Age of Adepts Chapter 111

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She was a very graceful and charming lady, and a bantering smile could be found on her juicy lips.

Her skin was silky smooth and as white as snow, some tiny purple colored freckles could be seen indistinctly spread across them. Her s.e.xy hot body made her the most beautiful creature Greem had ever seen in his entire life.

A pair of curving horns stretched out from her forehead, and her purple colored long hair was hanging loosely down her back. A dangerous look of l.u.s.t was lingering in her narrow yet charming eyes, making any man in the world want to indulge in her magnificent beauty upon staring at her face.

On her back were a pair of large bat wings with distinct joints, one could even see sharp claws poking out from these joints. A flat and slender bone tail stretched out from her lower back, glowing like a metal. All of these gave her a touch dangerous, yet inviting look – it was like a forbidden excitement.

She was wearing a curvaceous silk gown with a leather belt with silver ornaments strapped around her waist. She leisurely fiddled with a long whip made from wrought gold chain which produced electric sparks when it swung around.

The devil’s horns, those flaming lips, and the signature bat wings, long tail and hoof legs, this… She was an abyss creature that shouldn’t appear in the Material Plane – a Succubus.

Right when Greem saw this Succubus, his thoughts had nearly stagnated. In a trance, he thought the previous teleportation had transported him into the horrible World of Abyss. When he recovered from his shock and glanced around, only that had he realized that he was in a unique s.p.a.ce that was trapped by some sort of magical spells.

In front of Greem was a s.p.a.cious and deep hall of lava. Nearly half the s.p.a.ce of this hall was occupied by a huge lava pool. The pool was filled with slow-moving molten lava and scorching hot white lava stones. A three acres’ stone platform was found on a corner of the hall, on top of it was a simple stone cottage, a simple stone table, and chairs – everything looked so simple and crude.

Greem was now kneeling on this platform. Behind him was the teleportation magical array with its glow slowly fading away, and in front of him was… an Abyss Succubus with a charming face and s.e.xy body.

With Greem’s vast knowledge, he roughly understood the layout of this place with just a brief glance.

f.u.c.k, what bulls.h.i.+t World of Deep Red. It was merely a small living s.p.a.ce established within the inner part of an underground volcano! And, the reason why those old goats had established this s.p.a.ce wasn’t for any magic spell research at all, but purely… to house this seductive Succubus of the Abyss.

After all, the Abyss Succubus was the native creature from the World of Abyss, which was a lower grade plane. Though they didn’t possess a powerful combative strength, relying on their s.e.xy and charming bodies and their extraordinary smart brains, they had been the favorite concubines and advisers of many powerful Devil Lords of the Abyss.

Though they could also enter into a material plane, the perfect living environment for them was still a hot and harsh world like the World of Abyss. Meanwhile, a primary material plane, like the World of Adept, would seriously reject the chaotic and brutal aura emanating from the body of these creatures from the Abyss.

Therefore, since those old goats wanted to let this Abyss Succubus survive in this world, they had no other option but to establish a ‘World of Deep Red’ near the underground volcano, which had a similar environment to the Abyss Plane.

To put it plainly, this was a ‘recreation and entertainment’ place those Adepts had set up for themselves. And judging from what this Succubus had just said, perhaps she was not even the exclusive concubine for someone, but…

Greem shuddered suddenly, quickly stopped himself from pondering further.

When Greem was curiously measuring the surrounding with his eyes, the Succubus was also staring at him in wonderment!

To be honest, only those human Adepts could enter this place at their pleasure. And as for any existence below the grade of Adept, Greem was the first to come to this place!

Right when Greem was contemplating how to introduce himself, a tall humanoid stone figure suddenly walked out from a wall beside the stone platform. A low, m.u.f.fled voice came out from its bee hive-like face full of holes.

“Outsider, according to the message transmitted from the master, you can only stay in this place for two hours. Please do not display any behavior that will harm the stability of this s.p.a.ce, or else, you’ll be killed!”

Having finished saying that, the huge humanoid stone figure took a step back, before once again merging back into the stone wall. No one could see any difference from the spot where it came out.

An Adept level magical automaton!

With just one gaze, Greem had determined the overall strength of this huge humanoid stone figure. And with such a mighty overall strength and within this tiny s.p.a.ce, a magical automaton would be able to kill him easily. Even if he had summoned all his Golems, he would not be able to save his life, because there wasn’t any s.p.a.ce he could run to, to get away from the attack!

Greem finally sensed the unique environment of this place.

The dried and hot fire air made it extremely difficult to breathe. It was as if there was a fireball residing in his lungs, every inhale and exhale was a scorching hot airflow. As Greem’s element affinity was Fire, within his Spiritual Domain, his entire body and soul were rejoicing for the dense and active Fire Elementium found in the surrounding environment. However, his overly frail body just couldn’t withstand the harsh environment. Indistinctly, signs of self-destruction had appeared on his body.

With no time to interact with the Succubus standing beside him, Greem immediately sat down folding his legs and started cultivating his Inferno Body.

For any Element Adepts, if they wish to maximize the power of their element magic spell, they had to carry out a magical modification to their body. And, having the body totally transformed into Elementium was an inevitable path! It was an extremely slow process and also consumed a huge amount of resources.

