Age of Adepts Chapter 1136 - Might of the Fire Adept

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Chapter 1136 Might of the Fire Adept

The creatures that dove down were unusual creatures that resembled dragons.

They were somewhat similar to swamp dragons or wild poison dragons in their size and means of attack. They had similarly muscular bodies, were five meters long, and were covered in small, gray scales. They had powerful wings as well, along with firm hind legs, sharp claws, and a jaw full of sharp teeth.

Apart from those, their claws, teeth, and club-shaped tails were all shrouded in a black mist as if they contained deadly poison within.

When vicious and powerful beasts like these descended from high above, their sheer force and biting strength were enough to tear through any mortal army. Their poison only made them even more deadly. Even a person with supernatural powers might fall prey to the poison if they were wounded even slightly by their claws.

Unfortunately, they had not picked an appropriate opponent for themselves today!

The two-headed siblings cackled in their two distinct voices, one low and one crisp, as they watched the dragons dive. They actively transformed into their awakened state and charged ahead with elementium magic in one hand and mental magic in the other.

One dragon after another screeched in agony as their bodies were blown to pieces by the violent spells. Meanwhile, as Cherisha’s Mind Blast spread across the sky, many of the dragons were dazed and started to crash towards the ground.

For a moment, the flight had been thrown into utter chaos.

Greem clearly sensed through the Chip that these dragons were merely a pack of Second Grade creatures. Even the otherworldly individual that had approached them was not much more formidable of an enemy. His energy aura was only that of a Third Grade. Though his offense and defense might be slightly improved through his a.s.similation with the dragon he rode, it was arrogant to imagine threatening or attacking three Fourth Grade adepts!

There was no need to mention Greem or Holly. Even the two-headed siblings, the ‘fish’s belly’ of the party, quickly managed to slaughter the dragons alone.

The otherworldly creature who had a.s.similated with a Third Grade dragon roared when he saw his prey act so arrogantly. He charged down at them.

He only made it halfway before a fierce elementium spell from Mangus injured him. When he finally approached the adepts after enduring all the elementium attacks, he was turned around by a simple mental illusion from Cherisha. He started circling the sky, chasing after a non-existent illusory phantom.

While the siblings were toying with their opponent, a pack of powerful flying creatures with black scales and red wings emerged from a ma.s.sive rift in the sky nearby. Many more individuals who looked like the opponent they were fighting sat atop these flying creatures.

Their gaze naturally fell upon this battlefield when they appeared. The leaders of the group flew into a rage and hurried over with all their followers in tow.

Greem looked over and quickly estimated the might of the enemy.

Most of these were small fry of Second or Third Grade. Only the leader was a Fourth Grade powerhouse, whose unusual energy flux was significant enough to detect even from a distance.

“d.a.m.ned adepts! How dare you slaughter our Daimas. All of you will have to die here today.”

Perhaps these aliens were all too arrogant, or maybe they all lacked a nerve in their brain, but they charged forward like berserk boars, even though it was evident that Greem and his party were the superior side in the conflict.

Greem frowned slightly.

In all honesty, he did not want to fight this battle at all.

It was a meaningless fight driven by emotions. There was no substantial loot to be obtained here, even if they were to kill all of these arrogant fools.

Truthfully, these otherworldly creatures were no different than savage magical creatures in the eyes of the adepts. They did not deserve to be called an intelligent race.

Secondly, Morrian Plane had now been plunged into absolute chaos. Unusual creatures and powerful individuals from all over the universe of many varying factions were all appearing in the plane. Being too conspicuous at this time was likely to draw the attention of the truly powerful.

If those people set their sights on the party, their journey back home would be fraught with disaster!

A slight misstep might put them under an unnecessary risk of death.

Greem’s eyes grew cold and severe as he watched the descending flight of ‘dragons.’ He snorted as a crimson elementium barrier emerged from his body, instantly engulfing an area of a thousand meters around him.

Burning Domain.

This elementium technique that Greem had mastered since First Grade had evolved from the mere Ring of Fire to the Ring of Flames and finally to its current form– the Burning Domain. Naturally, the might of the barrier had improved exponentially as well.

There was almost no discrepancy in the intensity of the energy within the Burning Domain.

All enemies within the Domain would suffer direct burning from the elementium flames, with over two hundred points of damage per second.

Two hundred points per second.

