Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 663

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The Underworld King's Daughter (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

If Ling Chen were present, he would only have a single word to say to this Emperor: Scram!

Ling Chen did as he pleased, and any consequences were of secondary importance. Even if he destroyed his relations.h.i.+p with all of the humans of the Forgotten Continent, he would find a solution. However, Yun Meng Xin was different from Ling Chen - as a woman with meticulous thinking and the Lady of the Ling Tian City, there were far too many things she had to consider. Moreover, her decisions and words not only represented herself but also the entirety of Ling Tian City.

Yun Meng Xin looked away, unwilling to directly look at the mad Emperor as she calmly replied, "Since the Forgotten Emperor has already decided this for us and brought an army, why does it matter if Ling Tian City admits it or not? Forgotten Emperor, you directly said how you wished to 'sanction' Ling Tian City."

"Very well!" The Forgotten Emperor nodded, feeling quite pleased with Yun Meng Xin's response. "Looks like Lady Yun has woken up - this is great. Ling Tian City's crimes cannot be forgiven and have enraged all of the humans of the Forgotten Continent, and Ling Tian City should have been destroyed. However, Ling Tian City is, after all, a player's city, so it's understandable that you don't understand many of our Forgotten Continent's laws. 

"Moreover, considering Ling Tian City's scale as well as the number of the Forgotten Continent's residents and players that have moved into it, many people will lose their homes if we destroy it. As such, although Ling Tian City's crimes are unforgiveable, we do not wish to destroy it unless it is absolutely necessary. If Ling Tian City submits to the Forgotten City, not only can Ling Tian City be saved, but your position as Lady of the City, as well as the management elders, can also be kept.

"What the Forgotten City wants is to be able to monitor and manage Ling Tian City. We will manage Ling Tian City when you are in violation of any of the Forgotten Continent's laws or bring negative effects to the Forgotten Continent, preventing your sins from becoming greater. As for Ling Tian City's current development, we will not hinder it. After all, Ling Tian City is a player's city, and we shouldn't involve ourselves too much with it." After the Forgotten Emperor finally finished speaking, everyone from Ling Tian City felt as if their lungs were going to burst from anger.

Monitor and control? Shouldn't involve yourselves too much with it? Pshaw! When all was said and done, the Forgotten City would effectively have complete control over Ling Tian City - the so-called 'shouldn't involve ourselves too much with it' was merely a fart that not even an idiot would believe!

Although the '3 unforgiveable crimes' had already shown everyone just how shameless the Forgotten Emperor was, everyone wanted to throw hot dung at his face after they heard what he had said…  if the Forgotten Emperor's face were shaved off and laid on the ground, it would be enough to circle the Forgotten Continent twice and tie a knot as well!

Facing the Forgotten Emperor's shameless and despicable words, Yun Meng Xin remained calm as she replied, "If the Forgotten City wishes to destroy Ling Tian City, it'll be difficult for us to save it. If everything is as the Forgotten Emperor said, we can at least allow Ling Tian City to continue to exist, so your conditions are not unacceptable. However, Ling Tian City is not only owned by me, so I need some time to talk with others before giving the Forgotten Emperor a reply."

"Lady Yun is indeed wise and intelligent; no wonder why you are hailed as the Lady of the City at such a young age," The Forgotten Emperor nodded in satisfaction. "Since it's like this, I will give Lady Yun some time… however, I will only give you one day. Tomorrow, I will come back to this place to hear Lady Yun's answer at this time. Whether or not Ling Tian City exists after tomorrow will depend on Lady Yun's answer… I trust that with your intellect you won't let me down." After speaking, the Forgotten Emperor raised a finger as the ma.s.sive army instantly started to retreat.

Before the Forgotten Emperor left, he said seriously to Yun Meng Xin, "Remember, this is the Forgotten Continent, and you players are only outsiders."

After the Forgotten City's army left, everyone came and surrounded Yun Meng Xin, a heavy expression on their faces. They all knew that Yun Meng Xin definitely wouldn't agree to the Forgotten Emperor's conditions; she had merely bought them some time.

"Big sister Meng Xin, what should we do?" Xiao Qi asked worriedly.

"Ai," Yun Meng Xin lightly sighed. "Looks like this battle is unavoidable."

"Indeed, things are not looking good for Ling Tian City," Li Xiao Xue helplessly smiled.

Although a single day's worth of time is quite short, it should be enough to move people and make preparations," Yun Meng Xin turned around and seriously said. "Big brother, Alliance Master Xiao, immediately notify all of the guilds that all players are to gather elsewhere and wait for orders. Xiao Xue, close the Cla.s.s Change Hall within 10 hours and tell the 10 elders to make preparations for certain matters. Seal the Business Street, turn off all business and entertainment facilities, and take the residents to the safe region. Chief Dilo, immediately gather the entire clan and move them to the Nameless Ridge within 15 hours. Also, remember to take the things that cannot be abandoned."

"No! We definitely won't go! We built Ling Tian City with our hands and sweat, and it gave us hope and a future. How can we desert it in this crisis?" Chief Dilo furiously shook his head as he clenched his fists.