They had to consume Fire element demon beasts’ meat on a regular basis and use it to slowly and gently stimulate their body to allow their body to get used to the gradually denser Fire Elementium. And the cultivating of Inferno Body was just the first step to transforming the body into Elementium, and it was also the initial threshold.

Only once he had completed the cultivation of Inferno Body, Greem would have the ability to travel to some unique environments which were rich with Fire Elementium and continue his meditation and cultivation. While his innate talent might have welcomed these rich Fire Elementiums, his body wouldn’t be able to withstand the entire cultivation process.

Greem closed his eyes, calmed his mind and entered into deep meditation. Before, he had to use his Spiritual tentacles to capture those Fire Elementiums, but now, they were flooding into his Spiritual Domain like they had just burst out from a huge dam. Also, because of the overly dense Fire Elementiums, the incorporeal process that normally only happened in his Spiritual Domain had become visible to the naked eye.

Countless flickering tiny red dots were lingering around Greem’s body, constantly merging into his body, penetrating into his bones and tendons, flesh and blood, some even penetrated into the source of his Spirit.

However, this process didn’t bring him only benefits.

Following the penetration of countless Fire Elementiums, within his flesh, blood, bones, tendons, internal organs and some other parts of his body, Fire Elementiums started to pile up and couldn’t be absorbed in a timely manner. They started to show their active, unstable and destructive characteristics, as they had begun to erode Greem’s body.

Looking from a far distance, it was like an invisible furnace was burning violently inside of Greem’s body. His skin turned red and just as his sweat had emerged, they immediately evaporated before they could roll off his skin. Greem’s breathing became heavier, and even the air he let out had turned into a scorching hot flame.

Due to a lack of magic spell protection, Greem’s cloth had started to burn off, enshrouding him within a huge fireball. However, as the flame didn’t possess any supernatural power, obviously, it couldn’t hurt Greem at all. Instead, it was giving him a touch of mystery.

Though Greem’s mind was indulging in the deep meditation, his brows started to furrow, and his mind slowly retracted from the Spiritual Domain.

His body const.i.tution was too weak, so there was no way he could withstand a Fire element cultivation of this level. Usually, he could maintain three hours of deep meditation, but in this place, he was forced to stop before reaching fifteen minutes.

When he regained consciousness, two totally opposed logical judgments came out from his burning hot body. Guided by his Fire element innate talent, the Spiritual Domain had become unprecedentedly strong and nourished. The raging Fire element energy kept storming into it at a constant pace, bringing tremendous benefits. On the other side, the body which had suffered a constant erosion from the Fire element energy was moaning and howling miserably. While the body had undergone the tempering process, it was also being weakened at the same time.

The corner of Greem’s eyes twitched.

Could this be the end of his rare opportunity of being able to cultivate in the underground lava? After he was transported to this place, the mysterious token had disappeared. Apparently, it could only be used one time. If he was forced to leave this place now, he wouldn’t have any more opportunities to visit this place!

This was an extremely unique environment, and it would be extremely difficult for him to find a similar place to continue his cultivation.

“Chip, is there any solution to the current situation?”

“Beep, Fire Lord’s Scepter…”

The Chip’s answer was simple and straightforward. Greem forcefully slapped his forehead, cursing his own stupidity.

With a flip of his palm, the Fire Lord’s Scepter, placed inside his storage waist belt, appeared immediately. Upon holding it, the painful and numbing sensation he had felt throughout the entire body disappeared instantly. Even the flames that had tortured him previously had become a suitable temperature.

Greem lifted his fair right hand; he saw numerous blazing red fireb.a.l.l.s ragingly burning the surface of his skin. The dancing flames and the scorching hot blaze now looked like a crimson outfit, completely covering his entire body, making anyone who saw this admire the miraculousness and bizarreness of the magic spell.

With the help of the Fire Lord’s Scepter, Greem was now spared from the harm that might come about from those low-intensity flames. With that, he was tempted and moved his glance over to the boiling lava pool not far away.

Since it was a rare opportunity for him to come here, he had to maximize the gains no matter what!

Greem gritted his teeth and stood up suddenly. The few remaining magical equipment detached from his body automatically. Fully naked and holding only the Fire Lord’s Scepter, Greem strode to the edge of the lava pool.

He had no choice; perhaps with the Fire Lord’s Scepter, his body would be able to withstand the lava pool, but his magical equipment wouldn’t. If they were destroyed in the lava pool, it would be a huge loss for him! Therefore, Greem could only carry out the experiment with a naked body.

As for the Succubus who had been standing beside him smiling, Greem simply ignored her existence!

At this moment, Greem’s thoughts of becoming stronger were extremely firm and tough – the petty charm spell of the Succubus couldn’t affect him.

Standing at the edge of the pool, normally the burning hot air wave would have been enough to half-cook him, but now, it felt like a warm breeze.

Greem poked his toe lightly into the boiling molten lava. Judging from the feeling, it felt like a hot water with a temperature of fifty degree Celsius. Though it felt hot to the touch, he could still bear it.

Greem clenched his jaws, gently placing his first leg into the pool, then the second leg. Marching forward step by step, soon his entire body had submerged into the boiling molten lava.

Sensing the increasing temperature right in front of him, Greem stopped moving forward and stopped at a position where his head was just barely under the surface. Once again, he started the cultivation of his Inferno Body.

Age of Adepts Chapter 111

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