Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 700

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Su'Er's Premonition

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

At the other side of Ling Tian City, within the Dwarves' own District, they received an incredible piece of news. All 30,000 Dwarves were gathered together… the attendance hadn't been so high even during the meeting where they discussed temporarily relocating from Ling Tian City. At the centre of the ma.s.sive crowd, there was a jet-black cannon. All of the Dwarves were fixedly staring at it, not willing to even blink. It was as if they were looking at some supremely holy item, and some of the elderly Dwarves had streams of tears running down their faces, and they were so excited that their bodies trembled.

"Underworld G.o.d Cannon… our ancestors' greatest achievement; the pride of our entire Dwarf Clan!!" Chief Dilo excitedly shouted out. His dark hand continuously caressed the crude-looking cannon, his movements exceedingly cautious and gentle. Inwardly, he felt as if his heart was going to explode. Neither he nor any of the other Dwarves thought that they would one day be able to see the ultimate creation of their ancestors.

All of the Dwarves' hearts were greatly attracted by the Underworld G.o.d Cannon, but even in their excitement, no one dared to rush up and touch it. After all, this Underworld G.o.d Cannon was a sacred item to them, and they felt that they could only wors.h.i.+p it and did not even have the right to touch it. In fact, none of them even noticed Ling Chen as he arrived.

"Heh, good son-in-law, you've finished with your business?" Seeing Ling Chen come over, the Underworld King popped out from who-knows-where and stood in front of him.

Thinking back to the fact that this continent's Moon G.o.d Representative would be completely loyal to him in the future, Ling Chen couldn't help but smile. "Of course it's done… eh? You just gave the Underworld G.o.d Cannon to them like this?"

 "What else would I do?" The Underworld King rolled his eyes.

"Aren't you afraid of them being unwilling to return it to you afterwards? To the Dwarves, the Underworld G.o.d Cannon is a G.o.dlike existence. Look at their reactions," Ling Chen said as he looked over.

"Cheh!" The Underworld King casually smirked. "When your elder first started having dealings with the Dwarves, your 18th generation ancestor wasn't even born yet! How could I not know what sort of people they are? Greed and oath breaking aren't part of their nature."

"Okay!" Since the Underworld King had said this, there was no need for Ling Chen to say anything else. He said confidently, "Since you trust the Dwarf Clan so much, leaving the Underworld G.o.d Cannon here for 48 hours should be no problem, right? I'm sure that with their intelligence and talent, as well as the blueprint, they'll be able to create another Underworld G.o.d Cannon during this period of time! As for the materials… hmm, I heard that the Underworld G.o.d Cannon's main material is the Underworld Blood Lake's Underworld G.o.d Mysterious Blood Metal, so…"

The Underworld King glared at him and roared, "There's plenty of it in the Underworld Blood Lake; take as much of it as you want!"

"Wonderful. Oh, and also…" Ling Chen looked at Yun Meng Xin and the others not too far away and said in a low voice, "Err, please don't call me son-in-law in front of my friends! You should know that if this matter is brought up… it'd make things quite complicated."

"Ohh…" The Underworld King slowly nodded, looking very understanding. Just as Ling Chen let out a breath of relief, the Underworld King put his hand on Ling Chen's shoulder and shouted with a booming voice, "GOOD SON-IN-LAW!! I'VE MARRIED MY DAUGHTER TO YOU, SO MAKE SURE YOU TREAT HER WELL!!"

"Son-in-law? Son-in-law?!" Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su'Er, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, and the others all stared with wide eyes towards Ling Chen and the Underworld King.

"Ah… err… oh… umm… t-t-t-this uncle is the Underworld's Underworld King; I'm sure you've heard of him. He's very strong, but… but after leaving the Underworld, his mind isn't too good, and calls everyone his son-in-law… ah… you should go comfort the Fairies, and I'll take him around Ling Tian City!!"

After speaking, Ling Chen grabbed the Underworld King and ran, inwardly cursing him a billion times…

The Underworld King, who had only planned to stay in the Ling Tian City for a day, was convinced by Ling Chen to stay for 2 days, after which he left with the Underworld G.o.d Cannon. Following this, 3,000 Dwarves brought the blueprints and sufficient materials and locked themselves away. These Dwarves were all elites of the elites, and had the highest talent for forging within the entire clan. The remaining Dwarves all sighed in disappointment, and threw themselves into doing repairs for the Ling Tian City.

