Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 678

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Xi Ling's Tears

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The difference between the Mysterious G.o.d grade and Saint Destroyer grade was currently displayed right before Ling Chen, and he was incredibly shocked. After reaching the Saint Destroyer grade, all of Xi Ling's stats had been increased by many times, but the greatest change was how monstrous many of her skills had become. Her main skills had been greatly upgraded, and not only did they deal more damage, but their cooldown times were also greatly reduced. Before, the [Burning Fire Array] had a cooldown time of 2 hours, but after being upgraded into the [Heaven-Burning Flame Sea], not only were its power and range greatly increased, but its cooldown time was also shortened to a mere 5 minutes.

After her flames became gold in colour, Xi Ling's skills, which were strong to begin with, became even more powerful. A powerful spirit skill, an illusory skill, a barrier skill… all of the skills' effects greatly shocked Ling Chen. The Golden Crow, Phoenix, and Vermilion Bird's ultimate skills were also unlocked. All of them were completely heaven-defying destructive skills, and compared to their might, the side-effects were almost negligible. 

Back then in order to activate the [Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns] when at Heaven's End grade, Xi Ling had to sacrifice her life. When she was Mysterious G.o.d grade, Xi Ling had to fall unconscious for a long time and have her level greatly decreased. However, now that Xi Ling was Saint Destroyer grade, she merely couldn't use her Golden Crow skills for 1 hour. The Phoenix and Vermillion Bird's ultimate skills were also like this. A 1 month cooldown time was so short that it was almost unacceptable - after all, in front of these 3 ultimate skills, a large city would be burned to nothing, and even a normal Mysterious G.o.d grade Boss would have its HP reduced by more than half.

The Saint Destroyer grade Xi Ling was more than 10 times more powerful than the Mysterious G.o.d grade Xi Ling! Ling Chen's strongest aspect was his attacks, but now Xi Ling's overall destructive power far surpa.s.sed his. If she activated [Pale Flames], the damage she could deal would completely eclipse Ling Chen even with [Soul Sacrifice] activated. Ling Chen silently calculated the amount of damage Xi Ling's ultimate skills would deal with [Pale Flames], and the results caused cold sweat to pour down his forehead.

The Golden Crow was publicly acknowledged to be the being with the greatest destructive power in the entire continent, and Xi Ling not only contained the Golden Crow's power, but also the Phoenix and the Vermillion Bird's power as well. The combination of their flames was not merely as simple as adding their destructive power - it had completely surpa.s.sed the Golden Crow's power. Even as a pet, although Xi Ling's other stats were quite weak, her destructive power was no weaker than that of a Saint Destroyer grade ultimate Boss!

Ling Chen silently marvelled in awe… with this sort of destructive power, Xi Ling could destroy a city in an instant - this was simply too heaven-defying. This sort of power deserved a divine tribulation even more so than the Shura from back then!

At the same time, the newest description regarding Xi Ling confirmed what Qi Yue had guessed back then. She wasn't just a Golden Crow but also the descendant of a Golden Crow and the Phoenix Royal Clan. It was just that perhaps the Golden Crow and Phoenix G.o.d did not realise that their 'mistake' had created the most powerful sovereign of fire.

"Master…" Xi Ling softly walked over to Ling Chen. Before, she was only as tall as Ling Chen's ribs, but she was now at his neck. Her smile was just as beautiful and cute, making anyone feel tenderness towards her. However, there was no joy and excitement on her face in response to growing up and becoming stronger. Instead, there was only a trace of sadness that caused Ling Chen's heart to ache.

"Xi Ling, you've grown up," Ling Chen said in a soft voice. "Did you find the one who was calling you?"

"I did," Xi Ling lightly nodded, lifted her face, and said, "H-He said that he's my father has waited for me here for many years. He said that he gave you the Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames' blessing and caused my power to awaken… afterwards, he disappeared forever… forever…" Xi Ling's voice lowered, and it contained some hints of trembling.

"Your father? The Phoenix Clan's King?" Ling Chen felt quite surprised as he muttered, "So it was like that. Wait, but didn't the Phoenix Clan go extinct a long time ago? How could this…"

"He said that he would rather become an Undead and wait for 10,000 years in order to awaken my power…" Xi Ling spoke with a pair of dimmed eyes as she lightly shook her head, "Father… he said he was my father. Ever since I was born, I never saw my father or any of my relatives. I thought that I did not have any parents… for a while, I thought that I might have parents somewhere out there. I thought that I may be able to find them one day, but after so many years, I long since forgot about their existence as well as the very concept of parents. I thought… I thought… that even if I found them, I wouldn't feel anything, and I would only see them as strangers… but… but… after he disappeared, why do I feel so sad… I've never met him before, and I don't have any feelings towards him… so why does my heart hurt so much…"

Xi Ling's voice began to tremble more and more, and 2 streams of tears ran down her face.