Yun Meng Xin shook her head and said in a soft voice, "Chief Dilo, I can fully understand the Dwarves' pa.s.sion and emotions, but this isn't escaping from fear. The Dwarf Clan has no battle strength, so you won't be able to help and may cause many Dwarves to die… you're different from us players in that you only have a single life. If you're alive, we still have hope to rebuild our home with your talent and wisdom even if Ling Tian City is destroyed. If you all die in the battle, there will not be any hope for rebuilding, and you will only endanger your clan, making you the greatest sinner of the Dwarf Clan…" 

Chief Dilo lowered his head as he said in pain, "I know… but Ling Tian City definitely won't be destroyed! The G.o.ds will punish those evil humans!"

Yun Meng Xin turned to look at Greenwood, not knowing how to start. Greenwood nodded at her, saying, "Lady of the City, rest a.s.sured, the Fairy Clan's average strength is higher than that of the humans by at least two grades, and apart from the elderly and the young, we have a thousand Fairies who won't let them do as they wish."

"And me…"

A voice as low and heavy as a mountain came from beneath their feet, shocking everyone. Chief Dilo suddenly raised his head as he excitedly cried out, "Lord guardian G.o.d!"

"They have shown me the greed and wickedness of humans, making me feel disgusted. As the guardian of Ling Tian City, I will do all I can to fulfill my duty. They will not easily pa.s.s the land I protect."

"Thank you, Mountain Giant," Yun Meng Xin earnestly said as she looked at the ground.

What had happened in front of the city gates quickly spread throughout the entirety of China and then the entire world, creating ma.s.sive waves. The system's Royal City had been suppressed by a player's city, forcing them to threaten to destroy the player's city… this had never happened before in the history of virtual games.

The atmosphere in Ling Tian City greatly changed, and as the second day drew closer, the ever-bustling Ling Tian City became quieter and quieter…

Underworld, Underworld Blood Lake.

"You're… the Underworld King?!" Ling Chen gritted his teeth, using all of his strength to try to escape from the invisible bindings around him. However, this was futile, and he was unable to move even a finger.

"Apart from this Underworld King, who else could tear open a pa.s.sage to this s.p.a.ce?" The Underworld King's voice boomed like thunder, causing the Underworld Blood Lake to tremble continuously. The Underworld King was evidently enraged - the power that could suppress even the Undead War G.o.d made it so that the blood within Ling Chen almost stopped flowing. "Over the past thousands of years, you're the first person to reach the Underworld Blood Lake without this Underworld King's permission. The Fire Purgatory has collapsed, and Chi Xuan Wu Hen's aura is gone. It looks like you defeated him. For you to be able to defeat the Undead War G.o.d and have the power to reach here, this Underworld King never thought that you were not one of the Undead of my Underworld but a living creature!"

It was normal for the powerful Underworld King to be able to recognise that Ling Chen was not an Undead. His gaze turned towards the Underworld Blood Lake behind Ling Chen as he furiously said, "Although I don't know how a living creature like you was not affected by the deadly miasma and reach here safely, you must die for daring to intrude into the Underworld forbidden area no matter who you are! And after you're dead, you'll be melted in the Underworld Blood Lake!!"

The Underworld King stretched out his hand towards Ling Chen as a ball of black energy gathered in his hand and then covered Ling Chen. Under the terrifying bindings, Ling Chen was unable to move at all, and he could only feel the sense of death coming closer and closer.

Was this the power of the Saint Destroyer grade? It was so oppressive that it made him despair!

"Die. You're the first person to die under this Underworld King's hand and be buried in the Underworld Blood Lake in thousands of years. Whether or not you can become an Undead of my Underworld will depend on your luck!"

The darkness in the Underworld King's hand began to take shape, and in the next second, it would send Ling Chen into the abyss of death. At this moment, a pet.i.te figure broke through the water of the Underworld Blood Lake and rose up into the air as a system announcement sounded in Ling Chen's ears.

"Ding… your pet Leng'Er's Underworld King power has awoken, and all of her stats have been greatly increased. Her Underworld King power and Underworld King soul has awoken, and she has unlocked the Underworld King's secret skill [Underworld Blood Moon Samsara]."

"Leng…Er…" Ling Chen subconsciously called out as a confused thought entered his mind: Leng'Er? Underworld King power? What did that mean? What was going on…

The Underworld King's shock was much greater than his, and he roared out, "Who is it? Who is it that can enter the Underworld Lake!! Wait… how can you have the same aura of the Underworld Royal Clan as me?!"

The blood-red water quickly fell from the pet.i.te figure, revealing Leng'Er's face and body. Leng'Er looked just as she had been before, and only her dark eyes looked deeper.

When the Underworld King saw Leng'Er's appearance and the aura from Leng'Er's body, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and he froze on the spot. His face started to twist as his entire body trembled, and the darkness energy that he had been gathering immediately disappeared. He stared at Leng'Er with a pair of incredibly wide eyes… time seemed to stop, and after a long while, he finally spoke with a trembling voice, "Chan'Er, is it you… my Chan'Er… is it really you…"

After saying these few words, the Underworld King choked up with emotion. This peak-level existence in the Mystic Moon world, who controlled the entire Underworld and was someone that even the 3 Moon G.o.ddesses dared not to offend, was trembling like a willow in the wind. Tears streamed down his savage-looking face, and his gaze fell on Leng'Er's face, not looking away or even daring to blink, feeling that this was a dream…

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 663

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