Age of Adepts Chapter 347 Witch Beauty

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Chapter 347 Witch Beauty

A failure of a forest exploration!

That was Alice's judgment after running through all of Greem's spoils.

Her a.s.sessment undoubtedly made Greem's face even darker.

His whole life had been turned around ever since he'd obtained the help of the chip. Situations of 'defeat' like this one were infrequent with the support of the chip's ma.s.sive reserves of knowledge.

Then again, this also had much to do with Greem's excessive tendency to collect only practical knowledge.

He had always been excited and quick to enter into the chip all the data that could strengthen himself. When it came to less popular fields, such as herbology, he was slower at gathering knowledge.

Alice took out a wrinkled old book from her pouch and threw it to Greem as he frowned and thought about his mistakes.

"Take a good look through this book!"

Greem took the book and looked at it. It was called Elementary Encyclopedia of Magical Plants.

Very well, he was indeed a beginner and rookie at herbology! The only thing he could do was to start picking up on all those works he hadn't in the past!

Greem mentally sighed as he held the book in his hands and slowly started flipping the pages. In truth, he only needed less than five minutes to scan a hundred-page book like this one. The chip's current scanning and processing abilities were extremely powerful. That said, he didn't want to expose the existence of the chip in front of Alice's eyes. Thus, Greem had no other option but to slowly scan and acc.u.mulate the content of the book at a rate that most reasonable humans would.

The caravan line successfully made it to the second camping site before sundown.

The Black Forest at night was scarier than it was during the day. The active area and aggressiveness of most magical creatures were far higher in the night as well. Traveling in the forest at night was a huge mistake.

The caravan line left the green and white road with the help of the guards and mercenaries. They then turned onto a narrow road. After a couple more winding turns and lengthy twists, the party arrived beside a small green lake.

The lake wasn't all that large, but the water was crystal clear.

The mirror-like surface of the water reflected the blue sky, white clouds, and all the towering trees that surrounded the lake. It was almost impossible for those who had just seen it for the first time to differentiate between the reality and the reflection.

The sky quickly faded to dusk.

The servants in the merchant group herded the horses and their carts to an empty field by the side of the lake. The wagons, carriages, and caravans were then arranged in a set fas.h.i.+on. Campfires were lit, water was drawn, and stew boiled. The faint fragrance of fish stew spread out throughout the forest.

Greem and Alice got down from the carriage and took a stroll around the lake as they waited for dinner.

Greem had noticed a Second Grade Dark Witch throwing a green seed in the middle of the campsite when she got down from her carriage. The few apprentice witches then set up a large, delicately magnificent tent on the location.

Alice explained with a soft voice when she saw Greem's confused expression, "It's a magic array seed! A sort of variation on magic arrays. You seal a magic array within a special plant seed ahead of time. You can then plant the seed into the ground when you need to. The magic array will naturally extend and spread out as the plant rapidly grows from it. And when you need to leave the next day, all you need to do is seal the array back into the seed!"

Greem frowned when he heard this.

Alice's description was simple. However, everything didn't seem as plain once he a.n.a.lyzed the possibilities.

The individual powers of an adept were always limited. It didn't matter whether it was casting speed or casting strength, the adepts would invariably lose to a stable and well-prepared array. Even though it had only been a crude offensive array, his experience back in the war tower on the knight's plane had thoroughly opened Greem's eyes to the power of magic formations.

Would he have time to defeat his future opponents if they possessed similar means of erecting temporary magic arrays like this one?

"Approximately how much does a temporary array like this one cost? What sorts of arrays of this kind are there? Are there any limitations to their functions? Where can one buy it?"

Alice felt her head swell at all the questions Greem hurled at her. She frantically interrupted him.

"I have only seen high-grade adepts in the clan using these things. As for their specific functions and effects, I have no idea."

"Stupid!" Greem glared at her, "Just because you can't get your hands on it doesn't mean that someone else can't get their hands on it. What happens if you run into such a thing during the Battle of Fate? Do you intend to do your research right then at the cost of your life? Of course, you must try your very best to prepare right now! Even if you can't obtain it, you have to find some way to understand its powers, strengths, and weaknesses. All this might save you during a critical moment!"

Alice blinked her pair of pretty eyes as she silently listened to the lecture.

It was at this moment that she started to have a vague idea of the difference between her and her master Greem.

He had initiative, sensitivity to all things, and pragmatism.

Whenever he encountered new knowledge or new objects, Greem would first match them with words such as combat, strengthening, practicality, and magical crystals. If they happened to be very well related to these words, he would take all two hundred percent of his pa.s.sion in order to make sure he mastered and obtained them. And if these new subjects happened to have nothing to do with any of the words mentioned above, he would completely ignore them!

