I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game Chapter 26 Part2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
– Attaining Everything 10 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
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 With Chako's voice as the signal, we immediately put to practice what we thought up so far.

 First, Sensei's power is to be transferred to Chako.
Sensei, I, Chako, and Yuusei-kun hold hands and form a ring.
The cable moving Sensei's power to Chako is me.
It seems that Yuusei-kun will be a.s.sisting while watching the two's power.
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 The state of Sensei's power travelling across me and slowly being ferried to Chako continues.
Our connected hands are hot.
I personally just feel a strange sensation of something lukewarm travelling through me, but it seems extremely painful for Chako.

 Chako looked calm and was taking deep breaths at first, but her breaths gradually grew rough.
The Chako I glance at has her eyes closed, looking in pain as though she's enduring something.
Frantically suppressing my gus.h.i.+ng anxiety, I immerse myself into the work of transferring Sensei's power to Chako.
Yuusei-kun calls out after a while.

"Alright, Naba. That's enough."
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 With that as the signal, I stop transferring the power.
Worried about the Chako going "Haa, ha" gasping in pain, I want to rush over immediately.
However, Tomoyuki-san sends a small nod my way and softly places a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down. Try taking deep breaths."
"… Ss … Haa"

 Chako's fine.

 Saying just that to myself as though to shake off my anxiety, I concentrate on Sensei's power.
Sensei, too, may go berserk due to the sudden loss of power.
I send my power in to suppress that.

"Sensei, how is it?"
"Ah… Let's see, somehow my body became extremely light."
"I see. Normally, one's body would become heavy if they lose power, but the older Kuo reversely feels lighter because he doesn't have to suppress the excess power, huh."

 Yuusei-kun's eyes s.h.i.+ne when he sees Sensei check his own body in marvel.
He's probably having too much fun right now.
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"Yuusei-kun. Hurry, to Chako."

 I pull Yuusei-kun, who seemed like he'd be staring at Sensei forever if left alone, to Chako's side.
Chako's hunched over on the sofa with her knees up, biting her lips in pain.

"Tomoyuki-san, how's Chako?"

 I ask the Tomoyuki-san sitting next to Chako with his hand placed on her back.
Tomoyuki-san looks at Chako worriedly and gives me a small nod.

"The power is rioting considerably now. I'm sending power in to adjust the flow but, it seems pretty painful."
"Chako, you okay? Next is transferring that power to Kousuke. When we do so, we'll convert the power inside you, so I think it will hurt even more."
"Eh… I reallyyy don't wanna feel, even more awful."

 "Haa, haa" Chako desperately takes deep breaths and speaks slowly.

"But… it's awful having this power inside all the time too… Nn. I can do it. I'm probably, still not at my limit."
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 Even with her eyes closed firmly, Chako lets out her voice in a smiling manner.
I exchange a look with Yuusei-kun, and nod "Un".
Best to end it quickly if it's awful either way.

 I take the hand of Chako who's sitting on the sofa, while my other hand takes that of the Kousuke-kun looking at Chako with worry.
Yuusei-kun stoops in front of the sofa, taking Chako and Kousuke-kun's hands.
Then, we do the opposite of what we did with Sensei.

 Searching within Chako, we find the power transferred from Sensei just now.
It hasn't been absorbed by Chako, and is present there in a lump.
Then, maintaining the imagery of changing that to the same thing as Kousuke-kun's power, I move it to Kousuke-kun.
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 Midway, a "Hii" small scream escaped from Chako but I desperately concentrate so that it doesn't affect me.
A "Wuu" groan-like sound was also heard from Kousuke-kun but I drive it away to a corner of my thoughts.

"Alright, it's enough."

 Yuusei-kun's voice appears and I open my eyes at once.
The Chako seated on the sofa has her eyes closed, but her face is visibly pale.
Then, she falls down on the sofa.


 When I approach Chako while holding her hand, the Tomoyuki-san next to her glances at Kousuke-kun.

"She can be handled later. Kousuke comes first."
"… Yes, you're right."

 Seeing Tomoyuki-san leave a hand on Chako's back, I leave that spot with a nod.
Then, I go to Kousuke-kun.
Kousuke-kun's standing, giving rough gasps repeatedly.
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"Kousuke-kun, I'm going to suppress your power for a bit."

 I take Kousuke-kun's hand after warning him, and suppress the rioting power inside him.