When Ling Chen saw how Xi Ling looked, his heart also ached. He stepped forwards and gently hugged her, saying with a sigh, "It's because he's your father. No matter how much of a stranger he is to you, and even despite having no feelings towards him, the connection between your blood will never disappear. After he left, it's impossible for your heart and soul not to ache as his daughter. Because he's your father, he was willing to give up his status and pride as the king of the Phoenix Clan, and he became an Undead to wait for you here for 10,000 years… in this world, the only ones who would do such a thing for you are your parents… the feelings they feel for you are not things that anyone else can copy or replace. Xi Ling, even though your parents weren't there when you were born or while you grew up, at least now, you're no longer a girl who did not receive any love from her parents. Your father gave everything he had in the remainder of his life to you."

Xi Ling's sobbing became louder and louder, and she finally burst into tears as she was unable to hold it back anymore. She howled as torrents of tears rolled down Ling Chen's crystal armour. Ling Chen silently hugged her while hazily looking in front of him, his mind incredibly chaotic…

I told Xi Ling such things and comforted her in such a way…

But I, myself…

My father and my mother… how should I face them…

Underworld Royal City.

The pillars of flames disappeared, causing all of the Undead within the Undead Royal City to cheer loudly. However, an even more unbelievable scene immediately followed this. After the pillars of flames disappeared, the bright-red sky became fainter and fainter until it became a faint and dark red colour. Moreover, the redness of the Underworld Volcano gradually decreased, and even the hotness that had persisted in the Underworld Royal City for many years began to die down.

Over the past 10,000 years, this was the first time that the Underworld Royal City's temperature had gone down after the Underworld Volcano had appeared, and it was the first time that the sky towards the West was no longer red. The Undead all stared as their cheers became louder and louder. Even the Underworld King's face was covered with disbelief and excitement. 

At that moment, a blue light flashed as a man wearing jet-black heavy armour and a blue cape appeared. As soon as he appeared, he rushed towards the Underworld King, and before he came close, he started to excitedly yell, "Lord Underworld King! Great news! The Underworld Volcano's flames are quickly extinguis.h.i.+ng, and its area is quickly shrinking. It… It was Lord Underworld King's son-in-law - he used some sort of special method to extinguish the flames there! In less than 15 minutes, all flames within 10 kilometres were extinguished, and even I can go near there. Lord son-in-law told me that all of the flames would disappear in less than 3 hours as will the Underworld Volcano… what's more, it will disappear permanently, never to appear again!!"

This Blue Darkness Underworld G.o.d was so excited that not only did the Underworld King hear him, but also most of the Underworld Royal City's Undead heard him as well. Instantly, their surroundings fell silent before once again erupting with heaven-shaking cheering, as many of the Undead cried tears of joy and grat.i.tude.

Causing the Underworld Volcano to completely disappear within a few hours - even the invincible Underworld King was unable to do such a thing. If they had not seen the spectacle before them, none of the Undead would believe such a thing. However, when they saw the flames die down in the West and Blue Darkness Underworld G.o.d say it himself, they could not find any reason not to believe it.

The Underworld Royal City had never been so raucous and lively before, and it was filled with all sorts of cheering and praises. The Underworld Volcano was the source of the greatest calamity in the entire Underworld, and it was what they feared the most. If it continued to grow, there would be no place within the Underworld Royal City that could be inhabited by Undead. To date, the situation was so dire that they were on the verge of relocating.

No one could have imagined that on the second day that the Underworld's Princess had returned - the day after the Underworld King had suddenly obtained a son-in-law - that the catastrophe that threatened to destroy the entire Underworld would be resolved so quickly.

The sky in the West became dimmer and dimmer, and after 1 hour, they could barely see any redness in the sky at all. During that period of time, the Underworld King's gaze had not left the West at all, and the cheering had not stopped even briefly. He did not move an inch, and if one looked at him closely, they would be able to see his lips slightly moving as he muttered, "This son-in-law's simply incredible, incredible, incredible… he was already so overpowered before becoming a Shura. If he truly becomes a Shura one day, it'll simply be incredible… incredible…"

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 678

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