Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 655

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The War G.o.d's Demise 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

-192,000,000, -9,600,000.

-192,000,000, -9,600,000.

-192,000,000, -9,600,000.

-192,000,000, -9,600,000.

-192,000,000, -9,600,000.

-192,000,000, -9,600,000.

-192,000,000, -9,600,000!!

"Ding… you forcefully activated the limited use skill [Shura's Death Domain], your level will be decreased by 9 levels, Strength-30, Const.i.tution-30, Agility-30, Spirit-30."

"Ding… the skill [Shura's Death Domain] has been used a maximum number of times, and it cannot be used again."

"Ding… your pet Xiao Hui's level has fallen to LV51."

"Ding… your pet Snow Cherry's level has fallen to LV51."

"Ding… your pet Xi Ling's level has fallen to LV51."

"Ding… your pet Cai'Er's level has fallen to LV51."

"Ding… your pet Leng'Er's level has fallen to LV51."

The Fire Purgatory collapsed, and the Underworld Fire rushed out like a flood in all directions. The 7 Ling Chens landed on the ground and the weapons disappeared from their hands, but the blood-red glow around them remained. Ling Chen covered his head, which felt like it was going to explode, with his hands. He was unable to maintain his balance and heavily fell from Snow Cherry's back, falling onto the ravaged ground. The pain from falling gave Ling Chen a bit of clarity, and he hurriedly yelled, "Snow Cherry… hurry and… recall them!"

Fury, bloodl.u.s.t, ruthlessness… all sorts of negative emotions chaotically crashed within Ling Chen's mind, spurring him into boundless slaughter. He had experienced this the first time he had used the Shura's Death Domain, and he had used his powerful mental energy to suppress them. However, this time it was different - this time, the negative emotions were more powerful by 7 times!

The other 6 Ling Chens were all controlled by him; although there were 7 of them in total, he only had a single mind. The side effects of the 7 [Shura's Death Domain] were concentrated on his mind alone, and even for Ling Chen, who had astoundingly powerful mental energy, his mind almost collapsed instantly.

Snow Cherry quickly cancelled the [Sky-Toppling Dance]'s effects, causing the 6 copies to disappear. However, the terrifying side effects were not immediately reduced, and they continued to a.s.sault Ling Chen's mind. Ling Chen gritted his teeth, desperately trying to bring his mind under control. His body had long since been drenched by cold sweat, and his head ached so much that it threatened to split open. His body kneeled on the ground, unable to stand up no matter what.

The murderous intent in his heart continued to grow and unable to be stopped at all, devouring the last of his reason. Within Ling Chen's eyes and heart, a river of blood, mountains, seas of corpses that seemed to stretch on forever, and scattered body parts all appeared… he actually felt that the scene was incredibly beautiful, and the pitiful screams made him feel a sort of pleasure…


Ling Chen desperately beat at his head as he let out b.e.s.t.i.a.l roars. Suddenly, he raised his head as his eyes shot out 2 crimson-red glows… his eyes had become the colour of blood!

Real world, Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

Qi Yue lazily reclined on the sofa with a gentle expression on her face as she smiled and flicked through a magazine with great interest. Even though she looked so still and peaceful, she continued to give off an air of seduction that could tempt any man. Opposite her, Xuanyuan Dia Wu was watching TV, looking quite bored, and she would occasionally take secret glances at Qi Yue.

The air-conditioner was not on in the living room, and it was still a bit chilly at the end of April. However, Qi Yue looked as if she was dressed for summer. After coming to the real world, she didn't continue wearing those simple black clothes. Now, she was wearing a tight T-s.h.i.+rt that had laces on the sides and a gigantic V-neck. Half of her proud chest could be seen. They were incredibly large and perky, but they did not sag at all, looking like perfect spheres. The V-neck's collar was pushed outwards by the perkiness, and the single b.u.t.ton seemed as if it would burst off at any moment.

Just her upper body was enough to attract the gaze of any male, and the scenery below was even more deadly. Today, Qi Yue was wearing a beige miniskirt that was barely long enough to cover her shapely behind. Her snow-white legs were essentially completely revealed, and they gave off an alluring l.u.s.tre. Qi Yue's legs were not only white, but they were also long and slim - they were simply gold cla.s.s. Qi Yue was about 1.75 metres tall, but her legs were definitely longer than 1.1 metres.

With this sort of figure, men would go crazy after her even if she was incredibly ugly. However, the heavens had blessed this woman. Not only did she had a demon-like body, but she also had looks that could devastate the world. Qi Yue's beauty far surpa.s.sed anything humans knew and what their definition of beauty could quantify. In fact, she was so beautiful that one would feel suffocated upon looking at her. 

