Age of Adepts Chapter 312

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Chapter 312 Fish and Bait

The danger arrived swifter than anyone could have expected!

A second ago, Alice was still patrolling the lab and examining her spoils of war. The very next second, the entire magically fortified roof was blasted away.

For a moment, broken pillars, crumbling walls, damaged arrays, and raining sand and debris covered the entirety of the castle.

Gasps and screams rang out throughout the castle.

Alice raised her head.

One could easily see the night sky, even as the wooden beams and crumbling rocks fell around the building. A ma.s.sive, flying magical creature hovered above Alice, projecting a fearsome shadow onto the castle below.

Alice had expected someone to attack, but she never expected them to raise such a huge commotion.

In the sky.

An eight-meter long faux-dragon with grey scales and metallic looking skin beat its wings. It had a devilish and sharp snout, short front limbs, and powerful hind legs. It had a three-meter-long tail with a spindle-shaped end dragging behind its body as well.

The ma.s.sive pair of grey wings sent howling winds blowing in every direction. No one could open their eyes with all the dust blowing at them.

The reason they are described as faux-dragons is that they had none of the intimidating and chilling dragon's aura of might that an actual dragon possessed. However, their bodies still possessed many draconic traits. Alice was confident that they were a sort of hybrid dragon!

It was a mixed-blood hybrid dragon born of a union between a dragon and another species!

Alice couldn't help but suspect that this hybrid dragon's parent was a large rodent. After all, this 'dragon' had a thin snout, whiskers, and even a grey and furry tail.

Given the l.u.s.t of the dragons and their Ultimate Transfiguration, it wasn't outside the realm of possibility.

Still, Alice quickly tossed aside these useless thoughts and focused on the beautiful lady sitting on the back of the dragon.

It was her! As Alice had expected! It was her!

The mysterious lady that the Sarubo Clan had been unable to track, despite the ma.s.sive amount of resources they had put to use, had managed to chase her down!

Alice betrayed an expression of shock and fear. She tried to hide behind the Decayer's body while secretly turning the wooden ring on her right pinky.

A subtle magical message was secretly sent out!

"There's no need for an act anymore!" The beautiful illusionist on the hybrid dragon laughed with disdain, "Don't think about sending a message or anything like that. From the moment this started, all of the magical messages from here are being intercepted. You have no chance to call for reinforcements!"

Alice's face froze when she heard the woman speak. She quickly raised her right hand and frantically tried to communicate and ask for help. Sadly, a static noise was all that came from the wooden ring. She had no way of using the magical ring to contact Greem or 'that' person.

Alice was truly afraid now!

Dammit! The fis.h.i.+ng plan worked, but now what about the hunters?

The green, slimy Decayer slowly moved forward and stood before Alice. A brilliant green halo was glowing around it.

Poison Halo!

All life within a hundred meters of the Decayer would be poisoned and robbed of their life when the halo pa.s.sed through.

The apprentice adepts hiding in the corners of the lab grabbed their throats with their hands as they fell to the ground and struggled in agony. The ones with low magic resistances were dead within moments, while the stronger ones rolled around on the ground. They frantically grabbed antidotes from their pouches and swallowed as many as they could.

However, with how much they were struggling, it didn't seem long before they would die!

The ordinary servants and slaves on the lower floors did even worse. The moment the halo flashed, they had already collapsed without a chance to call for help.

The Decayer would never care about its surroundings when it wanted to attack the enemy.

Of course, Alice, as its temporary master, was able to enjoy immunity to his attacks!

The illusionist quickly took out a white pearl and put it into her mouth. The green shade that had surfaced on her face quickly faded away. The hybrid dragon she rode on seemed to have inherited the powerful resistance of the dragons. It exhaled two clouds of black smoke from its nostrils and sneezed. That was all it took for it to endure the Decayer's poison attacks.

Dammit! If I had known the plan was so weak, I would have brought master's Infernal Tyrant with me!

Alice cursed angrily, but she knew that this was only her fantasy.

With her status as a pseudo-adept, she had to wear several pieces of magical equipment to raise her Spirit, and still she could barely summon the weakest of the golems– the Decayer. Even if her master was able to overlook any damage to his golems and handed the Infernal Tyrant core to her, she couldn't possibly succeed at summoning the Tyrant anyway.

The dragon dove down at Alice under the illusionist's orders. Its body caused powerful winds to blow at Alice even before it crashed into her.

