Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 422

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Celestial Cherry Valley - Central District

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation was created from the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's strongest formation abilities. From its description, its effect was similar to that of the Fairy Realm's Bewildering Formation, and its purpose was also to keep outsiders out. However, it seemed to have attack properties that the Bewildering Formation didn't, and apparently the attacks became stronger the deeper one went.

Moreover, no one had ever forced their way through before.

If he had to rely on his own power, Ling Chen would have no confidence in getting past this formation. After all, this was a formation created by the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative. However, with Xiao Hui, everything was different. The Bewildering Formation contained the power of the entire Fairy Clan from back then, but this Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation only contained the power of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative. Although it had attack properties, it was bound to be weaker than the Bewildering Formation. Since Xiao Hui could easily pa.s.s through the Bewildering Formation, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to also pa.s.s through this formation.

"Xiao Hui, it's up to you!"

Xiao Hui stood unmoving, and his horn lit up with a faint grey light. After a while, the light disappeared, and a complicated diagram appeared in Ling Chen's mind.

Ling Chen looked at Xiao Hui in shock. After Xiao Hui's Eye of the Holy Spirit had been levelled up to LV3, it had become even more powerful than it already was. Now, he could stand there without moving and a.n.a.lyse a formation created by a Moon G.o.d Representative and transmit it to him… this was simply unbelievable.

With this information, Ling Chen was able to fully comprehend the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation. He was confident that even without Xiao Hui guiding him, he could easily pa.s.s through it. Moreover, he could do so without triggering any of the attack mechanisms, and would not even be detected by the formation!

"Xiao Hui, let's go."

As usual, it was Xiao Hui walking in front and Ling Chen following behind him as they walked into the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation.

"Ding… you have entered the dangerous region 'Celestial Cherry Valley - Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation'."

Indeed, the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation was an extremely dangerous region. One misstep, or even the slightest incorrect positioning of one's body, could result in them being sent to the beginning. If it was serious, they could even die.

The surroundings were strangely quiet, and there were surprisingly no Cherry Spirit Girls around. Ling Chen did not walk too fast or too slow, and confidently walked forwards as he calculated the best route to take. After walking for 100 metres, a fairly thick cherry blossom tree appeared in front of him. Ling Chen walked over and paused 2 metres in front of the tree, then walked 8 times around it. Suddenly, the thick cherry blossom tree disappeared, and if one looked closely, they would be able to see that the arrangement of the cherry blossom trees around them had changed as well.

Just then, Ling Chen had been walking around the cherry blossom tree. However, from a third party's perspective, without the cherry blossom trees, they would have seen him walking in a straight line! Within the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, Ling Chen was moving, but so were the cherry blossom trees, and even the ground. As such, if people simply walked according to their instincts, their path would be completely controlled by the formation. If they simply walked forwards, even if they weren't attacked by the attack mechanisms, they would be forever trapped within the formation.

After a few minutes, the way Ling Chen walked greatly changed. He walked towards the right and walked in the arc, then walked towards the left and walked in an arc, then turned to his right at a 90 degree angle, and would sometimes spin in a circle… after proceeding like this for about half an hour, yet another thick cherry blossom tree appeared. This time, Ling Chen walked around it 32 times, then headed forwards without looking if his surroundings changed. After walking 10 or so steps, the cherry blossom trees on both his sides suddenly fell down, accurately smas.h.i.+ng towards him.

Normally, a person would instinctively try to dodge these falling trees. However, Ling Chen didn't even bother to look at them and continued forwards, allowing them to fall towards him…


The cherry blossom trees fell to the ground. Although it seemed that they would fall onto Ling Chen, one of them fell in front of him and the other fell behind him. In the next second, they both disappeared, leaving only tens of petals floating down. Ling Chen shrugged and continued to walk forwards. Within the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, the s.p.a.ce was warped, so one's vision was essentially useless. For example, a cherry blossom tree that looked three metres away could be as far as 100 metres away, while a tree that looked tens of metres away could be right next to a player, so close that they could touch it. The two cherry blossom trees that had fallen down… hadn't fallen at all. Instead, it was simply because the s.p.a.ce had been twisted, and really, the real threats weren't the trees, but the petals that were 'floating' downwards. If he had moved forwards or backwards at that moment, they would have stabbed through his body like sharp blades.