Comparatively speaking, Xuanyuan Dia Wu was dressed more conservatively, but her clothes were still a bit revealing. She was wearing a thin, white dress that was quite short. Her collar was quite low as well, revealing her slender neck and snow-white, glistening skin. Going down from her collarbones, her large and perky b.r.e.a.s.t.s pressed tightly against the collar, threatening to jump out. Beneath the short skirt, her 2 long, white legs were also exposed, revealing a pet.i.te but exquisite figure.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu was undeniably a beauty that could cause the downfall of a city, but despite her reluctance, she couldn't help but admit that she simply could not compare to Qi Yue. In front of Qi Yue, she felt the envy and admiration that any normal woman would feel as well as a deep sense of wariness… Ling Chen was the only man in this place, and apart from him, who would this succubus, who never went out, be dressing up for? Of course, it could only be for Ling Chen. This caused Xuanyuan Dia Wu, who had always dressed conservatively, to wear clothes that were more revealing than she would normally wear… if it wasn't for her silent battle with Qi Yue, she wouldn't have worn what she was currently wearing no matter what.


Qi Yue closed the magazine and put it aside. She lightly stretched, revealing her stunning figure to Xuanyuan Dia Wu. As she stretched, her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s swayed, making even Xuanyuan Dia Wu feel dizzy.

Qi Yue's gaze swept over Xuanyuan Dia Wu as she smiled, saying, "Little mistress, you are dressed so prettily today. Are you hoping to give the little master a surprise?"

"… You're thinking too much." Xuanyuan Dia Wu brought in her legs and stared at the TV screen as she calmly replied. There were many exquisite beauties around Ling Chen, but she could get along with the devastatingly beautiful Yun Meng Xin, the incredibly rich Li Xiao Xue, and even the cold Mu Bing Yao. However, she couldn't get rid of the hostility she felt towards Qi Yue.

Qi Yue's enchanting eyes narrowed slightly, unreservedly looking at Xuanyuan Dia Wu from her neck, to her chest, and to her legs. She then praised her, "But you're dressed so prettily and s.e.xily. Describing the little mistress as having the face of an angel and the body of a demon is simply perfect. No wonder little master likes you so much. If I was a man, I would also have my heart stolen by you."

If anyone else praised her like this, Xuanyuan Dia Wu would feel quite pleased. However, she felt quite uncomfortable being praised by a demoness like Qi Yue as having the 'face of an angel and body of a demon'. 

"Ai…" Qi Yue thought of something and lightly sighed before saying in a bitter tone, "We women have such hard lives. We need to make ourselves look pretty every day and act all gentle and elegant to make men happy. This is especially so for our figure - most, if not all, men like big b.r.e.a.s.t.s. As long as one's b.r.e.a.s.t.s are big enough, any man will hold on to them tightly. Little mistress' figure is truly enviable…"

As Qi Yue spoke, she stretched her collar, causing her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s to wildly ripple. "Aiya, this s.h.i.+rt seems to be too tight, and my chest is so uncomfortable in it. I should go and change."

After speaking, Qi Yue got up and walked towards her room. When the door was closed, Xuanyuan Dia Wu threw the remote control on the sofa and angrily huffed, "Despicable! You think you're so great because your chest is so big? Demoness, demoness, demoness! Tian Ya definitely won't like you!"

While Xuanyuan Dia Wu was raging to herself, Shadissika walked out of her room wearing a white swimsuit. "Big sister Dia Wu, come with us to the hot spring. Tian Tian has already heated up the water."

"Hot spring… hmm, okay." Xuanyuan Dia Wu immediately nodded and agreed. The man-make lake outside had a heating device that could transform it into a man-made hot spring. The weather was still a bit cool, so no one would want to swim in cold water. However, soaking in a hot spring at this time of the year was sure to be enjoyable.

When Xuanyuan Dia Wu went to change into her swimsuit, her mobile phone started ringing. This was the mobile phone that Li Xiao Xue had given Xuanyuan Dia Wu, and not many people knew this number. Xuanyuan Dia Wu glanced at the screen and answered it, "Xiao Xue, what is it?"

"Dia Wu, can you contact Ling Tian… come to Ling Tian City immediately! Something has happened!" Li Xiao Xue's voice sounded incredibly hurried.

"Alright, I'll be there soon." Xuanyuan Dia Wu ended the call and looked towards Ling Chen's room as she quickly said to Shadissika, "I need to go into the game, so I won't be coming with you all to the hot spring… if Tian Ya comes out from the game, tell him to immediately return to Ling Tian City."

"Eh? Oh, I got it." Sha Sha, who didn't know what was happening, hurriedly nodded as she watched Xuanyuan Dia Wu return to her room. She thought for a moment and was just about to go to the hot spring when she suddenly stopped walking, a serious and surprised look in her eyes.

At the same time, Qi Yue, who was changing, slightly raised her head as a look of surprise also flashed in her eyes…

This feeling… could it be…

If it really was like that, this would be an incredible opportunity. Not only would she not have to sacrifice herself, but she could also fulfil her goal… however, just what had happened?

Qi Yue's eyes continuously flickered, and she finally made a decision. She waved her hand as the mysterious black muslin dress covered her body, and she slowly disappeared within a strange, dark glow…

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 655

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