Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 688

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Ling Chen's Furious Revenge (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

"Where did he go?" When Yola saw Ling Chen suddenly vanish, she worriedly cried out.

The woman with red hair fell silent for a moment before replying, "He's in the centre of this continent. Looks like he went to this continent's Royal City, the place that just attacked Ling Tian City. Evidently, he wants revenge."

"He's going to the Royal City to take revenge? By himself?" Yola's mouth fell open. "Even if it's him, that's simply too irrational! Even though he sent the Forgotten Emperor and his 2 Mysterious G.o.d grade bodyguards running, that's the Forgotten Emperor's territory. If he goes and faces the guards there, he definitely won't be able to accomplish anything. Just the rules in the city are enough to greatly suppress him, and if he uses force, he'll pretty much just be seeking his own death."

The woman with red hair stretched out her fingers and said slowly, "Since he has charged into the Long family's residence twice by himself, charging into the virtual world's Royal City isn't that big of a deal. However, one can't help but worry about him. Yola, let's go and have a look."

Yola smiled. "I knew it would turn out like this. Although you won't admit it with your mouth, you're evidently more worried about that fellow than I am."

"Let's go already." The woman with red hair rolled her eyes at the girl with golden hair. She released the spatial energy from Lachesis and departed.

Forgotten City.

Ling Chen came to the Forgotten City very rarely. After the Forgotten City had been unlocked, he had been there a total of 3 times including this time. That was because there was simply nothing there that made it worth his time. However, he had never thought that he would one day want to destroy this city so much.

A player wanting to destroy a virtual world's Royal City sounded like an extremely crazy idea. However, this crazy idea surged within Ling Chen's mind, and it was about to become a reality. Ling Chen floated in the air, coldly looking down at the Forgotten City. Because Ling Tian City had been closed, the Forgotten City, which was normally quite empty, was incredibly lively and bustling with people. There were many more players than usual, and they hurried about their business. Ling Chen slowly took out one of the [High Sound Quality Speakers] that he had obtained from the Underworld and brought it to his lips, causing his calm voice to carry through the entire Forgotten City:

"Listen up everyone in the Forgotten City. Whether you're a player or an NPC, I'll give you 10 minutes. If you don't want to die, immediately leave the Forgotten City. Otherwise, the consequences will be yours to bear!"

"All of you in the Forgotten City, you have 10 minutes to leave. If you don't want to die, leave immediately! This is not a joke!"

"Final warning! Those who don't want to die, leave the Forgotten City within 10 minutes!!"

Ling Chen's voice was transmitted to every corner and person in the Forgotten City by the High Sound Quality Speaker. He could have instantly begun his attack, making the Forgotten City unable to react, but he instead gave the Forgotten City sufficient time to prepare and react, putting himself on the pa.s.sive side… however, this proved that although Ling Chen was cold-blooded, he was not a crazed murderer. He had given up the advantage of surprise to give the innocents in the Forgotten City a chance to escape. However, if they did not believe him, it would no longer be his fault.

When Ling Chen's voice was broadcasted throughout the entire city, the Forgotten City suddenly became silent before bursting with noise. Countless players and residents felt incredibly curious, excited, nervous, or fearful as they looked up towards the sky, trying to find out where the voice had come from.

The Forgotten Emperor, who had just escaped from the battlefield, had yet to recover from his shock. After returning to the Central Palace, he breathed raggedly, his face as pale as a sheet. Beside him, White Eagle and Black Demon were in no better shape than he was - this was especially so for Black Demon, who had been burned by Xi Ling's flames and hit by Ling Chen's attacks. One brought a soul-burning pain, while the other amplified pain by 3 times, causing him to cut a sorry figure.

As for the Forgotten Emperor, he had not even steadied his breathing yet when Ling Chen's low voice sounded out from the sky, causing White Eagle and Black Demon's expressions to fall and the Forgotten Emperor to almost crash down to the ground.

Anyone else who heard this strange voice might have taken it to be a prank or a joke, but this emperor, who had barely survived just then, knew that this person was not joking at all. This man was a maniac who even dared to try to kill an emperor! What's more, this maniac was so powerful that even his 2 Mysterious G.o.d grade bodyguards trembled in fear before him! The Forgotten Emperor simply couldn't understand or accept how a player could be so powerful.

"Immediately… Immediately stop him!" The Forgotten Emperor swayed as he rose up, shouting

with a pale face. He would never normally lose control of himself like this, but today was different - he had faced death for the first time, leaving a deep trauma within his heart. Hearing Ling Chen's voice had made him absolutely terrified.

White Eagle stepped forwards and said, "Please don't panic your imperial majesty. This place is not Ling Tian City but our Royal City. It will be incredibly easy for us to deal with him. In the extremely unlikely scenario that he really is able to destroy our Royal City, the Moon G.o.d Representative will definitely immediately sense this and come to protect our Royal City."

