Age of Adepts Chapter 1469 - The Calamity of Wintercastle

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Chapter 1469 The Calamity of Wintercastle

Greem struck without hesitation when he saw the orcs standing in his way!

He did not hold back. In fact, he couldn’t have held back.

Every single orc in front of him was one of the most powerful individuals among the orcs of Plane Gere. What lay beneath him was also the main temple of the Beast G.o.d Arugel; Greem had no doubts that they would be able to call down tremendous divine power from the distant G.o.d kingdom if they had a few seconds to prepare. They would once again turn into mighty avatars of the G.o.ds.

Throwing the whole mess on them while they were still disoriented was the only appropriate action for a proper and intelligent adept.

For the first time, Greem revealed his most ferocious and vicious side without holding back at all!

It was almost as if a portal connected directly to the depths of the Fire Elementium Planeepth had torn open in the Orb of the Fire G.o.d residing in his heart. Violent fire energy surged throughout his limbs as his heart pumped forcefully.

The intensity of the fire energy inside him instantaneously rose by two to three levels. The flames turned from red to deep-red, from deep-red to dark-red, and, finally, invisible.

Greem did not cast any spells. He simply let loose this surge of flames at the orcs. The scorching flames immediately turned the area within a thousand meters into a furnace. Every substance and lifeform exposed to the fire burned down to the most fundamental particles of the universe.

Every single life the flames engulfed was quickly being extinguished.

The orc powerhouses’ expression changed as they hastily drew on power from within to protect themselves.

At least two of the five orcs had the power to defeat Greem as he was currently. However, under such unexpected circ.u.mstances, even they had to scramble just to remain unharmed.

Greem’s attack might be vicious and powerful, but it was only troublesome to deal with for these orcs that stood at the summit of this planar world. It wasn’t a lethal strike. However, this attack spelled doom for all the ordinary orcs near the temple.

Where the vicious flames spread, the orc believers that could not flee in time were immediately turned to ashes. Even the few individuals powerful enough to escape from the immediate radius completely ignited after running another thousand meters away.

For a moment, the casualties were countless around the main temple. Numerous buildings were melting and softening under the fires and began to twist and collapse.

“How dare you!”

“Death upon the enemy!”

Greem could hear all sorts of curses and insults. The five orc powerhouses, including the main temple’s head priest, let loose their strongest powers at this d.a.m.ned enemy.

Simultaneously, the Sixth Grade evil dragon Cinquera had closed-in within a thousand meters of Greem. She opened her maw and unleashed another destructive dragon breath at this infuriating b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Two cl.u.s.ters of incredibly powerful attacks shot toward Greem from two different directions, cornering him and leaving him no room to dodge or escape. However, despite having run into a dead-end, Greem showed no fear. Instead, a sly and cunning smile crept up his face. He waved his hand calmly at his enemies as his entire person erupted and went up in flames.

Fire’s Image!


One and a half kilometers away from Wintercastle.

Greem and Cinquera had pa.s.sed through here; the flames and aura of might had killed every single orc along the way.

A strange mental flux rippled out in the middle of the still-raging sea of flames. The flames shrunk and condensed before forming into a two-meter-tall humanoid form.

The flames on the figure’s surface quickly solidified, transforming into a tall man wearing a leather suit with a purple-and-black robe draped over his shoulders.

As this man stood up and lifted his head slightly to look toward Wintercastle, an earthshaking explosion erupted in the distance!

Two violent attacks whose power was far beyond the limits of this plane clashed, instantly sundering the planar barrier and engulfing the main temple of the Beast G.o.d Arugel in an uncontrolled energy vortex.

As the powers erupted, Greem could hear the furious roars and shouts of the orcs from afar.

A visible force shockwave rushed out from within the city, instantly vaporizing every single orc along the way. This orc fortress that was had always been known for its st.u.r.diness was devastated beyond recognition with barely any resistance.

Greem had no idea what exactly was happening all the way over there. All he knew was that the wall he had been facing was pulverized by that shockwave like cheese and was being blown away as sc.r.a.p.

A concentrated and mighty consciousness suddenly s.h.i.+fted and locked onto Greem’s position from the center of that explosion.

Cinquera again!

Greem had managed to transfer his actual body from the battlefield using Fire’s Image, leaving behind only a clone there. However, he clearly had not managed to put enough distance between him and the evil dragon, as he was still within the range of her spiritual senses.