The Decayer's jelly-like green body shook, and a ma.s.sive wad of green acid launched at the opponent. The glob of green acid exploded after flying a short distance and covered an area of ten meters. It coated everything in the area with acid.

Oddly enough, the Decayer's 'spit' had missed its mark, despite how large the dragon was!

Stupid illusions!

Eight silhouettes of the dragon and the illusionist appeared in the sky. They circled above the damaged castle. The Decayer's Acid Spray continued to miss, only succeeding in hitting a couple of illusions.

However, the ma.s.sive wind blades that the enemy shot at them were not an illusion. Every blast damaged the body of the Decayer and sent acid splas.h.i.+ng everywhere.

The Decayer was not a worthwhile opponent for the illusionist and her dragon when fighting two against one!

Alice had no choice but to join the battle now that she could see that they were at a disadvantage. She fired several spatial blades towards the sky like a crescent scimitar.

These attacks caused the hybrid dragon to become fearful and cautious in its movements.

Frankly speaking, the dragon might have an intimidating appearance, but it wasn't all that powerful.

It had no devastating dragon's breath, no elementium talent, and no intimidating dragon's aura of might. Even it's grey scales couldn't cover its entire body. The more important parts of the body, such as the stomach and the wings, were not protected by the scales.

These were all fatal spots that an enemy could strike at in a close fight.

However, the illusionist's innate abilities were excellent cover for the dragon.

Thanks to the powerful confusion effect from the tarot gem on the illusionist's forehead, most of the Decayer's attacks were missing their marks. The Decayer could only endure the enemy's blows. If it weren't due to the ma.s.sive splash radius of the Acid Spray, the illusionist would likely have already charged forward and killed it.

The illusionist could see that Alice was trying to help the Decayer as well. The tarot gem on her head shone with a prismatic light again, and Alice was instantly affected.

The illusionist had misdirected Alice and caused her to lose her sense of direction. She had mistaken the Decayer for an enemy. The spatial blades were like transparent razors, instantly cutting at the Decayer's large and sticky jelly body.

The body of the Decayer was acidic as well. They splashed against the walls of the castle, and even the st.u.r.dy stone material wasn't able to endure the acid. They quickly melted and softened. Large pools of green glowing acid eroded the ground. The sizzling sounds of corrosion continued to ring out.

It had been one against two earlier, and now it was even worse! One against three.

The illusionist immediately changed targets as well. The giant wind blades and terrifying wind vortices whipped in Alice's direction. The Decayer could only fire acid arrows to intercept the attacks. It even had to cover the attacks it couldn't deflect with its own body to protect Alice.

Some of the acids still splashed from the Decayer's body and landed on Alice, causing her frail body to sizzle from the corrosion effect. She wasn't able to tell that something was off. Alice was still stubbornly shaving away at the Decayer.

Alice's spatial talent might have been powerful, but that was only relative to the apprentices that were of the same Grade as her. When she faced a real adept, the opponent had hundreds of ways to torture her to death.

Alice's life hung by a thread!


Just as the battle raged on above the castle, two towering figures hid within the shadow of the castle on its southwestern side.

"My Lady, isn't it about time for you to go?" A tall and intimidating flame humanoid gazed at the battle in the distance. He couldn't help but speak to the other person.

The voice appeared to belong to Greem.

"What are you in a hurry for!" The female adept wrapped in green smoke laughed softly without any regard for the situation, "You have been protecting this Alice girl way too well. She's almost forgotten how to fight. She is a pseudo-adept, and she dares to strike at an adept? She would probably do something dumb like this again if she didn't receive a punishment!"

Greem rolled his eyes. He almost couldn't resist the urge to rebuke his overbearing superior.

If you hadn't promised to guarantee her safety, even Alice wouldn't be so dumb as to take the initiative to strike at an adept. If it had been any usual circ.u.mstance, she would have used her spatial talents to teleport away and run as far as she could.

Alice was still very talented at escaping!

Her Spatial Teleportation didn't require the use of any tool or array. It was the most potent spell for escaping.

It was without compare.

As long as she only thought of escaping, no one would be able to stop her.

The one thing she definitely should not have done was to trust her instincts. She thought she would succeed at baiting out the enemy hiding in the shadows. She thought she would be safe. This naivete was why she was bold enough to trade blows with an adept.

It's the stronger swimmers who drown!

It was a typical error of all the people that believed in fate and divination!

Age of Adepts Chapter 312

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