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 Maddy is back! And after much delay! Another piping hot one shot thanks to 9 and our heroic editors Kryo and farm.

t.i.tle: A Secret Time When There is No One Else

by Samadire Hazuki

raw:  http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6741ec/

On a certain night. A girl, who looked like a high schooler, walked up to one of the office’s computers to approach a woman wearing a brand new suit. (9: uhg not used to the author’s writing style)

「Senpai~, thank you for working overtime.」

「Ah, s.h.i.+-chan♪. You too, thanks for the hard work.」

「Today sure was terribly hot…」

s.h.i.+ moved next to her and started talking about mundane things just like always, while her senpai finished her remaining work. During one of those conversations, she heard about her senpai going to a beauty salon to relax.

「If you’re fine with it, want me to give you a ma.s.sage? It's not you've had to work outside today, right?」

「Umm….You sure?」

「Everyone praises my ma.s.saging skills! Come on, give me your legs!」


s.h.i.+ started getting ready, as her senpai was embarra.s.singly blus.h.i.+ng. She used her office chair to sit besides her senpai and tapped her lap while smiling — hiding a hint of embarra.s.sment.

「I-if I’m going to start ma.s.saging, the stockings will be in the way, so is it fine if I remove them…..?」(9: the h.e.l.l? that’s lewd)


With her blood boiling, senpai's face dyed itself red. She approached s.h.i.+ with the intention of scolding her by whispering in her ear.

「What are you saying? We are inside the company building, you know? Doing this in front of everyone…」

「Fufufu, there's no one here except us this late, so you don't have to worry about that.」


s.h.i.+ pointed out the surrounding area. Following her, senpai fl.u.s.teredly raised her head and looked around. s.h.i.+ had a bit of a teasing face and this time, she herself approached her senpai to whisper — hoping to get an enjoyable reaction.

「See? That’s why, whatever we do — we won’t be found out.」


「Oh, come on! I know you're also looking forward to this. If senpai won't take them off, then I'll do it myself.」


「W-what are y-….Wai-, don’t put your hands under my skirt!」

s.h.i.+ moved right in front of her senpai, pulling away her crossed legs and quickly putting her hands in the hem of her senpai’s skirt. Grabbing the waist of the stockings, she grinned while staring at her senpai.

「Can I take them off?」

「D-do whatever you want…」

Her senpai raised her hands to hide the blush on her face, as s.h.i.+ stared at her like a predator would its prey.

「…….Senpai, alone in the office — where there is no one else — how does it feel to have your stockings stripped off?」


After perfectly stripping them off, s.h.i.+ said with a devilish smile on her face.

「I'll be giving you a loooong ma.s.sage — so be ready, okay?」

That’s right, the main event hadn't even begun yet.

As she realized this, senpai's face got even redder, and her body twitched as s.h.i.+’s cold hands touched her thighs.

Their long night was just about to get started…


(Thanks to Metall/u/rgy for the picture)

The G.o.ddess loves you.

A Secret Time When There is No One Else Oneshot

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