Although Ling Chen had fully comprehended the Great Sun Celestial Cherry Formation, he was still incredibly wary and careful. This was especially after he reached the deeper regions of the formation, where the attacks became even more ferocious. If he made even one misstep, he could be killed, as well as alert the creator of the formation… the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative.

Three hours later, Ling Chen's forehead was covered with sweat; having to be extremely careful about every single step was extremely mentally taxing. Finally, he reached the tallest and largest cherry blossom tree.

This cherry blossom tree was 1 metre thick, and stood out clearly from the other trees. Standing under this tree, Ling Chen looked up, and saw the sky almost completely covered with petals.

"It's here!"

 Ling Chen gently clenched his hands into fists and breathed in. He closed his eyes and reconfirmed the final route that he had to take, then started to walk anti-clockwise around the tree and silently counted in his mind… after walking around it 52 times, Ling Chen paused for a moment, then walked for another one third of a circle, then turned around and leapt towards the tree.

The feeling of hitting the tree never came. Just as he was about to hit it, the gigantic cherry blossom tree disappeared, and a warm wind pa.s.sed by him, dispelling the coldness within his body. Ling Chen felt as if he had been immersed in a hot spring, and couldn't help but indulge in the feeling, closing his eyes. Immediately, he opened his eyes again, and stared at his surroundings in shock.

He was now in a completely different world.

The unending scene of the cherry blossom trees had disappeared, and so did the snow on the ground. Even the coldness, that he had gradually grown accustomed to, was gone. Instead, the air in this place was soothingly warm. The sound of flowing water could be heard in the air, and there was a wooden bridge about 10 steps away from him, with water flowing under it.

There was not a single trace of snow on the mountains. Instead, Ling Chen could see that the mountains close to him and far away were all covered with trees, creating a scene of green. The ground was covered with fallen leaves, creating a natural carpet of green. The leaves were all incredibly green, and not a hint of yellow could be seen. There must also have been some waterfalls here and there on the mountains.

This was…

"Ding… you have entered 'Celestial Cherry Valley Central District". Continuing ahead, you will reach the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace in which the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative resides. Going near to the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace will likely enrage the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, so please be wary."

The system announcement gave Ling Chen an answer. He thought for a moment before suddenly looking backwards… 30 metres behind him was that sea of cherry blossom trees.

Over there, it looked like it had been snowing for more than 10,000 years, whereas on this side, it was warm as spring. Although they were so close together, they seemed like 2 different worlds. Evidently, this was the work of the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative. This showed just how unbelievably powerful she was.


According to Su'Er's information, the orb should be found in the 'snowy valley under the cherry blossoms'. The most fitting place seemed to be that cherry blossom forest. The place in front of him had no cherry blossoms, nor was there any snow… moreover, continuing forwards, he might even face a lot of trouble if he ran into the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative.

That was a Moon G.o.d Representative who was wors.h.i.+pped by the countless residents of the East Ocean Continent and controlled the rules and order of the entire East Ocean Continent!

However, Xiao Hui's horn had never lit up while they were pa.s.sing through the cherry blossom forest. If there really was a G.o.d Orb in there, Xiao Hui would have detected it from afar… could it be that it wasn't in the cherry blossom forest? Or was it that the forest was too big, and they hadn't walked past the right place?

"This place contains the aura of the Moon G.o.ds, so it should be where the East Ocean Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative resides. This place is so elegant; these Moon G.o.d Representatives really know how to indulge themselves," Qi Yue's voice sounded quite sarcastic. Evidently, she did not have a favourable att.i.tude towards them, "Little master, did you come here to have a look at that Moon G.o.d Representative? It'll be quite dangerous, hehe."

Ling Chen tapped his chin as he narrowed his eyes, saying, "Since we came all the way here, we can't just turn back and leave, right? The Moon G.o.d Representative… who cares if we anger her. After all, she's just the East Ocean Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative. What can she do to me when I return to the Forgotten Continent?"

 After saying so, Ling Chen strode forwards.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 422

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