Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 433

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How could you get used to this!

Translator: Greengra.s.s

Editor: Chlocolatte

Ling Chen's first reaction was to run. Ever since the day he vowed to protect Shui Ruo, he no longer allowed any blood to stain his hands, especially from taking away some other girls' virginity.  If Shui Ruo were here, he would have been the first one to leave no matter how aroused he had gotten.

However, this thought had not lasted longer than even half a second as it was apparent that he remained standing in the water… He already knew that Chao Ying and Chao Xi wouldn't have acted this way if Shui Ruo was still here.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi were sent to the h.e.l.l at the age of three, so they had no idea where their home was, who their siblings and parents were. Going through the same experience as the others, they slowly turned into scary killing machine.

They first met Ling Chen from Heaven when they were 13. Half a year later, Ling Chen was rewarded with Chao Ying and Chao Xi as s.e.x slaves, after defeating every male contestant in the compet.i.tion at h.e.l.l.  That night, Ling Chen took away both their innocence and marked them permanently as his own possessions.

 Since then, they had accompanied Ling Chen everywhere he went. Chao Ying and Chao Xi's status was high, ranked just under Eve. Thus, numerous people had tried to steal them away from Ling Chen but no one had succeeded.  Their attempts all ended in terrible deaths and failures. Until Instructor h.e.l.l had been defeated by Adam and Eve, Chao Ying and Chao Xi had always been Ling Chen's possessions.

It was simply not possible for them to forget all emotions even though they had grown up in h.e.l.l. Chao Ying and Chao Xi had become Ling Chen's shadows after being around him for years…. And to Ling Chen, it was impossible not to feel attached to them, even when he tried to resist it, treating them like s.e.x slaves.

After all, he only thought about Xuan Yuan Dia Wu all the time. He also had a lot of alternatives during that time, including Mu Bing Yao, Yao Ying, Qian Mo, as well as Xue Mei, Yun Yao and Linna who were now taken away by Eve.

The fight only happened once every three months, and only the winner had the ability to select their slaves. Ling Chen being the winner all the time, took away all the best virgins in the entire h.e.l.l area. Likewise, the reward for women was also the choice of their own slaves… Unfortunately, Ling Chen was also once chosen to be some woman's 's.e.x toy'.

The first thing he heard after coming back to China was that Dia Wu had already died of hunger many years ago. Feeling hopeless, he fought with the Long Family and just escaped after being heavily wounded…. It was destiny that he went down to Zhong Zhou and met Shui Ruo there….

Since then, he had ditched Chao Ying, Chao Xi, Mu Bing Yao and all the other women who he had s.e.x with. One could even say that he was being brutal and heartless towards the other girls… that, for a few years, Chao Ying and Chao Xi had barely gotten to see Ling Chen at all. But it was clear that Ling Chen was trying to run away from them.

Those twins were still crazily infatuated with him no matter how heartless he acted. They wouldn't even allow themselves to get intimate with other guys, making everyone wonder if it was because they were dumb or if Ling Chen was just too lucky.

Now that Shui Ruo was gone, they could be themselves and fight for their love… Ling Chen also realised a lot after Shui Ruo left. He now could not bring himself to continue hurting the two girls. Of course, that was just an excuse he came up for himself. The real reason was that.. as they touched him, his blood and body temperature were rising uncontrollably.

Surely even G.o.ds would not have been able to resist being around two beautiful girls. Both his arms were clutched by two soft b.a.l.l.s, and their smooth skin brushed his back.  He could smell the scent of their bodies getting stronger. And as he looked down, he saw two snowy white legs diving into the water, creating ripples, with their curves flawlessly perfect. Ling Chen didn't speak nor resist, which made both Chao Xi and Chao Ying fill with even more antic.i.p.ation.

Chao Ying pulled him closer to her body, and gently whispered into his ears, "Master, close your eyes, and don't talk. Let us help soothe you like we used to, please?" At that moment, whatever Ling Chen said would have broken the moment of peace and change the dynamics.

He followed her request and closed his eyes; his sense of hearing and touch becoming more sensitive without his sight. Four soft hands gently stroked over his chest and back, slowly going further each time. From the top to the bottom, then moving back up again, the two girls used both their hands as if wanting to feel every change his body had faced over their years of separation.

