Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 673

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The Mountain Giant's Fury

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Mountain Giant was a high-tier Heaven's End grade Boss, and although his power wasn't as strong as Greenwood's, he was able to do what Greenwood was not - completely stop the Forgotten City's army of 100,000. If it fought against Greenwood, it would definitely lose, but not even 5 Greenwoods would be able to compare to the Mountain Giant in large scale battles. Its ma.s.sive body combined with its ma.s.sive attacks made it difficult for the army of 100,000 to take even a single step forwards.


A heavy fist punched the ground, causing the earth to split and rocks to fly into the air, as countless Forgotten City's soldiers were blasted 100 metres away.


A ma.s.sive foot descended, causing the soldiers on the ground and in the air to be a.s.saulted by wild winds and flying sand. The soldiers pitifully screamed as they flew in various directions and were stunned by the ferocious attack.

Because its body was so big, the Mountain Giant could not attack very quickly. However, every move it made was a disaster for the Forgotten City's soldiers. Not only the normal soldiers but even the Silver Corps, Gold Corps, and Celestial grade Commanders were beaten back and injured by the Earth-type attacks. They stared at the gigantic figure with despair. After personally feeling its might, they couldn't help but feel that let alone 100,000 soldiers, even 200,000 or 500,000 would not be able to break through this terrifying fortress.

At the back of the Forgotten City's army, the Forgotten Emperor stared at the roaring Mountain Giant. No matter if it was his eyes or his expression, he was incredibly calm. His surroundings were quite clear, and only an elderly man dressed in black with a piercing gaze was with him.

"It's simply a war machine! Its strength would qualify it to be even the guardian for our Royal City. White Eagle was right. Although both of you can defeat it, no matter if it's large scale battle abilities or defensive abilities, even the both of you combined will not be able to compare to it," The Forgotten Emperor said after a while with both jealousy and envy.

"Since we can't use it, then we should destroy it," The elder in black said in a sinister voice.

"Destroy it? It's an Earth element giant, and its defence and lifeforce are both incredibly powerful. Even though you can defeat it, it'll be impossible for you to destroy it within a short period of time. Let's do it according to the plan we discussed yesterday and seal it in the Moon G.o.d Barrier," The Forgotten Emperor said calmly.

The elder in black replied, "The Moon G.o.d Barrier was a life-saving barrier given by the Forgotten Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative to your majesty, and you can only use it 3 times. Using it to defeat an enemy… is simply not worth it."

The Forgotten Emperor proudly replied, "With you and White Eagle, there is no one who can threaten my safety apart from the glorious Moon G.o.ddess. Seal that rock giant and quickly finish the battle! We want them to be plunged into complete despair! We've brought all of our Forgotten City's elites, so if we're not able to break through the player's city quickly, we'll become laughingstocks!"

"Understood!" The elder in black slightly nodded and then raised his head. A gust of wind arose around his body, bringing him tens of metres into the sky, and he flew towards the Mountain Giant.

At the same time, 2 women were standing unnoticed in the sky elsewhere.

"Aiya, it's only been 2 months, and after coming here again, the situation's just like last time. That man's city has so many problems that one can't help but worry."

The woman's arms were around her chest, and her rose-like red hair was fluttering in the wind. Her red dress was tight around her snake-like waist, and it barely covered her large, round bottom, leaving her long, white legs exposed. Her entire body gave off a seductive air. As she spoke, she stretched out her five fingers on her right hand. There were red, yellow, and blue rings on her index, middle, and ring fingers respectively, adding another layer of beauty to her hand.

"Last time the enemy was players, while this time it's NPCs… but it looks like Ling Tian City isn't in too much danger - that rock giant has made it so that the army is unable to advance at all. It should be that legendary guardian that Ling Tian City obtained from who-knows-where," The young woman with golden hair next to her said as she looked on with shock.

"That's not necessarily the case," The woman in red said with her full, red lips as she moved her fingers around. "If I haven't guessed incorrectly, that giant's going to be in big trouble soon. Aiya, what makes me feel even more interested is that that man is never around when they need him. He's so irresponsible that I want to tie him up and savagely slap his b.u.t.t."

The young woman with golden hair: "……"

"Alright, let's see if that man's going to come back at the most critical moment and act like the saviour again. This time, I have plenty of time to watch." The woman in red's eyes narrowed as if she was watching an interesting play.

By now, the elder in black had rushed in front of the Mountain Giant in a gust of berserk wind. There was a jade-green short staff in his hand, and as he waved it and chanted, the berserk wind rushed towards the Mountain Giant. Wherever the wind pa.s.sed, it would gather up the sand and stones from the Mountain Giant's sandstorm, rus.h.i.+ng towards the Mountain Giant.

Wind was the counter to Earth, and this was especially so when it was a Wind attack from a Mysterious G.o.d grade Mage G.o.d. The berserk wind cut off the Earth element attack that the Mountain Giant was about to cast, causing ma.s.sive damage figures to rise up from its head and all 4 limbs. The Mountain Giant's gigantic body leaned backwards and took 3 heavy steps back, almost falling to the ground. 

"Mountain Giant!!"

