Character Sketches of Romance Volume Iii Part 130

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Eugenius I., pope (*, 654-657).

Felix I., pope (*, 269-274).

Ferdinand III. of Castile and Leon (1200, 1217-1252).

Julius I., pope (*, 337-352).

Kang-he, second of the Manchoo dynasty of China (*, 1661-1722).

Lawrence Justiniani, patriarch of Venice (1380, 1451-1465).

Leo IX., pope (1002, 1049-1054).

Louis IX. of France (1215, 1226-1270).

Olaus II. of Norway (992, 1000-1030).

Stephen I. of Hungary (979, 997-1038).

=Saints for Diseases.= These saints either ward off ills or help to relieve them, and should be invoked by those who trust their power:--

AGUE. St. Pernel cures.

BAD DREAMS. St. Christopher protects from.

BLEAR EYES. St. Otilic cures.

BLINDNESS. St. Thomas a Becket cures.

BOILS and BLAINS. St. Rooke cures.

CHASt.i.tY. St. Susan protects.

CHILDREN'S DISEASES (_All_). St Blaise heals; and all cattle diseases.

The bread consecrated on his day (February 3) and called "the Benediction of St. Blaise," should have been tried in the recent cattle plague.

CHOLERA. Oola Beebee is invoked by the Hindus in this malady.

COLIC. St. Erasmus relieves.

DANCING MANIA. St. Vitus cures.

DEFILEMENT. St. Susan preserves from.

DISCOVERY OF LOST GOODS. St. Ethelbert and St Elian.

DOUBTS. St. Catherine resolves.

DYING. St. Barbara relieves.

EPILEPSY. St. Valentine cures.

FIRE. St. Agatha protects from it, but St. Florian should be invoked if it has already broken out.

FLOOD, FIRE, and EARTHQUAKE. St. Christopher saves from.

GOUT. St. Wolfgang, they say, is of more service than Blair's pills.

GRIPES. St. Erasmus cures.

IDIOCY. St. Gildas is the guardian angel of idiots.

INFAMY. St. Susan protects from.

INFECTION. St. Roque protects from.

LEPROSY. St. Lazarus, the beggar.

MADNESS. St. Dymphna cures.

MICE and RATS. St. Gertrude and St. Huldrick ward them off.

NIGHT ALARMS. St. Christopher protects from.

PLAGUE. St. Roch, they say, in this case is better than the "good bishop of Ma.r.s.eilles."

QUENCHING FIRE. St. Florian and St. Christopher should not be forgotten by fire-insurance companies.

QUINSY. St. Blaise will cure it sooner than tartarized antimony.

RICHES. St. Anne and St. Vincent help those who seek it. Gold-diggers should ask them for nuggets.

SCABS. St. Rooke cures.

SMALL-POX. St. Martin of Tours may be tried by those objecting to vaccination. In Hindustan, Seetla wards it off.

SUDDEN DEATH. St. Martin saves from.

TEMPERANCE. Father Mathew is called "The Apostle of Temperance"


TOOTH-ACHE. St. Appolline cures better than creosote.

VERMIN-DESTROYERS. St. Gertude and St. Huldrick.

WEALTH-BESTOWER. St. Anne, recommended to the sultan.

Character Sketches of Romance Volume Iii Part 130

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