Ling Chen felt like he was in heaven as the water and the scent of the girls encompa.s.sed him, making him lose all sense. But as they became more intense, he felt a sensation coming from his lower body. After some time, he heard someone slide through the water, and immediately felt a strange and soft feeling from below, making him go crazy with please. He then realised that it was from the girls licking and sucking his member.

Ling Chen's legs flexed, and his muscles started clenching all over and tensing awkwardly. This probably happened because he hadn't been served like this in a while. Along with the tingling sensation, every time they twirled their tongue around his p.e.n.i.s, he became incredibly more aroused. He opened his eyes and looked down.

Both girls fell between his legs, with their beautiful hair tucked behind. Their long hair fell all the way down their backs, wrapping around to their chests, and their necks were white and long. They had long since unhooked their bras, with the straps handing aside on their right arms. Their backs, white as snow, and their full b.r.e.a.s.t.s under water were all visible to the naked eye.

The girls looked up, staring at him flirtatiously. However, going by the look of their redness, they were still somewhat embarra.s.sed and shy. Ling Chen felt amused seeing how much they tried to please him.

Someone's arm wrapped around him from the back, and he could feel them tightly pressing onto his back. Her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s caressed him from top to bottom and occasionally, stimulating sounds of panting could be heard from behind him.... The thrill and the girls were already enough to excite a person, especially when there were two of them, one in front and one from the back.

Even Liu Xia Hui, said to be the most virtuous man in China, would have to show him respect if Ling Chen was able to resist a temptation like this. Ling Chen couldn't tell them apart, so he leaned over and grabbed the girl between his legs and lifted her curvy body above the water in the air. Her skin was as white and smooth as lanolin and the blush of red just made it even more attractive.

In the end, Ling Chen could not bear it anymore and stripped off her clothes immediately. He pushed her onto the ground, pulled her legs apart and ruthlessly thrust himself inside. The fact that there was no material between them made their body temperatures feed off each other's heat and the girl moaned. Her voice was soft and s.e.xual and her long legs circled around his waist like vines, gently spreading apart. Her body softened under Ling Chen's intense thrusting, and again and again.

The girl's lashes fluttered and her eyes turned misty, her cheeks, red as fire. Both Ling Chen and the girl were panting from breathlessness as their warm bodies moved like the weak willows in the wind.

Another girl hugged Ling Chen from behind, her chest lightly grazing his back and her hands were stroking his body. The redness of her face felt as hot as fire as she breathed heavily… Ling Chen released all his worries and concerns as his blood pressure rose like boiling water.

He took full pleasure in touching Chao Xi and Chao Ying's curvy bodies and white skin, and Chao Xi and Chao Ying had finally gotten their wishes granted, taking turns lying under his body bearing the brunt of his thrusts. The thrill and joy s.e.x had brought them ignited their pa.s.sion and desire. Three bodies tangled up, feverishly making love under water.  

Ling Chen returned to the game three hours later, but did not see the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative. The barrier around him had also disappeared. As he expected, to open a strong barrier like that had required a lot of energy, and could only be used for emergencies. Thus, it would not have lasted very long.  Ling Chen laughed vigorously, and strode towards the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace. He had wanted to continue his plan of hara.s.sing the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative until she gave him the orb. Of course, he only ended up taking advantage of her by spanking her b.u.t.t, leaving empty handed.

On the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh day... for seven days straight, Ling Chen always went to the Central District of the Celestial Cherry Valley and used to the same way to hara.s.s the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative.

Even if Ling Chen always used the same tactics on her, she still could not find a way to defeat him, and Ling Chen always got away doing the same thing, spanking her b.u.t.t or touching her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and legs. Perhaps the Lunar Scourge's power was too strong that she was not able to defeat at all. About the sealing barrier, she had never opened it again.... since the day Ling Tian went offline, it made the Cherry Blossom Representative think that she could easily escape as well, but it wasn't possible as the sealing barrier was not a place you could easily get access to. Despite being the top Moon G.o.d Representative, she was still bullied by Ling Chen on and off without a way to fight back.

 On the eighth day, however, Ling Chen didn't visit the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Palace again. Instead, he sat somewhere near the outskirts of the city, scratching his head. He had not gotten the results he wanted even though he had been hara.s.sing her for seven days now. The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative seemed tougher than he thought she was. Her face now looked so firm, he could tell she would not give him that orb no matter how much she was bullied. After all, she no longer looked even the least surprised and after a while, had long become used to Ling Chen smacking her b.u.t.t.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 433

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