Age of Adepts Chapter 1105 - One Night in a Village

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Chapter 1105 One Night in a Village

A Sixth Grade star devourer had died in battle.

The mutated beast army sent by the Scourge Lords had been routed.

Arcane Emperor Garcia’s clone appeared in the floating city Truth’s Light.

This series of information caused Greem to frown.

The main reason why ordinary Fourth Grade adepts were so reluctant to partic.i.p.ate in this otherworldly war was due to how difficult it was to grasp the power levels of the partic.i.p.ants.

Supposedly, very few people within the plane should be able to threaten the lives of Greem’s party. They were a group of Fourth Grade adepts, after all. However, as the various major factions continued to extend their influence into Morrian Plane, the intensity and level of the war also rose exponentially.

Greem and his party members might be Fourth Grade adepts and seem like the dominant predators within a material plane. However, they would not end up much better than the losing arcanists if they acted brazenly and ran into powerful beings who had descended into the plane.

As such, Greem and the others had maintained a low profile since entering Morrian Plane.

If it weren’t for the d.a.m.ned ‘a.s.sault’ missions handed down by the main party, they probably wouldn’t have wanted to partic.i.p.ate in even one unnecessary battle.

That was especially the case now that they heard even a Sixth Grade star devourer had died inside the plane. They were only more concerned now.

“The origins of these mutated beasts…?” Greem remained silent for a while before asking softly.

“They belong to a powerful disaster creature known as the Lord of Eternal Night. They are his eyes and ears. Our impromptu operation this time might have prodded the hornet’s nest!” There was no longer a smile on Cherisha’s face. Her expression was solemn.

“What grade is this Lord of Eternal Night fellow?” Adept Holly asked worriedly.

“Sixth Grade. He’s a Sixth Grade as well!” Cherisha clicked her tongue and sighed for their collective misfortune. “However, we don’t need to be too worried either. The Lord of Eternal Night himself is still fighting with the Arcane Empire beyond the planar barriers. He only has a Fourth Grade clone created through corruption and modification inside Morrian Plane. He’s not quite a lethal threat to us yet!”

Adept Holly finally let out a breath of relief upon hearing this.

These disaster creatures were the very definition of chaos and savagery. Their soul origins had already been corrupted and strengthened by the will of the World of Disasters. They were now the Scourge Lord’s cannon fodder, used for excursions and invasions.

There was no possibility of interaction or cooperation with these creatures!

“Do you know why they’ve appeared in the plane?” Greem frowned as he tried to come up with an answer himself.

“They had initially been gathered in an army to conquer Truth’s Light, but they were routed by the Arcane Empire instead. Consequently, the low-grade Scourge Lords scattered to look for whatever targets interested them. Though I can’t extract a complete line of attack from the minds of the beasts, judging from the path they have been taking, our targets coincide!” Cherisha spoke with her face full of worry.

“The floating city of Reisin Garden?” Greem fell into silent contemplation.

Of course. That was the only place in this region that could have attracted the disaster creatures here.

Didn’t they risk their lives and cross the planar barrier precisely to slaughter and harvest life energy and souls? Where else would the quant.i.ty of life energy and souls be higher than the floating garden, where all the arcane apprentices and arcanists were gathered?

Adept Holly’s mind immediately started turning quickly after breaking free of the panic from earlier.

“You two……do you think we have a chance of killing the Fourth Grade disaster creature if we all work together? I heard that star beasts and disaster creatures excel at absorbing planar origins. They have already been on the plane for such a long time. They just might have managed to get their hands on some origin substance.”

Both Greem and Cherisha’s eyes gleamed when they heard the word ‘origin substance.’

In all seriousness, origin substances were incredibly important and significant to all Fourth Grade adepts.

If Greem could get his hands on origin substances, he could a.n.a.lyze the fire laws much more rapidly than he was currently able to. Meanwhile, for Cherisha, origin substance could increase the compatibility of her and her brother’s souls. It would allow them to more quickly break free of their awkward situation where they could not simultaneously control the body.

“These minor Scourge Lords are probably constantly surrounded by a shocking number of mutated beasts. Trying to kill them is a little……” Cherisha was undoubtedly the weakest amongst the three. As such, she played coy and looked towards Greem instead.

