Age of Adepts Chapter 101

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Within just five minutes, the Lightning Giant had been hurt by an unprecedented torture.

Though it had the overall strength to crush the strongest Pseudo-Adept, its weakness was as vivid as its strength - its defense was overly weak!

The Wind Vortex surrounding its body could deflect an enemy's attack using its powerful airflow, while the Lightning s.h.i.+eld and golden armor also effectively reduced the strength of an enemy's attack. With these three layers of magical defense, the Lightning Giant could audaciously launch attacks at the enemy and dodge the enemy attacks with its lightning speed without too much worry.

Due to the Lightning Giant's Lightning Jump ability, not many enemies were able to catch up to its movements.

But when using to intercept the enemy, especially the Fairy who had a stronger overall strength than the Lightning Giant, its' fatal weakness of rather a fragile individual defense and the lack of a solid body had been revealed. Within the period of five minutes, the magical defense outside of its body had been broken through seven times, while multiple parts of its tall, mighty and cloud-like body had been ripped apart by the Fairy.

If Greem had not sent the Rock Snake as reinforcement in time, the Lighting Giant probably would have been forced to abandon a part of its body in order to protect the two most critical cores inside of its body.

Nevertheless, the Transvest.i.te Fairy was, after all, an Adept level demon. Thus, any offensive magic spell or physical attack casually unleashed by it would always cause frightening damage to the Rock Snake or Lightning Giant. Since the Rock Snake had a body made of a thick and dense underground sedimentary rock, even if faced a Pseudo-Adept opponent, as long as it didn't let the opponent hit the same spot multiple times, it did not have to worry about its rocky body being broken by the enemy.

But when facing against the Adept level Fairy, the rocky body had not been tempered and the magical defense was overly fragile. Struck by the rain of greenish arrows, the entire body of the Rock Snake looked like it was soaking in a highly concentrated acid, as its surface corroded with countless holes of all sizes. And due the lack of Earth Elementium, the bonding agent on many parts of its body, the rocks on those parts had started to fall off its body.

The entire body of the snake had become three sizes 'skinnier'.

As the offensive strength of the Light Arrow Shower had exceeded the self-regenerating speed of the Rock Snake, thus, it was only a matter of time before the Rock Snake disintegrated completely.

But in this tough battle, Rock Snake was not the main force. It was only responsible for a.s.sisting and supporting the attacks and defenses of the Lightning Giant. Thus, just the shock wave from the battle of those two mighty monsters had nearly made it break down. From this, one could easily imagine how tremendous the pressure the Lightning Giant was enduring right now.

The once dense and solid green body was filled with holes now, the cloud-like Wind Elementium that had been torn and ripped into shreds were lingering around its body. These Wind Elementiums were originally part of the Lightning Giant's body, but they had turned green as the result of being corroded by the mutated energy of the Fairy and thus could no longer be recalled to use again.

The golden armor had also fallen apart, as threads of lightning energy continued to dissipate into the air - a clear sign that the Lightning Giant's ability to restrict its own energy had been reduced to the lowest level.

However, the beautiful Fairy, who had the upper hand and was in an advantageous position in the battlefield, actually looked restless and feverish. In fact, many times it had been able to push the Rock Snake to a corner. With just another round of fierce attack, it would have been able to pierce through the triangle-shaped head of the Rock Snake and crush the crystal core hiding inside its skull. Instead, it behaved like it was rus.h.i.+ng for a very important date. As whenever there was a chance, it would turn around and try to leave the place, wasting the best opportunity to kill one of its enemies.

Therefore, relying on just the alternating cover fire, while being desperately held down by the Rock Snake and Lightning Giant, the Fairy continued to retreat while counter attacking. However, it just wasn't able to get rid of these two super glues even after spending fifteen minutes.

Yet, right at this moment, the five Fallen Pseudo-Adepts from Elysium City had suddenly appeared at the edge of the battlefield.

No doubt, for both parties in battle, their arrival was a ma.s.sive storm.

The Fairy was struck by a sudden sense of danger. It had felt with its own strength, it was probable that it wouldn't be able to chase these group of enemies out of here today. Meanwhile, Greem's heart started to race as he was hiding outside of the battlefield. He realized there was a huge loophole in his plan and thus, it looked like there was going to be a long day ahead.

Upon stepping into the battlefield, the faces of all five Fallen Pseudo-Adepts showed a horrified expression.

Previously, when they had sensed the uproarious battle happening in the demonized forest from a far distance, they thought that Greem had invited a whole group of surface Apprentice Adepts to jointly attack the Adept level Fairy. Who knew that when they came to the scene and took a look, it was actually… just Greem's Golem team that was fighting against the frightening Fairy. The discovery had no doubt made them more fearful of this strange kid, who appeared to only possess the overall strength of an Intermediate Apprentice.

There was absolutely no way they could allow someone like this to continue to grow!

Facing the five Fallen Pseudo-Adepts who had come in a very threatening manner, Greem waved his hand and called the Rock Snake and Lightning Giant back, before turning around and starting to flee.

