Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 417

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Mysterious Pa.s.sageway

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

On the very first day of entering the East Ocean Continent, Ling Tian's actions shocked the entire world. This caused players to elevate his name to the same level as Eve's.

Looking at the collapse of the j.a.panese army, Ling Chen coldly smiled. If it wasn't for the j.a.panese players trying to make trouble for him, he wouldn't have bothered to deal with them. He came to the East Ocean Continent to look for the Lunar Scourge's...o...b.., not to waste time on these people.

He knew what sort of uproar his actions would cause, but he didn't hold back at all. Instead, he actually went out of his way to do some of these things. He purposely increased his fame and standing, as well as struck fear into certain people.

What he had done was enough. Ling Chen looked around at the j.a.panese players, took out a Spatial Orb and left the Sunrise City. He appeared at the first place that he had arrived at in the East Ocean Continent, called out his mount, and sped towards the North.

Ling Chen didn't have any reason or interest to stay in the Sunrise City. As for what the consequences of what he just did were, he simply didn't care. He cared even less about that 3rd ranked expert and top ranked expert who he had humiliated. His goal was very clear- the Celestial Cherry Valley! According to the old shopkeeper, only the Celestial Cherry Valley was filled with snow and had cherry blossoms all year round. That was the only place that fit the description of Su'Er gave.

Ling Chen put on some ordinary-looking equipment as well as a mask and continued to head north. He didn't worry at all that anyone would recognise him. And even if he was recognised, it didn't matter. Currently, the j.a.panese players were absolutely terrified of him. If they saw and recognised him, they would probably immediately turn and run.

Because there were many training spots near the Sunrise City, Ling Chen saw many j.a.panese different players along the way. The key training spots were all densely packed. After an hour, the number of players he saw greatly decreased, and soon, he couldn't see a single player around. 

Ling Chen felt a bit suspicious and took out the East Ocean Continent map… he was still to the west of the Sunrise City, about 5 or 6 kilometres away, and had not yet pa.s.sed the northern-most point of the Sunrise City. Logically, there should be many players here, but there was not a single player in sight.

Ling Chen was curious, but continued onwards. Soon, he realised why this was.

In front of him was row upon row of Guards carrying weapons. Most of them wore silver armour, with a few wearing gold armour. The colour of their armour signified that they were quite important. Looking around, there were about 400 of these Guards who were facing in all 4 directions in a standard battle formation. At the centre of the formation, behind all of the Guards, was a tall stone platform. On top of the stone platform was a ferocious and strange looking statute. Ling Chen stared at it for a while, but couldn't tell what it was. There was an inconspicuous door on the side of the stone platform. However, there seemed to be a black light swirling around it, as if some power had sealed the door.

"City Guard restricted area. Anyone without permission is forbidden to enter. Leave immediately!!"

Just as Ling Chen walked closer, 3 of the Guards took a step forwards and shouted in unison. At the same time, the other Guards all abruptly turned to stare at him with incredibly sharp and piercing stares. Ling Chen was sure that if he took another step forward, he would immediately be stabbed by tens of weapons.

These were probably peak level Guards who were all LV100. The silver armoured Guards were 3 Star Elites and gold armoured Guards were Lord grade Bosses. This sort of formation was extremely extravagant, and almost seemed excessive for guarding such a stone platform. It was obvious that the stone platform was something important.

Ling Chen did not say anything as he turned and left. After walking 10 steps away, the pressure that had been locked on to him disappeared. After backtracking a bit and turning a corner, Ling Chen stopped walking. Should he force his way in to have a look?

Having such a formation to defend this stone platform evoked Ling Chen's curiosity. If it was a normal player facing these Guards, they would treat them with utmost respect and would not even think about forcing their way through… because that would be suicide. Evidently, Ling Chen was not a normal player- the more dangerous something was, the more he wanted to try it. Of course, the prerequisite was that there was a possibility of success. Plus… once his curiosity was piqued, there would be an itch in his heart that he simply had to quell.

5 seconds later, Ling Chen made his decision. He gently breathed in, and his body disappeared.

With Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow activated, Ling Chen ran forwards, back to where the Guards were. Even when he ran past them, they did not react at all. The Feng Chen Sect's concealment technique was not just any normal concealment technique. Let alone these high levelled Guards, even a group of Celestial grade Guards would not be able to detect him.

Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow only lasted for 20 seconds, so Ling Chen sprinted forwards as fast as he could. Very soon, he reached the stone platform that the Guards were guarding.