“I think we can try!” Greem thought for a moment and said, “Disaster creatures are distrustful beings. At the level of minor Scourge Lords, infighting is often more savage and frequent than battles against foreign enemies. That’s why Fourth Grade minor Scourge Lords always work alone. In that regard, we will have the advantage in numbers of Fourth Grades.”

Cherisha’s eyes couldn’t help but light up when she heard this.

“Moreover, his target coincides with our own. Conflict will certainly break out between us eventually. Rather than be forced into an encounter, why not take the initiative? We will find the Fourth Grade clone of the Lord of Eternal Night and kill it.”

“Very well! That is solid reasoning.”Adept Holly chuckled. “We have all signed an Oath Contract after all. Unity is on our side. With the might of three Fourth Grade adepts joined together, we might just be able to deal with that savage beast?”

Adept Holly looked at Cherisha, and the two-headed adept quickly nodded and made known her position.

“I will defer to you two. Three against one, I believe our chances of victory are higher than the opponent’s.”

Adept Holly nodded in satisfaction.

The three adepts finally split up once night fell.

Greem walked down the dirty yellow road of the village and found a relatively clean wooden house. He stepped over the tattered fence and pushed open the damaged door of the house.


The wooden house opened, revealing the messy layout within.

The people who originally lived here didn’t seem wealthy at all. The furniture inside the house was simple and worn-out. The invasion of the beasts from earlier had only made things even messier. Most of the furniture had been smashed to pieces.

Greem shook his head slightly.

Because of his human habits all this time, he preferred things that were neat and tidy. A scene like this could not inspire any pleasure in him at all.

He extended a finger, and a faint red light appeared at his fingertips. Under the effects of magic, the scattered furniture slowly rose from the ground and returned to their original positions as if being moved by an invisible hand.

Greem let out a silent snort. His glowing finger quickly moved across the air, drawing a golden magical rune. As the rune floated across the sky, it turned into a strange gust of wind that blew over the room. All of the dirt, dust, and rubble vanished in an instant.

The wooden house turned brilliant, pretty, and orderly immediately, almost like a magical cottage from a fairy tale.

Greem quickly cleaned out all the rooms in the house. After choosing the places for sleep and experiments, he started to make some simple arrangements.

He released five First Grade wind spirits and had them hover around the village as surveillance. He then released two Second Grade stone golems to serve as bodyguards in front of the wooden house. It was then that Greem finally settled down in his room and began his daily meditation.

As a caster, meditation was still the most important means by which he could refine and increase his Spirit!

However, compared to the lower grades, meditation only provided him with minimal progress. It would often take years of diligent meditation just for a tiny improvement in Spirit. That was why most adepts would resort to external items to improve the effects of their meditation at this stage.

Otherwise, the unmoving limit of their Spirit would be enough to drive even the most resilient adept insane!

Night quickly fell.

Five First Grade wind spirits floated a hundred meters in the sky, monitoring for all movement around them as well as everything happening in the village below.

Their existence was insignificant and well-hidden, but they could not escape the senses of the other two adepts.

Cherisha and Holly could sense Greem’s aura on the wind spirits. They were also sufficiently far away from their own houses. As such, the two adepts simply ignored them.

The three adepts might be in the same party and bound by an Oath Contract, but no adept would ever place their safety in the hands of another adept.

Adept Holly chose the biggest wooden house in the village. He then took out a strange magical cube from his storage device and threw it to the ground. A dozen ornate humanoid golems climbed out of it.

They appeared to be both male and female golems. They were dressed like singers, maids, servants, and cooks. These golems quickly went to work. The servants cleaned the room, taking sets of clean furniture out of the cube to replace the old wooden ones in the house. The maids pushed out delicate dining trays and set out all-new silverware in front of Adept Holly.

Apart from these service golems, Adept Holly also took out a piece of silver and threw it to the ground. There was a strange metallic clicking as the silver turned into a metallic statue flowing with silver light.

This magical statue was only three meters tall. It had a s.h.i.+eld in its left hand and a longsword in its right, looking like a metal knight. A pair of glowing red eyes shone beneath the visor, making it appear much more intelligent than the average magical statue.

The aura it radiated was at peak Third Grade, making it much more powerful than even the elementium golem Grem had personally crafted.

With the protection of this metal knight, Adept Holly could finally relax and enjoy this bountiful feast in another world as he enjoyed the music and dancing of the golem singers.

Age of Adepts Chapter 1105 - One Night in a Village

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