This amount of elementium damage was merely a warmup for Fourth Grade powerhouses. That was why Greem had seldom used Burning Domain in recent times. Rather than maintain the Burning Domain, his time would be better spent firing another Blazing Fireball.

However, when faced with a large number of low-grade magical creatures, the Burning Domain was able to turn the tides of battle instantly.

Everything caught in the faint red elementium barrier started burning.

The ground burned, the rocks burned, the earth burned. Even the air itself began to burn.

Red flames engulfed the dragons caught in the domain, their bodies crackling violently as the fires danced. It didn’t matter how they beat their wings or how low they flew; they could not escape the constant scorching of the elementium flames.

These unusual dragon-like creatures might have some magic resistance, but their scales and skin were as thin as paper before a fire adept as powerful as Greem. He had mastered four fire laws, after all.

All the dragons in the Burning Domain flew about aimlessly like blind beasts, desperately attempting to escape somehow. Many of the dragons even fell from the sky as they crashed into their own companions.

The dragons who were at the edge of the Burning Domain could still manage to escape, thanks to their tough bodies. That said, even if they survived, their bodies were now covered in blisters and patches of scorch marks. The rest of the flying dragons howled in vain for a dozen seconds in the Burning Domain before turning into fireb.a.l.l.s and cras.h.i.+ng to the ground.


These burnt creatures plummeted from the sky like dumplings into water, smas.h.i.+ng deep craters into the ground upon impact. They could only let out cries of pain on the verge of death, their bodies scorched, and their wings tattered. They could not escape the endless elementium flames.

Finally, their heads fell limply to the ground as what remained of their bodies slowly burned down into unrecognizable corpses.

The dragons in the distance abruptly stopped their advance.

The scene they had just witnessed was simply too terrifying. Moreover, due to how fast they had stopped their advance, several of the dragons in the back were forced to circle around to avoid cras.h.i.+ng into their allies.

For a moment, the dragons had been thrown into disarray!

The Fourth Grade leader of the group stopped in front of the Burning Domain, his gaze piercing through the elementium barrier and landing on Greem.

Greem’s human body was now only flames. However, he did not increase his size but instead remained at his two-meter height. His scorching gaze matched that of the Fourth Grade enemy. When their eyes met, blinding sparks appeared in the air.

It was the might of a Fourth Grade adept!

Every action of theirs, even just a simple gaze, could project or draw upon the elementium in the air to cause unusual magical effects.

The Fourth Grade enemy was forced to s.h.i.+ft his gaze after staring into Greem’s eyes for a mere dozen seconds. He then suppressed the slowly rising heat he felt in his body.

Powerful opponents from the World of Adepts. It was difficult for their group to fight these enemies head-on!

He immediately understood the difference in power between the two parties and instantly quelled all thoughts of a fight.

“A misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. It seems like today is just a misunderstanding! So glad to meet you all from the World of Adepts. I, Naiguta, greet you!” The Fourth Grade leader with the odd appearance put on a terrifying but ‘well-meaning’ smile as he spoke the unfamiliar language of the adepts.

Greem looked around at the scorched corpses within the Burning Domain and at the Third Grade fellow that had been beaten half to death by the siblings. It was such a terrible scene, and the opponent had described it as just a ‘misunderstanding.’ Greem couldn’t help but smile.

“If it’s a misunderstanding, then you, sir, are free to leave now!”

His tone was not exactly friendly, and the Fourth Grade leader’s expression turned dark. However, he showed no inclination to resume the conflict.

Finally, he shouted, and the entire flight of dragons beat their wings and flew into the distance. The wild gusts caused by the beating wings of hundreds and thousands of dragons at the same time instantly caused a fierce storm on the spot.

However, as ferocious and barbaric as these dragons were, none of them dared take a single step into the Burning Domain. They quietly flew around the elementium barrier into the distance.

Once the flying dragons and their riders left, Greem dispelled the Burning Domain. The golden flames around him returned to his body, revealing his young and handsome face.

Adept Holly couldn’t help but let out a sigh of envy.

He was a Fourth Grade and possessed formidable powers. When it came to controlling the battlefield, however, he was inferior to elementium adepts. In particular, individuals like Greem, who had broken through the limits of elementium and peeked into the realm of laws, were always so mysterious. Every one of their actions carried a shadow of the powers of the principles.

This mastery of the principles was a result of innate talent. It was not something that could be easily achieved through effort.

Of course, invaluable treasures like the planar origin substances were an exception!

Age of Adepts Chapter 1136 - Might of the Fire Adept

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