Age of Adepts Chapter 373 A Bloody Battle

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Chapter 373 A b.l.o.o.d.y Battle

Sofia looked at Alice.

A gaping, b.l.o.o.d.y hole had appeared on the small face of the little girl. Blood continuously flowed out from Alice's eye socket. Half of her face and body had been stained red.

From a distance, Alice looked just like a doll that had broken from excessive play.

She was still smiling sweetly at Sofia!

Sofia spun around with her ma.s.sive body, and the first thing she saw was a falling shape.

A ma.s.sive hole had been blasted into the person's snow white skin. An ice s.h.i.+eld orbiting her had shattered into ice powder. Flakes of ice mixed with the blood that had splashed everywhere and b.l.o.o.d.y snow fell from the sky like blossoming flowers.

All the damage from her previous encounters, along with this grievous wound, was too much for Snowlotus to endure with her frail body.

The aura of life started to fade from her delicate and flawless body. A flicker of the fire of fate appeared above her heart and quickly spread throughout her body.

When Snowlotus fell from the sky, the mysterious girl was exposed to Sofia's sight.

The Berserk Witch raised her head and let out a heartbreaking roar. She threw the wooden staff in her hand with all her strength and then lunged towards the girl.

The mysterious girl was utterly indifferent about Snowlotus' death. She directed her attention towards the berserk Sofia. A mocking smile appeared on her emotionless face when she saw the berserk witch launch an attack from such distance.

She ignored the hatred and anger of the few ants crawling before her.

After all, she was the spiritual projection of a high-grade witch. She couldn't care less about the feelings of such low-cla.s.s creatures. So what if they were performing above their limits? If it weren't because of this pathetic body, she would have been able to crush these witches with the flip of her palm. She was just too powerful and understood too much about using the power of Fate.

A berserk ant was still an ant. What could happen? Should she worry about the ant turning into a beast to bite her?

The mysterious girl floated to one side and avoided the wooden staff. She lifted a finger and pointed it at the charging Sofia.

It was just a warrior that only knew how to use her raw strength to knock things around. She could kill her in one go!

However, before she could start speaking her prophecies, the wooden staff that had pa.s.sed by her suddenly morphed into a serpent covered in dark green scales. It extended its body and quickly wrapped itself around the girl.

This sudden change shocked the mysterious girl!

Everyone present was a candidate of fate. It was nearly impossible for them to predict each other's actions using their premonitions. This blind spot was why this sudden turn of events had caught the scheming girl by surprise.

The serpent that had transformed from the staff was a strange magical creature. It started to strangle and bite the girl after its thick body had coiled around her. Sadly, the mysterious aura around the girl was tougher than any s.h.i.+elds and barriers. The snake's venomous fangs could not even reach the girl's soft skin.

The amount of time bought by the barrier was more than enough for the girl to chant three words. 'Burn To Ashes.'

These were three simple words, but there was an astounding amount of power in them. The serpent hissed in pain as a fire kindled on and within its body. Black smoke was even coming out from the gaps between its scales.

The wounded serpent frantically twisted its body. The girl took the opportunity to break free of its hold.

The first thing she saw was an iron fist rapidly expanding before her eyes.


The prophecy that she cast on the spot hadn't managed to gather enough power. Still, it perfectly blocked Sofia's furious punch.


A translucent light barrier appeared between Sofia's fist and the girl's nose. It was as thin as a cicada's wing, yet it was as resilient as the hardest metal in the world. Sofia's iron fist was bleeding and tearing from the tremendous impact of her punch, but the barrier remained undamaged. Apart from a slight indentation, it was completely intact.

However, the indentation of the barrier had allowed the girl's nose to be lightly hit. The girl felt a slight pain on her nose.

G.o.dd.a.m.ned ant...

The girl took one step backward and rubbed her nose. She cursed Sofia in her heart with the most malicious insults she could muster.

The Spiritual Projection's consciousness might have just come into existence and was not all that intelligent. However, the immense pride in her heart caused the mysterious girl to feel a genuine hatred and disgust for these ants that had tarnished her dignity.

Perhaps it was okay to exhaust a little of the powers of Fate in the array to crush these ants as soon as possible. However, the powers of Fate were the foundation to her climb to dominance once more. She honestly felt a little upset at wasting them on these ants.

The light barrier surrounding her trembled as the mysterious girl hesitated.

The Berserk Witch had no intention of giving up. She continued to pummel the barrier with all she had.

If fists weren't enough, then I'll use my legs. If my legs aren't enough, then I'll use my head!