The miserable looking Rock Snake caught up to Greem, opened its giant mouth and swallowed him, before simply diving into the ground and disappearing without a trace. At the same time, enshrouded by crackling and dazzling electricity, the Lightning Giant vanished from the scene, and in next second, suddenly reappeared at the far end of one's line of sight. But before they could catch up with it, the m.u.f.fled sound of thunderclap rang out once again and the Lightning Giant had disappeared again without a trace.

Freed from the tangles of the Lightning Giant, the frightening Fairy completely ignored these few newcomers, flapped its wings and rushed back to the entrance to the ruins.

When it finally returned to the ruins, the Fairy found that the entire demon vine forest was in shambles.

Scattered, broken branches of demon vines and stinky, sticky green acid decorated this place and making it look like a miserable battlefield. Yet, the culprit behind this, the red-dressed Mary had long disappeared from the scene.

The Fairy let out a furious roar, retracted its wings and dived into the dark entrance.

Originally, there hadn't been any pa.s.sage under the ground.

When the self-destructing magical array of the Adept Tower had been activated, by a series of explosions, most of the magical equipment in this place had been turned into broken gravel and debris that scattered everywhere, burying everything under the collapsed rocks and sand. However, a Human-face Flower that originally planted in the magical garden had been fortunate enough to survive the explosion.

After sensing the huge amount of green Plant element energy leaking out from deep underground, the Human-face Flower had commenced the tireless journey of digging. Supported by its wild hunger for the Plant element energy, it had actually bored through the dense and solid heap of rubbles as far as dozens of meters underground, before setting its root into a surviving broken Elementium Pool inside of the Adept Tower.

Dominated by and by absorbing the mutated energy, the Human-face flower was able to step over numerous thresholds that ordinary demons could hardly overcome and eventually became the first frightening demon in this demonized forest to possess the overall strength of an Adept.

Although its overall strength had skyrocketed, it had been still lacking in intelligence and magical knowledge. As a matter of fact, this was the weakness of all wild demons. Even though by using the method of seizing resources, they were also able to become formidable existences that could compete with human Adepts, because they lacked the legacy of a magic spell, it was tough for them to fight against a human Adept of the same grade.

And, once they exposed themselves, often times they became prey hunted by human Adepts. Where had all the rare materials in the Adept World come from? They actually came from these wild demons who had never gotten acceptance from human Adepts.

Of course, there existed some foreign species Adept that were accepted by humans.

According to Greem's knowledge, in the World of Adept, the number of marine species Adepts was nearly equal to the number of human Adepts. Apart from that, there was also some foreign species who possessed strange innate abilities who were also accepted by the World of Adept and become part of the population of official Adepts.

Take this frightening Fairy as an example. If there was a human Adept family who was willing to accept it and taught it some of the customs and knowledge of the Adept World, then it would have had the possibility of being accepted by human Adepts. Unfortunately, in this uncivilized and dark Underground Cave, it could only mix with a bunch of low-grade demons who had low intelligence and had only come to evolve by slaughtering, which caused it to fear contact with any humans.

Driven by its fear, this demonized forest dweller had developed the xenophobia and aggressiveness toward any outsider. Those underground races who had lived in the surrounding areas of the demonized forest kept coming here to harvest some of the materials that Adepts wanted, had further intensified its feelings of confrontation and conflict.

In the eyes of humans, this demonized forest was like a magical treasure vault containing numerous magical materials. Yet, in the eyes of the Fairy and all other demons in this forest, the humans and underground creatures were the fresh food that could satiate their hunger.

As a result as this hostile relations.h.i.+p, any foreign species who intruded into the demonized forest would immediately attract a violent response from the demons.

Flying down the dark and narrow tunnel in top speed, the Fairy's mind was completely filled with anger. It wished to charge into the place and slaughter everything in sight and cruelly kill every single enemy who dared to intrude on its territory.

But before that, it had to guarantee the safety of the source of its power.

It had personally excavated the dark and deep tunnel; it was a winding tunnel that twisted and turned in all directions and its diameter was just enough to allow the Fairy's slim body to travel through. The entire stretch of tunnel was filled with countless openings, most of them led to some crafty trap or a dead end. There was only one path that would lead to its nest directly.

Though most of the upper floors of the Adept Tower had collapsed, in the first and second underground floors, there were still some magical equipment that were preserved in good shape. After coming out of the dark tunnel, one would come upon a broken corridor which had originally belonged to the first underground floor. Most of the stone rooms and magical secret rooms on both sides of the tunnel had been broken through by force. Looking through the broken stone doors, it was evident that there was nothing left inside.

Originally, this place had been used as a storage warehouse for the Adept Tower, thus there were many spare resources. However, throughout the years, they were all breached by the Fairy and it had looted everything stored inside.

The Fairy hadn't stopped here and had continued to rush through the corridor, following the spiral stone stair located at the end of the pa.s.sage and leaping towards the second underground floor, where its true form was located.

However, without its detections, right inside of an emptied stone room, in a dark corner where no light could reach, a pair of crimson eyes had suddenly opened.

Age of Adepts Chapter 101

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