, them acting as if it's nothing special is a mystery.
Sasuke-san is wearing a pitch-black costume characteristic to ninja, which he's rarely worn recently.
As his face is hidden I can't tell what kind of expression he's making, but for certain I feel he's in a bad mood.
Well, being dragged by grandfather the whole time would normally put one in a bad mood.

"Ah, that. Like this, he won't instantly slip out."

… No, is that supposed to be the answer?
Slip out, I guess he was trying to do something after putting on ninja's costume.
As I tilted my head, grandmother provided a helping hand.

"Come on, Lillina won't understand like this, right? Listen, Sasuke was trying to sneak into a certain mansion. This guy noticed and quickly caught him."

Trying to sneak into a certain mansion?
What is Sasuke-san doing in a foreign country.

"Let me supplement that, Sasuke had already sneaked into that mansion. Then I dragged him back."

He'd already sneaked in?
Then he was dragged… As expected of grandfather.

Breaking Off The Engagement… Bring It On! Chapter 177

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