Demon's Diary Chapter 989: Hell Ghost Yin Tree

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Chapter 989: h.e.l.l Ghost Yin Tree

“No, this is…!”

Liu Ming suddenly narrowed his eyes!

In his Divine Thought induction, a ma.s.s of black mist b.a.l.l.s several meters in size was suspended in the central quagmire, emitting bursts of eerie ghost qi.

As soon as his Divine Thought touched the mist ball, it was immediately bounced back. He couldn’t see what’s inside at all.

After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he made up his mind and flew to the center of the island.

Since he came here with all his strength and found something unusual, he naturally did not intend to return empty-handed.

However, after he flew forward for a while, there was a tingling buzzing sound in front. A large black cloud suddenly emerged and rushed toward him.

“There are really corpse poison bees!”

Liu Ming didn’t look surprise to see the black cloud at all.

The black cloud was made up of black bees half a foot long. Each bee had a flat and long body. Their tails had a dagger-like sting, looking terrifying.

The corpse poison bee was the companion beastkin of tentacle chi.

According to legend, tentacle chi was generally lurking underground, so it couldn’t reach the enemies in the sky, and the existence of these corpse poison bees just complemented it.

The corpse poison bee was not high in cultivation, but the tail sting had a paralyzing poison that terrified even the Real Pellet State cultivator. Once being stabbed, no matter how high one’s cultivation was, he wouldn’t escape from the tentacles with a slowed movement.

Liu Ming cast Mountain River Pearl without hesitation. A yellow cloud shrouded him in it. It shook and charged into the bee swarm like a meteor.

He didn’t have a good way to deal with this kind of bee beastkin, so he could only break through with the power of Mountain River Pearl.

Immediately afterward, a series of loud noises came, then it became quiet again.

Liu Ming, relying on the might of Mountain River Pearl, pa.s.sed through the corpse poison bee swap. While crus.h.i.+ng a large number of poison bees, the protective yellow clouds were also riddled with holes.

The next moment, Liu Ming made a few gestures, and the yellow cloud was recovered.

He was attacked by 2 swarms of corpse poison bees along the way, but under the protection of Mountain River Pearl, he pa.s.sed through them without any risk.

After a dozen minutes, Liu Ming finally came to the central area of ​​the island.

At this moment, the black mist ball that exuded a ghost qi seemed to be tightly attached with the quagmire below.

“Could this be…”

Liu Ming looked at the mist ball with a frown.

Suddenly, he waved and launched a purple sword light into the black mist ball.


Just when the sword light was less than a few meters away from the black mist ball, a long black shadow shot out from the quagmire below and entangled with the sword light.

Liu Ming quickly saw clearly that the shadow was the tentacle of tentacle chi, but this tentacle was covered with a layer of scales. It was not afraid of the edge of the Bitter Wheel Sword.

Liu Ming snorted and launched a symbol. The Bitter Wheel Sword shone in silver light and turned into 9 identical sword lights. Half of them entangled with the tentacle and half of them blasted toward the black mist ball.


A low roar came from the quagmire below, and a mountain-like behemoth suddenly emerged. It had a bloated appearance and a dozen black tentacles. It looked like a huge octopus monster.

A few screeching sounds came.

The dozen or so tentacles shot out at the same time, turning into countless black shadows that whipped at the Bitter Wheel Sword.

This beast seemed to be extremely nervous about the things in the black mist ball. While resisting the Bitter Wheel Sword’s sword shadows with its tentacles, its huge body emerged from the mud and stopped in front of the black mist ball. It spouted a black viscous liquid at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming raised his brows. He dodged and flicked his hand. The Mountain River Pearl appeared in a flash.

He wanted to finish the battle quickly!

After all, the fluctuation of spiritual power caused by the fierce battle here had already spread. If the corpse poison bee and other tentacle chi beasts were attracted, it would be much more troublesome.

The Mountain River Pearl flashed and transformed into a black river phantasm. It rolled and bound the tentacle chi.

The tentacle chi released billowing gray mist to impact the black river phantasm, dissipating it by a lot.

“Just a cornered beast!”

Seeing this, Liu Ming retrieved the Bitter Wheel Sword and started to channel Mountain River Pearl with all his power.

The black river suddenly burst into black light. It flew around the tentacle chi and formed a giant black water ball.

The tentacle chi screamed in the water ball. Countless tentacles pierced out of the black river from time to time, but it couldn’t completely break free from the water ball.

Liu Ming immediately uttered a “show” softly with murderous intent!