The stone platform was 3 metres tall, and the statue on top of it was gigantic. Ling Chen glanced at the statue before looking at the door covered with black light.

It didn't seem like it was possible to pa.s.s through this door.

This door was evidently sealed by some sort of energy, so there were 2 possibilities if he entered… the first was that he would be attacked by the powerful energy. However, he wasn't afraid, as he had the Evil G.o.d's Mask. The other possibility was that it would trigger some sort of alarm. No matter which possibility it was, the Guards would be alerted, who would furiously attack him. 

 There were still 5 seconds left of Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow. Ling Chen became resolute and charged into the black light, preparing him for all sorts of possibilities. However, just as he was 1 step away from the door, the Lunar Scourge flashed with silver light… instantly, the black light chaotically rippled, then disappeared as if it had evaporated.

This scene caused Ling Chen to think back to when he had rescued Xi Ling, the Lunar Scourge's light had also quickly dispelled the energy that looked like black threads… however, he didn't have time to think as he quickly charged in.

After he entered, the black light once again reappeared, covering the door. The 400 Guards continued to look forwards, with not a single one of them detecting what had just happened.

After pa.s.sing through the door, Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow's effects ended. Ling Chen couldn't help but breathe out in relief and marvel at how close it could have been.

There was no sound from outside, which meant that the Guards did not realise what had happened. Ling Chen quickly looked around him. There was nothing under the stone platform, and there was only a flight of stone steps leading downwards.

"Xiao Hui, come out."

In this sort of special area, calling out Xiao Hui was a must. With Xiao Hui leading the way, Ling Chen gently walked down the stone steps, trying not to make any noise. He was taking a huge risk to come to this mysterious place… he hoped that the rewards would be worth it.

As the saying went, fortune favours the bold!

The flight of stone steps went on for an unexpectedly long time. After walking for a while, Ling Chen finally stepped on flat ground that was slightly damp. Surprisingly, they were probably 100 metres under the ground. Ling Chen lifted his right wrist, allowing the Lunar Scourge to release a faint silver light. With the faint light, he saw a fairly s.p.a.cious pa.s.sageway. It was about 30-40 metres in width, and was about 20-30 metres high. Ling Chen couldn't help but worry if this place was going to collapse at any moment.

There was such a pa.s.sageway so deep under the ground… and there were so many Guards protecting it. What sort of place was this?

Could it be an important prison?

Xiao Hui didn't raise any alarms, and continued to walk ahead, so Ling Chen followed him. The dirt was fairly soft and damp, and there was a rotten smell in the stale air. Ling Chen looked around warily and softly walked forwards.

He originally thought that the pa.s.sageway would be quite short, as they were so far underneath the ground. However, the deeper they went, the more shocked he became.

The length of this pa.s.sageway greatly exceeded what he had expected.

10 minutes… 20 minutes… Xiao Hui continued to walk… 30 minutes… 40 minutes…

After an hour, Ling Chen still had not reached the end of the pa.s.sageway. In fact, he couldn't tell if the end was even near. Over this period of time, he had walked at least 5km.

What… What was going on?!

Digging such a wide and long pa.s.sageway so far under the ground… this was an incredible feat. At least, humans wouldn't be able to accomplish such a thing!

As Ling Chen became more and more shocked, a grey light suddenly flashed in the darkness. The source of the light was Xiao Hui's horn.

Xiao Hui had discovered something! This sort of reaction indicated that there was some sort of treasure nearby!

Xiao Hui paused, and became excited, and Ling Chen's spirits were also lifted. The end of the pa.s.sageway was near, and there would be treasure waiting for him there!

After walking for another kilometre, Xiao Hui stopped walking, and his fur stood on end. This reaction told Ling Chen that not only was there treasure ahead, but some sort of danger. It seemed that Xiao Hui didn't let out any howls because he didn't want to alert the source of the danger of their presence.

With the Lunar Scourge and the Feng Chen Sect's skills, as well as the Evil G.o.d's Mask, Ling Chen's survivability was incredible. Xiao Hui's warning did not make him feel like retreating at all. He continued onwards, but walked even softer, and his footsteps barely made any noise.




The sounds became clearer and clearer as Ling Chen walked, and his mind became incredibly alert. Soon, he found that this noise seemed to be a giant beast's breathing or snoring.

When he came closer, the sound became as loud as thunder. Finally, Ling Chen exited the pa.s.sageway and stepped into an extremely vast s.p.a.ce. In the dim lighting, he saw a gigantic figure.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 417

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