Thus, after a single attack, the dragon was able to instantly pick up on the abnormality and once again found Greem’s location.

Greem knew his location was exposed now; he didn’t dare overstay his welcome. He turned and immediately started retreating from Wintercastle.

The main temple of Arugel had already been blown to pieces. He didn’t know what the actual damage was, but even the loss of a single brick would be an absolute humiliation for that lofty major G.o.d of the beast G.o.d pantheon.

If he could endure such humiliation, he wouldn’t deserve to call himself the major G.o.d of his pantheon!

As expected, the moment the force shockwave hit the main temple, a blinding golden radiance rose from the hundred-meter-tall beast G.o.d statue within the main temple.

As the light flowed across the statue, its appearance slowly underwent dramatic changes.

He had a gruff face, large mouth, and sharp fangs. He was clad in crude, ugly black armor, with a broad double-axe on his back. To think, it was the G.o.d of Slaughter of the beast G.o.d pantheon, Garon Arcadas.

This G.o.d of Slaughter could sense the screams of agony from the believers the moment he descended, even before he had gotten used to this somewhat fragile body.

The only ones that could set foot within Wintercastle and constantly pray near the main temple were the most devout of the orc pantheon. Now, tens of thousands of these believers had fallen victim to the enemy and died. Their emotions of despair and resentment flooded the Seventh Grade G.o.d of Slaughter, who couldn’t help but feel a little overcome.

A vicious expression appeared on his ugly face. He took out the ma.s.sive double-axe from his back and walked out of the temple with rumbling steps.

“Cinquera, I see you are looking to die…to think you dare come stir trouble in the temple of Lord Arugel himself. Why don’t you stay here, huh? Forever!”

Garon’s fierce glare locked onto the giant dragon flying out of the city the moment he stepped out of the temple. He shouted angrily as he raised his axe and leaned slightly back before hurling it with all his strength.

The ma.s.sive double-axe cut across the sky as a golden bolt and crashed toward Cinquera.

At this point, Cinquera finally realized she had fallen into the scheme of that cunning adept.

She might be rash, but she wasn’t foolis.h.!.+

Garon was able to appear within the plane despite being a Seventh Grade G.o.d because he was being sustained by the tremendous amount of faith power concentrated in the main temple. That was how he had managed to protect himself from the planar suppression. Garon would not be able to move or strike freely like this once he was further from the main temple.

Cinquera knew these weaknesses and strengths of the G.o.ds very well. The instant she sensed Garon’s violent aura appear, she turned and fled from the main temple without hesitation.

However, the might and ability of a Seventh Grade G.o.d was beyond the imagination of a Sixth Grade evil dragon. Before Cinquera could fly far, the golden bolt caught up to her and struck her on right wing.


Cinquera released an earthshaking dragon’s cry as her wing was pulverized and blown into a rain of blood. She did not even dare to turn back for a look. She continued to struggle and fly into the distance.

Garon opened his palm and grabbed the double-axe that had spun its way back to him. He then instantly traversed a distance of six kilometers with his heavy steps and chased after the ragged figure limping away with a single wing.

As these dominating individuals left one by one, the ravaged city of Wintercastle finally became quiet once more. However, between Greem’s flames, that violent clash of power from earlier, and two consecutive bursts of ultra-grade powers, Wintercastle had been reduced to the brink of annihilation.

A crumbling sound could be heard as some debris was shoved aside. The orc sword saint brushed off the dust on his body and climbed out of a crater with some difficulty. At the same time, the other orc powerhouses who had been blown away by the shockwave slowly returned, one by one.

The five orcs had all been afflicted by Cinquera’s strange black smoke to varying extents. Dispelling this strange principle power would take quite some time and effort, given their power.

Ultimately, this entire sequence of events had been a tremendous loss for them!

But what truly infuriated them were the countless dead orcs in Wintercastle.

The might of the invaders earlier was simply too terrifying. Anyone caught up in that power would die. Consequently, over thirty thousand of the orcs in the city had died. That was half the population of Wintercastle.

The number of orc elites lost today was enough to bring tears to the eyes of these orc powerhouses.

“Go! Find out who the adept that lured the evil dragon Cinquera to Wintercastle was! Immediately! We will tear that b.a.s.t.a.r.d into pieces in the next fight.”

The head priest’s roar instantly filled the skies of Wintercastle!

Age of Adepts Chapter 1469 - The Calamity of Wintercastle

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