Seeing that the Mountain Giant had nearly fallen over, those standing on the city walls cried out with worry. Not even mentioning that the city walls would have been smashed if the Mountain Giant fell down, if it was defeated, Ling Tian City would have lost its strongest s.h.i.+eld, making it so that they had no chance of survival.

"It's Lord Wind G.o.d 'Black Demon'!"

"The Sword Saint and Wind G.o.d have both acted! We won't be stopped by anything! Charge!!" 

The Mountain Giant being knocked back caused the Forgotten City's soldiers to cheer with excitement. With their morale restored, they rushed towards the city gates. The powerful Fairy Chief was tied down by White Eagle, and they trusted that Black Demon would be able to keep the rock giant occupied. All they needed to do was attack the city, and they could do so without any worries.

The Mountain Giant furiously shot out 2 rays of earthen-yellow light from its eyes and let out a heaven-shaking roar. Its gigantic arms smashed downwards, one towards the ground and the other towards the elder in black who was still gathering Wind elemental essence.

The elderly man in black narrowed his eyes, not making any effort to dodge. Instead, he coldly laughed as a green light exploded out from his body. A tornado that was even more berserk than the gust of wind from before rose up from beneath the Mountain Giant' feet, quickly spiralling upwards. It covered the Mountain Giant's enormous body, and... brought the Mountain Giant into the air… 

That's right, the Mountain Giant, who was 100 metres tall and had an incredibly heavy body, had been lifted up completely by the tornado. It was brought 20 metres high in the air, and its 2 attacks were also dispelled by the tornado.

"Mountain Giant!!" Xiao Qi and Su'Er simultaneously cried out. Li Xiao Xue and Yun Meng Xin also stared in shock and horror. Looking at the dot in the distance surrounded by green light, they finally felt how hopeless their situation was… not only had the Forgotten City brought Mysterious G.o.d grade experts, but there were also 2 of them!


The Mountain Giant fell from the sky like a small mountain, causing half of Ling Tian City to tremble. The elder in black looked down at the half-buried Mountain Giant and arrogantly said, "Against you, why would we need to waste the precious Moon G.o.d Barrier?"

As the Mountain Giant fell, the Forgotten City's soldiers furiously charged past the Mountain Giant towards the city gates.


A world-shaking roar came from beneath the ground, deafening everyone who heard it. As it roared, the Mountain Giant's body suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, a dark-yellow light appeared in the 1,000 metres in front of the city gates. When the yellow light appeared, the elder in black floating in the sky stared before instantly realising what the Mountain Giant was going to do. He desperately shouted, "Retreat! Immediately retreat!"

However, it was too late. Just as the Forgotten City's soldiers heard the elder in black's voice, the earth had started to move, and the Mountain Giant once again stood up. As it stood… the land that was covered with the yellow light also rose up. The ground 1,000 metres in front of Ling Tian City was completely lifted up, and the land that was lifted was 20 metres thick. From a distance, it looked as if a 1,000 metre tall mountain was suddenly lifted up. This scene was simply too frightening, and it looked like something that only a True G.o.d could do. The Mountain Giant had fused with the land and furiously released all of its power. Slowly, the land was tilted by 90 degrees, and a scene that shocked the entire battlefield was revealed. The 1,000 metres of land was pushed over mercilessly towards the densely-gathered Forgotten City's soldiers.

The terrified screams sounded like a symphony from h.e.l.l, and a countless amount of the Forgotten City's soldiers were instantly buried underneath the ground. No matter how fast they were, they were unable to avoid being crushed by a thousand metres piece of land. When the land was slammed down, it became a ma.s.sive tomb, under which countless bodies were buried. Less than half of the Forgotten City's soldiers were lucky enough not to be caught up within the attack, while all of the normal soldiers who had been buried instantly died. More than half of the Silver Corps had died instantly, and the Gold Corps, through their powerful lifeforce and battle strength, did not immediately die, but by the time they could see the sun again, all they could see were corpses.

More than 50,000 of the 100,000 Forgotten City's soldiers were killed by the Mountain Giant's furious attack, including many Elite grade soldiers. The elder in black was also smashed hundreds of meters away, and he cut a sorry figure as he tried to get the dirt and dust off his face. At that moment, he heard a furious roar from the Forgotten Emperor, "Black Demon!! What the h.e.l.l are you doing?! Didn't I tell you to seal that Mountain Giant with the Moon G.o.d Barrier? Look at what you've done!!"

Looking down at the pitiful soldiers, Black Demon felt a chill throughout his body, and he knew that he had made a big mistake because of his arrogance. He could not allow this to go on, so took out a moon-shaped item and threw it at the Mountain Giant.

Immediately, a silver pillar of light descended from the sky, covering the Mountain Giant's body and making it s.h.i.+ne with a faint silver glow. Immediately, the Mountain Giant's body was fixed in place before it was completely petrified, unable to move or make any noise. The silver light continued to cover the Mountain Giant, and it looked like it was not going to disappear any time soon.

"Oh? A barrier?" In the distance, the woman in red looked at the silver light covering the Mountain Giant's body and smirked. "This barrier doesn't seem to be all that much."

"Is big sis able to destroy it?" The young woman with golden hair asked.

"Easily." The woman in red wagged her finger while elegantly and enchantingly smiling.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 673

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