Sofia bashed the barrier repeatedly as if she had gone completely mad. Blood splashed everywhere every time she hit the s.h.i.+eld.

The flesh on her fists had utterly torn apart. Her white finger bones were visible beneath the b.l.o.o.d.y pulp. Her forehead had also been bashed against the barrier so much that it was bruised black and green. In fact, the skin on her forehead had started to tear as well. Yet, it was almost as if Sofia didn't feel any of this happening. She continued to punch, kick, and headb.u.t.t the barrier without hesitation.

Every attack she launched caused mysterious energy to surge across the barrier. The sharper and more ferocious her attacks, the quicker the mysterious energy was exhausted.

A visible crack started to appear on the previously impenetrable barrier.

The speed at which the energy repaired the barrier clearly lagged behind the pace at which Sofia caused damage.


Alice screamed and ran towards the girl with a dagger in her hand. At this point in the battle, she had used up all her scrolls, potions, and magical tools. The only thing she could do was use her blood, flesh, and life to exhaust this accursed barrier!

Alice waved her dagger and started to stab the transparent barrier with all her might.

Dammit! These two ants have gone insane…

The mysterious girl had no time to think about the potential consequences of her actions. She immediately raised her hand and prepared to draw power from the array to protect herself.

A loud and resounding crack echoed through the room. The barrier had shattered!

The next second, Sofia's utterly broken and bleeding fists landed on the girl's jaw.

An even louder crack rang out.

The mysterious girl's eyes opened wide. Shock, anger, and disbelief were painted on her face as she was blown away with a detached jaw. Sofia's other hand grabbed onto the girl's right leg before her body could fly away. Sofia pulled with her hand.

Her b.l.o.o.d.y forehead increased in size before the frightened gaze of the mysterious girl.


Another m.u.f.fled boom.

At the same time, the scary bone cracking sound rang out.

The girl felt like she had just been thrown into a mountain. A frightening crack rang out from her head. A small indentation had been knocked into her head. The intense pain from her jaw and forehead quickly spread throughout her soul. The girl raised her head and yelled out in agony.

Three b.l.o.o.d.y teeth fell out from her mouth as she screamed!

Dammit! I can't get into a messy fight like this with these ants! How could I and my n.o.ble body be…

Sofia's ma.s.sive body once again expanded in her vision while thoughts were still hurling through her mind.

Sofia stretched out her arms as if she wanted to hug the girl, but what did that open mouth and those gleaming teeth mean?

The girl had no time to think; Sofia had already crashed into her. The Berserk Witch's thick arms kept a tight grasp on the girl's body as the berserker witch's teeth sunk into the girl's flesh.

What kind of G.o.dd.a.m.ned battle technique was this?!

The immobilized girl was furious beyond belief.

Her arms were pinned down. It was hard for her to use hand signs to draw upon more powers of Fate. Every time she wanted to open her mouth to utter her prophetic verdicts of fate, that lowly barbarian's head would smash into hers.

Sofia's entire body had become her weapon!

Again and again, Sofia's head smashed into the girl. The girl's nose snapped, her eye sockets fractured, her face had sunken in, and blood covered her entire face. No one could still recognize the girl. The damage Sofia had sustained and was receiving from her attacks was still far more the girl, but she seemed accustomed to this method of fighting. She continued to hit the girl without hesitation despite the severe wounds that she had to endure with every blow.

Alice had also gotten up from the ground and was lunging towards the girl with the dagger in hand.


A desolate scream dripping with power reverberated throughout the entire Tower.

A terrifying power beyond compare exploded from within the girl's body, easily blowing Alice away. Sofia, who had been restricting her at zero distance was even more critically wounded. The sudden explosion of power had caused her already injured body to shatter. Her arms were utterly broken and then blasted into meat paste.

Her muscular body flew into the distance. The powers of Fate in her body had started burning even before she landed on the ground.

Even though all three of them had brought out all the power they held, their struggles had remained futile before an impossibly powerful enemy.

The opponent's strength was just not something they could have fought against!

Dong! A m.u.f.fled boom rang out.

Sofia's body crashed to the ground and fell even further away, like a skipping stone thrown across a pond. It was only after a while that she stopped moving.

Her body was in tatters. There were absolutely no signs of life in that broken body.

"Even if I were to die, this bad b.i.t.c.h will bust your face black and blue… "

Berserk Witch Sofia spat out her last words while facing the ceiling. It was only then that she closed her eyes with a huge smile on her face.

Age of Adepts Chapter 373 A Bloody Battle

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