When the Forgotten Emperor heard the words 'Moon G.o.d Representative', the Forgotten Emperor calmed down greatly. He started to pull himself together and said after a while, "That's right, this place is the Royal City, not Ling Tian City. There's nothing he can do here. However, you all saw his strength - if he goes mad here, he might cause ma.s.sive damage to our side. Moreover, about the matter with Ling Tian City… although we suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat, it was us who initiated it, so unless the situation is extremely dire, we cannot allow the Moon G.o.d Representative to know about that. Immediately send out my commands to the entire city to stand guard and kill Ling Tian with our full strength!!"

Ling Chen's 3 warnings did not cause any panic within the Forgotten City. Instead, everyone began discussing among themselves. Most people thought that it was some prank, scoffing at the person who was yelling so arrogantly. After all, this was the Forgotten Continent's Royal City, the place where the Forgotten Continent's humans' strongest forces were. What's more, this place was protected by a Moon G.o.d Representative - who would dare to make a ruckus here? It would simply be seeking death.

At that moment, alarm bells suddenly started to ring throughout the city, and guards of all levels rushed out towards all of the key areas. They were all in full armour, and they had cold expressions on their faces as if they were going to face a great enemy. Guards continuously patrolled through various streets as if they were searching for something, and a tense atmosphere descended on the Forgotten City.

The official response from the Forgotten City caused the residents to be unable to maintain their cool. They finally realised that the voice from before was not a joke - after all, it was the first time that the entire city had been mobilised! In that moment, terror quickly spread throughout the entire city, and it continuously grew. All beings loved life and feared death, and avoiding danger was something that all beings did naturally. As such, the residents no longer ignored Ling Chen's warning, and they instead started to quickly leave the Forgotten City. The first wave of people caused a chain reaction of panic as more and more residents used all sorts of methods to flee the Forgotten City. In less than 5 minutes, around one-third of the Forgotten City's residents had left… they weren't sure whether there would be a disaster soon, but they believed that even if there was a disaster, the Forgotten City would be able to resolve it. However, despite having faith in the Forgotten City, no one wanted to put themselves in harm's way, and they were not willing to joke around with their lives.

The Forgotten City's guards did not stop any residents from fleeing, nor did they say anything about it. This silent acceptance increased the fear within the Forgotten City, causing more and more people to run away. Naturally, there were also many residents who chose not to leave - they didn't believe that a disaster would descend upon the Forgotten City - even if a disaster really broke out because they believed that the Moon G.o.d Representative would save them.

Some residents were filled with fury and hot-bloodedness and ran around the city, helping the patrolling guards to try to find where the voice had come from. It was just that they were not even able to find Ling Chen's shadow during the 10 minutes. During this entire time, Ling Chen had been in the sky above the Forgotten City's Central Plaza while concealed. Unless he showed himself, let alone these guards, even White Eagle and Black Demon would not be able to detect him.

Similarly, waves had been sent cras.h.i.+ng throughout the player world. The Forgotten City's residents naturally would not recognise Ling Chen's voice, but every player did. Before, the Forgotten City's attack on the player's city had also sent waves throughout the player world, but it had at most evoked pity towards Ling Tian City. No one believed that Ling Tian City would be able to survive the Forgotten City's attack - after all, although the Ling Tian City had powerful defences and more than half of the players on the Heaven Rankings, in front of a Royal City's power, they were still incredibly weak.

However, the result of the battle made them feel completely flabbergasted - although the western part of Ling Tian City had been damaged to some degree, the Forgotten City's 100,000 soldiers had been completely wiped out! Just as this unbelievable piece of news came in, Ling Chen's icy voice sounded out from above the Forgotten City.

All of the players realised that this was the beginning of Ling Tian's revenge towards the Forgotten City. However, everyone thought that Ling Tian had gone completely mad. Even if he was invincible among players, he was still just a player! A player had gone to take revenge on a Royal City, and he had said such words… it was simply wildly arrogant to the extreme.

Within the chaos in the Forgotten City, 10 minutes pa.s.sed by incredibly quickly. Ling Chen, who had been concealed the entire time, finally revealed himself as 1.2 million Skyfall Dynasty players appeared at the Central Plaza beneath him. Ling Chen looked down and said in a low voice, "I've given you all a chance to escape, so don't blame be since you've chosen to be foolish. If you want to blame someone, blame that dog emperor of yours."

Ling Chen raised the High Sound Quality Speaker to his mouth as his voice, filled with killing intent, reverberated throughout the entire city, "Old Forgotten Dog, get out here to accept your death!!" 

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 688

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