Owned: An Alpha Anthology Part 64

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"So...you love me?" He smiled.

"You weren't supposed to hear that. It's too soon." I grinned. He got up and leaned over so our noses touched. Before he could say anything, I continued, "But of course I love the man who told me I held his heart and that I was his other half."

"f.u.c.k," he hissed, "you heard that?"

"Yes," I uttered.

His eyes were soft, softer than I had ever seen. "Good," he stated. "Because I meant every word. You're crazy, but I wouldn't be without you. I f.u.c.kin' love you, too, cupcake." A sob caught in my throat. Tears broke and my man kissed them away before his lips gently touched mine.

On the fourth day in hospital, I woke to find Fox at my side sitting in a chair. He said I could be getting a visit from the police soon. He'd held them at bay until I was more myself, and hadn't mention anything earlier, wanting me to recover. No sooner had he told me that, there was a knock at my door. The police had arrived. I never asked Fox what was done with Jim. But when they asked me to identify the man who attacked me, I was shocked. I mumbled a yes and they brought forward a picture. It was of Jim, battered and bruised. I looked to Fox. He smirked and winked. The proof was right in front of me. They did hand him over to the authorities, and I was glad. I wanted him judged for what he did to the other women. Though, from the picture, it looked like Fox had time for a little payback himself. I was amazed I wasn't repulsed by my man beating another. I hated violence. This confirmed I was absolutely at peace with Fox and the way he worked through situations. I was at peace because I knew deep down that Jim deserved it for what he did. Not only to me, but for taking the lives of three women.

When I got out of the hospital, Fox took me home. I walked in to find a very happy Trixie. She bounced around and barked. Once I gave her enough attention, she settled. I left Fox in the kitchen to go and have a lay down on my bed. That was when I discovered Fox had moved in. I went to dump my bag in my closet and found his clothing hanging. I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from squealing with glee. I walked out of the closet to see him leaning against the doorframe.

"Do not say one word. It's happenin'. Get over it," Fox said.

I shrugged, took off my tee, removed my jeans and then lay on the bed. "I'm tired, handsome, so you're going to have to do all the work."

"Christ," he barked. I smiled over at him. Desire raced through my body as he removed his clothes quickly. He got on the bed and hovered over me. "You good then? You don't care I moved in?"

"No, I don't mind at all. Now get to work, Mr Kilpatrick."

"I'm on it," he grinned. I arched so he could unhook my bra. He slowly bought it down my arms and flung it somewhere in the room. Intense eyes stared down at me. Then with one hand, he cupped my breast. I sighed. He smiled as he lowered his mouth to my nipple and sucked it in, swirling his tongue around it.

"Yes, handsome, that feels good."

"You'll feel even better soon," he growled.

"Promises, promises."

"Don't get cheeky on me, woman. I still owe you a tanning." I didn't get to reply. Instead, his mouth met mine, and he kissed me hard, only to gentle it by running his tongue along my lips as his hand made its way down my stomach to in-between my legs. He pulled my panties aside and ran a finger over my lower lips, separating them. Our kiss turned urgent as soon as he entered two fingers inside of me. I moved one hand from his shoulder down to grip him through his boxers. He groaned. I panted around his lips as he drove his fingers faster in and out of me.

"Fox," I mumbled against his lips. He moved back. "I want you inside of me when I come."

"f.u.c.k, yes." He was too eager to even remove his boxers. I supposed it had been a week since we'd had s.e.x, so I couldn't help but giggle when he ripped my panties from me and shoved his boxers down, without removing them completely. He spread my legs further and he glided inside of me. I sighed content.

"Jesus, cupcake, I love seein' that look upon your face as you take my c.o.c.k. f.u.c.kin' beautiful," he said as he slowly pushed and withdrew from my wet p.u.s.s.y.

"Handsome, I need it hard and fast," I moaned as he pushed deep and hit my G-spot.

"No. I might hurt you."

I opened my eyes and glared up at my man. "If you don't f.u.c.k me hard and fast, it'll be another two weeks before you get any."

"Bulls.h.i.+t, you love this."

"I do, Fox. I do." He kept going slowly and gently. "Okay, handsome, let me say this then. f.u.c.k me hard and fast, Fox Kilpatrick or I'll have Julian here for dinner every night for a week."

"Christ, woman, you play dirty."

"That's because I like it dirty," I said.

He smirked. "All right, precious. Brace." I did. I moved my arm above my head and held onto the headboard. He lifted my hips by his hand, placing it on my b.u.t.t and slammed into me. His thrusts were wild and crazy. I f.u.c.king loved it.

"G.o.d, yes, Fox, yes. Like that," I moaned.

"Play with your p.u.s.s.y, Ivy. Touch yourself," he ordered.

I opened my eyes and took in his hooded eyes as he watched my hand slid down my body to my c.l.i.t. I rubbed it and cried out. Fox groaned.

"I'm close, so close," I panted, but there was no way I was taking my eyes off my man. I wanted to witness him come and lose himself. His eyes were on my slicked finger as it ran over my c.l.i.t faster. Raising his eyes, he smiled a smile that lit up his face.

"Mine," he growled, sending me over the edge. I forced my eyes to stay open as my walls clenched around his c.o.c.k. I whimpered through it. "f.u.c.k, you're gorgeous," he whispered. He let go of my legs and leaned down over me so he could touch his lips to mine. I was about to deepen the kiss but he pulled back. Our eyes met and he hissed, "I'm gonna come, precious."

"Yes," I uttered.

He kept my stare as I felt his seed flow into me. Fox grunted and pumped fast four times. As he slowed, he said, "f.u.c.kin' love you."

"You too, handsome," I smiled.

The one thing that surprised me, after the hiccup with Jim, was that I didn't have nightmares. I thought I would. People told me I would, but they never showed. I still woke in the middle of the night, but for a different reason, and it had a lot to do with Fox. Not only because he was curled tightly around me every night, but when I did wake, it was from words of love sweeping through my mind, chasing away any bad thoughts or dreams...You have my heart to take care of, Ivy Morrison. I need you, so don't go gettin' any ideas, woman. I need you because you're my other half. You stay with me.

You see, even in my dreams, my biker man protected me.

Finding Out is a novella from the Hawks MC Club world. If you want more you could start at Holding Out book 1 and then Climbing Out book 2.

Black Out, book 3 in the series, will be released at the end of 2014.


I was born in Brisbane Australia; my step-dad was in the Army, which caused us to move around a lot. We finally settled in country Victoria, Australia. I am the youngest of four children and I can say that I was spoilt a bit. I drove my mum crazy when I refused to eat meat at a young age.

Now I live with my husband and two children, and I find myself regretting all the troubles I put my parents through because my monsters are just as picky as I was.

I started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC Club series Holding Out. The next to follow was something different, I wrote Senseless Attraction, a YA novel. Soon, I was back to the Hawks series with number two Climbing Out. I have more to write in the series, but there will be also be more novels in the humorous erotica genre, like Left to Chance.


From the bottom of our alpha's hearts.



Owned: An Alpha Anthology Part 64

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