Immediately afterward, a yellow mountain phantasm appeared in mid air. It slammed on the water ball with astounding momentum.

An earth-shattering bang!

This tentacle chi with high cultivation was crushed into pieces without having the chance to scream.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming appeared in front of the black mist ball and struck the mist ball with a black light.

With a m.u.f.fled sound, the black mist dissipated, revealing what was in it. It was a strange black tree with a height of about 3 meters.

The roots of this tree were rooted in the quagmire. It had a black light. The curved trunk had a few black leaves, exuding a strong cold ghost qi.

“It’s really the h.e.l.l Ghost Yin Tree!” Seeing this, Liu Ming had a look of ecstasy.

Although he had already had a hunch before, when he really saw this tree, he still couldn’t help but feel agitated in his heart.

According to the records of the Scriptures Pavilion in the sect, the h.e.l.l Ghost Yin Tree was a treasure for a.s.sisting the practice of ghost techniques. It was difficult to find it in the Middle Sky Continent. The only place to find it could only be in the deepest underworld.

Strictly speaking, this tree had no other use. It could only absorb natural aura and slowly transform it into pure yin qi.

The value of pure yin to ghost cultivators could be imagined.

Judging from the size of this tree, it had grown to a height of about 3 meters, which at least was tens of thousands of years old. If this tree was transplanted to Fallen Serene Peak, after more than a hundred years, the yin qi of Fallen Serene Peak would be strengthened by several times. The benefit of increasing the cultivation of Fallen Serene Peak’s disciples was of course immeasurable.

Liu Ming waved and released a yellow ball, which was the Mountain River Pearl Embryo.

Although this thing had not been sacrificial refined, it was still useful.

He spat a pure spiritual power on the yellow ball. A yellow cloud gushed out and shrouded the h.e.l.l Ghost Yin Tree and the surrounding quagmire.


As Liu Ming chanted, the yellow cloud began to shrink. After a while, the h.e.l.l Ghost Yin Tree and the surrounding quagmire was slowly retracted into the yellow ball.

After doing all this, Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief.

Mountain River Pearl Embryo was condensed from gold essence soil, which was the most suitable for transplanting the h.e.l.l Ghost Yin Tree without causing damage to it.

“Roar…” In the distance, a low roar came over. Several thick bulges could be clearly seen in the muddy quagmire in all directions. They were quickly swimming toward him.

Immediately afterward, there was also a buzzing sound in the sky as black clouds flew toward him.

Liu Ming had already obtained the treasure, so he left the island without hesitation.

2 months later, there was a deafening fighting sound in a huge canyon. 2 groups of cultivators were fighting each other.

For a time, the spiritual weapons and escape lights intertwined in the air.

One party was 4 people who dressed in blue star robes. They were disciples of the Big Dipper Pavilion.

The leader was a handsome man, but there was a scar on the left side of his face that ran across the corner of his eye, which added a fierce vibe. The other 3 people next to him were Yin Se, Lu Meng, and a 14 years old handsome young man.

The other party was a group of cultivators in white robes. It was the always mysterious Sky Palace cultivators in the Middle Sky Continent. There were 6 people. For some reason, there was 1 more person than when they first entered.

In a pile of rocks not far from the battle, there was a stone about the height of a person lying quietly, s.h.i.+ning with blue lights like countless s.h.i.+ning stars. It looked very mysterious.

“Brother Xu, we found this star sandstone first. Are you planning to grab it by force?” A Sky Palace cultivator who looked like a middle-aged man shouted sharply.

The young man surnamed Xu, the leader of the Big Dipper Pavilion who fought with the middle-aged man waved the 2 starlight hooks in his hand. Waves of starlight were blasted forward.

The middle-aged man and 2 other cultivators of the Sky Palace had to join forces to be able to match against the young man surnamed Xu.

“Brother Yao, the treasure hunt in the upper realm ruins is originally a compet.i.tion based on strength. If we discover this star sandstone first, you will surely fight with us as well. Let’s go all out and fight.” The young man surnamed Xu laughed casually.

The middle-aged man was speechless for a while. He launched axe shadows with a giant axe. The momentum was astounding.

But no matter how hard he attacked, his attacks were easily resolved by the young man surnamed Xu.

The Yin Se and the other 2 were also in a stalemate with the other 3 Sky Palace cultivators.

However, neither party noticed that behind a boulder hundreds of feet away, there was a looming figure hiding there.

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Demon's Diary Chapter 989: Hell Ghost Yin Tree

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