He'll probably be able to suppress the power eventually but being unaccustomed, he probably can't control it well for now.
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 As I suppress the power, his rough breaths gradually return to normal.
However, those amber eyes lost their white portions and his nature as a phantom actualised.

"Kousuke. You know Naba suppressed the power?"
"… Yeah."
"You have to do that by yourself in the future. So, you'll be training with me from now on."

 Kousuke-kun's amber eyes glint.
Even when receiving the blood l.u.s.t that's different from Kousuke-kun's usual eyes, Yuusei-kun laughs like he's having fun.

"Nice, that's. It excites me."
"… Shut up."

 I gently release my hand when Kousuke-kun's power has been suppressed to a certain degree.
Kousuke-kun's schlera have not appeared as yet, but Yuusei-kun had said beforehand that it won't be training if I suppress too much of his power.

"Kousuke-kun. I think you'll be having it the roughest from now on."

 "Don't lose" I stare at those amber eyes.
When I do, Kousuke-kun's eyes narrow gently with a "Fu".

"It's fine, Naba. I've never been in a better condition my entire life."
"Un… that's good."

 Yuusei-kun snorts when I smile with my brows knitted.

"Hurry up and control the power with that spirit then. Let's go."
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 He turns around and faces the entranceway.
Seems like he's going for training at once.

"No, but, Chako is…"
"You can't. If you go berserk here, Chako may go berserk too."

 When Kousuke-kun's worried about Chako and doesn't follow Yuusei-kun, Yuusei-kun turns back and looks at him.

"Hurry up and suppress your power if you're worried about Chako."
"… Got it."

 Kousuke-kun's brows knit at Yuusei-kun's words before he heaves a huge sigh.
Then, he faces the front as though he made some sort of resolution and chases after Yuusei-kun.

"… You can do itー."
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 Apparently having heard their conversation, Chako painfully, but tenaciously speaks.

"Yeah, I'll be going."

 Saying just that, Kousuke-kun leaves the house with Yuusei-kun.
I see off their backs and approach Chako who's lying sideways on the sofa.
Leaning over the front of the sofa, I grasp the hand of Chako that's left weakly on the sofa.
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
"Chako… are you okay?"
"Nnn… I'm a little tired."
"I see, is there anything you want?"
"Ahh… I want to cool down so a wet towel."
"Got it."

 Tomoyuki-san stops me when I'm about to stand up to get a towel.

"I'll go. Since the power itself seemed to have calmed down."
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 With that, he stands up from the sofa.
Apparently Tomoyuki-san doesn't need to send his power anymore.
As though in subst.i.tution, Sensei sits on the spot Tomoyuki-san was at.
Sensei doesn't look much different from before his power was extracted, he seems to be his usual self.

"Is Sensei perfectly fine?" [Yui]
"Aa. Like I said before, it's just my body becoming lighter."
"… Think you can live long?" [Chako]
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 Chako's eyes open just a little and look at Sensei.
It's just an instant, and I am not able to see the color of her eyes.
Sensei nods "Aa" to the question of such a Chako.

"It feels like I was reborn… It's cliche, but the world looks like it's s.h.i.+ning."
"I see… that's great."

 Chako breaths out.
Somehow those words didn't have energy behind them.
Was it because she's tired, or was it some other feeling?
I can't tell.

 However, those words were somehow extremely lonely…

 When Sensei and I are unable to say a thing, Chako smoothly lets go of my hand.
Then, she turns her body.
Her face towards the back of the sofa, and her back facing us.

"You know, Yui-chan… you're amazing."

 She quietly mutters that with a chipped voice.
I focus on Chako's voice in order not to miss that small voice.
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"Un. Yui-chan… pulls everyone along."
"But, I won't be able to do anything without everyone, you know?"
"… Un… Even still."

 Yui-chan is cool.

 Chako's small voice mutters word by word.
Somehow that back looks terribly small. I softly place a hand on Chako's back.
Sensei surely felt something too. He softly props his hand on Chako's head.

"I won't disappear anymore."

 Then, he slowly speaks as though to admonish Chako.

"I'll continue to live for a long time from now."
Translated by nakimus.h.i.+tl
 Sensei's voice is strong, and kind.

"You come too. I'll be waiting."

 Chako's body trembles a little at that voice…
Her body curls up tightly.

 The Chako who doesn't look at me or Sensei.

 Surely, now.
She's swaying unsteadily.

 I gently caress such a Chako's back.

 A bit more.
A bit more to go.
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