3 days later, the Forgotten Emperor publicly apologized to Ling Tian City and vowed to never take the initiative to offend Ling Tian City again. He also promised to provide compensation within 2 months. Instantly, the entire world was sent into shock. The human with the most authority in the Forgotten Continent, the Forgotten Emperor, had publicly apologized and had made promises to pay compensation! This had never happened before in the history of the Forgotten Continent. This news was completely unbelievable to everyone, and very soon, everyone realized why the Forgotten Emperor had done something so shocking - the Forgotten Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative, who had not appeared in a thousand years, publicly appeared above the Forgotten City. She rebuked the Forgotten Emperor for his wrongdoings and announced that she would protect the players' city - Ling Tian City. All those who acted against it would be acting against her, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative.

This time, everyone, including Ling Tian City's people, were completely shocked. The Forgotten G.o.d Representative had publicly declared that she would protect this city and that acting against the city would be acting against her; this was completely unprecedented! With these words, who in the entire Forgotten Continent would dare to offend Ling Tian City?!

No one knew just what Ling Tian City had done to earn the favour of the Forgotten G.o.d Representative, but what was undeniable was that after this day, Ling Tian City's fame and status would skyrocket. Although it was created by players, in just a few months, its overall position had surpa.s.sed even Forgotten City.

10 days later, the repairs were complete, and after also expanding a little bit, Ling Tian City was once again opened to countless eager players. At the same time, the trade route between Ling Tian City and the Underworld was established on that day, and the results were even better than what Ling Chen had expected. The things from the Underworld that gave special effects and stats caused players to scream with joy and amazement, and the attractiveness of Ling Tian City grew even more. After reopening Ling Tian City, the number of people coming into Ling Tian City was much greater than it had been during its initial opening. This brought even more fame, prestige, and riches.

Over the past few days, Ling Chen did not go anywhere, and he instead put most of his time in the game into Ling Tian City in order to rid himself of some of the guilt he felt. He also spent his time whispering sweet things to Dia Wu, spending time with Qi Qi and Su'Er, and playing with Tian Tian and Sha Sha… or playing a 'game' with Leng'Er… he had been incredibly relaxed. However, there was nothing he could do about this - before Su'Er could use her Heaven's Secrets power to search for the next orb, he wouldn't go out to look for it himself and waste time.

"Su'Er, are you not able to use your power yet?" After half a month, Ling Chen finally couldn't help but ask Su'Er.

"Ah?" Su'Er seemed to be s.p.a.cing out, and after hearing Ling Chen's question, she had a small fright before shaking her head. "Not yet. However, my power has been growing, so it should be soon. It'll be… in less than a week."

"Alright, don't push yourself too hard, Su Su,' Ling Chen said as he smiled. Before, Su'Er could only use her power about once every month, and the decreased to 20 days was already a pleasant surprise. He looked at Su'Er earnestly as he asked, "Su Su, there seems to be something on your mind. Did something happen?"

"Eh? No…" Su'Er hurriedly shook her head. However, she was unable to cover the fl.u.s.tered look in her eyes. She slightly lowered her head and said suddenly, "Big brother Ling Tian, Ling Tian City will be fine in the future, right?"

"Mm, of course, I can promise you that. Even if the entire Forgotten City attacks, we won't have to fear them," Ling Chen nodded confidently. The Forgotten Emperor had been scared out of his wits, and he had used the Soulstealing Curse on the Forgotten G.o.d Representative. There was also the Underworld backing him up, so no matter if it was players or NPCs, no one would ever dare to offend Ling Tian City again. It would be difficult for something to happen to Ling Tian City.

"... Then, then I must be overthinking. That must be it." Su'Er's expression relaxed, and she sweetly smiled.

"Overthinking? What did you think of?" Ling Chen sat down beside her.

"It's just that… it's just that my mind has been quite chaotic recently, and my heart has been beating quite quickly, making me feel afraid that something bad is going to happen. I'm sure I'm just overthinking it," Su'Er said embarra.s.sedly.

Ling Chen slightly frowned.

If anyone else had said this, he wouldn't have paid it much mind, but Su'Er… she was the sole successor to the Heaven's Secrets Sect, which had the power to look at Heaven's secrets! They were cared for by the heavens and would have a premonition before something happened. As such, whenever the Heaven's Secrets Sect's people felt something, it definitely wouldn't be 'overthinking'. The Heaven's Secrets power that Su'Er displayed each time had been incredibly accurate and had never failed before.

So, what was this ominous feeling about…

"Su Su," Ling Chen's voice became serious, "When you can use your Heaven's Secrets power again, don't use it to help me find the things I want; use it to see if anything bad will happen to any of us." 

"Ah?" Su'Er looked up at him in confusion.

"Don't think about it too much, I'm just taking precautions," Ling Chen said as he smiled. "It doesn't matter if it takes me a bit longer to find what I want; the safety of everyone is much more important. If there's nothing, that's fine, but if there really is something, we will be able to prepare for it, and little Su Su won't have to worry anymore."

"Mm, okay," Su'Er meekly nodded. 

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 700

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