How was this supposed to be an appropriate way of thinking for an adept!? Adepts were supposed to be servants of all knowledge!

"I'll leave this thing to you." Greem gave a swift and decisive order, "You are a witch yourself. It should be easy for you to talk with the witches. It's your job to figure out everything about these temporary magic array things."

"What about you?" Alice's head hurt from the amount of work she had to do. She grumbled unhappily.

"Me? Of course, I'm going on a date!" Having said that, Greem revealed a sly smile on his face under the shadows of the cloak.

"Go, go, go… be careful of them eating you for dinner!" Alice pouted and said resentfully.

Greem chuckled and turned towards the forest in nearby.



The dark forest became even more terrifying and sinister as the moisture from the ground rose into the air!

Greem stepped upon the damp soil and parted the light veil of mist hanging in the air. He slowly walked through the dark and silent woods.

It wasn't as if there was no light at all.

Fluorescent moss that glowed with a ghostly light, Bright Shrooms that shone like lightbulbs, and all sorts of fluorescent plants of varying colors helped illuminate his surroundings.

It was not wise to go near anything too bright or eye-catching in the Black Forest.

It was basic knowledge that all adepts who ventured into the Black Forest needed to know!

Bright meant poison! Eye-catching meant trap!

Both of these together meant considerable trouble waiting to happen!

Greem lifted his nose and sniffed. He could smell the faint scent of a woman mixed in with the damp, decaying smell of the forest.

Greem saw a set of footprints in the black soil. They slowly disappeared into a bush to his left.

He was nearly three kilometers away from the camp. Even the witches that went out on searches for resources never came this far.

Greem hesitated for the moment. He finally started to wonder if it had been a wise decision to come to this meeting.

He heard something just as he was contemplating giving up. The splas.h.i.+ng of water came to his ears through the thin mist. Greem could also faintly hear singing amid the splas.h.i.+ng.

The sweet voice of a woman!

As expected, this was going to be interesting!

A light red barrier appeared around Greem's body. He scattered the mist and walked in the direction of the singing with a smile of disdain on his face.

There was a small pool embedded in the middle of the forest.

The moonlight was desolate and the water chilling.

Towering trees grew around the pool. Their ma.s.sive canopies formed a perfect circle, leaving only a small, bowl-sized hole above the water.

A disc of silver light projected from above, much like a bright pillar of light projected onto a dark stage. It illuminated a beautiful and naked lady bending her body to cup water with her hands and bathe herself.

The woman's taut skin reflected the silver light of the moon, causing her to s.h.i.+ne with the radiance of a flawless doll. As if she had heard Greem's footsteps, the beautiful woman stood straight up in the knee-deep pool water. She flicked her wet golden hair behind her back and smiled at the young man standing by the side of the pool.

The witch before Greem was undoubtedly a beauty, regardless of whether you were judging with the aesthetics of an adept or an ordinary man. She had a full bosom, a slim waist, long legs, and smooth skin. When you took into consideration her gorgeous appearance and perfectly proportioned figure, she was the ideal lover.

It was more so when she bared her chest before Greem's unscrupulous gaze. That intense physical temptation was enough to turn any man into an irrational beast.

"This is my offer, Sir Greem! If you are willing to give up on that beansprout of a little girl, I'll be willing to accompany you on this romantic trip through the woods!" The beauty licked her red lips, "I can do anything you want… "

The heck?

Mm, I like this scheme!

The smile on Greem's face became even more radiant.

He pushed the hood behind his head and exposed his handsome face to the cold moonlight.

His eyes gleamed with the light of wisdom. His cold and sharp facial features. The slight trace of wickedness that hung around the corners of his mouth, and his tall, fit body. At this moment, Greem's unique elegance mixed with his intimidating and overwhelming masculinity turned about to attract the witch's gaze. And her desire!

Who knew that this man, who had been hiding his face, was such a charming fellow!?

The witch's gaze had become even more fervent.

"If you want to, I can become your permanent partner. And sometimes, even your slave."

For some reason, even the breeze that blew across the pool of water had a lick of blazing heat to it.

"This condition isn't good enough!" Greem's calm eyes wandered everywhere.

Strangely enough, his gaze remained calm and unfeeling, even when he was staring directly at the most seductive parts of the witch's body.

After all, appreciation was appreciation. The beautiful body before Greem could not provoke even an inch of his desire!

The beautiful witch's body froze.

Age of Adepts Chapter 347 Witch Beauty

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