Age of Adepts Chapter 477 Large-Sized Plane

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Chapter 477 Large-Sized Plane

"Alice, what exactly are you planning?"

The first to start trouble was the leader of the Dark Witches, Circe.

One couldn't blame her for her rage. Now was the critical moment of the Shadow Tide that the Dark Tower was undergoing. Every time of the year when the Shadow Tide erupted, Circe had to be at the Dark Tower as the leader of the Dark Witches. She had to ensure that no incidents befell the land of their origin.

But now…

Circe was bound by the clauses of the ancient contracts when the bells of the Council Hall rang. She had no choice but to come to this old and rotting 'Hall' to listen to the story of this ignorant little brat.

A child that dreamed of being their equal despite only being First Grade.

Circe wasn't the only furious witch leader.

The leader of the Agony Witches had even been called to this place by her clansmen while fighting on the front lines of a planar battlefield.

The leader of the Agony Witches couldn't hide the murderous intent on her face. It showed every time she thought of that intense battlefield that teetered on the precipice of victory and defeat, and of the three nights she had gone without sleep in order to hurry to Werning City.

There were six Fourth-Grade witches and one Third Grade witch that sat in the ma.s.sive Council Hall. When all of them stared at the lonesome Alice with hostile gazes, the overwhelming pressure from their Spirits was enough to paralyze any First Grade adept.

Alice stood there with her face flushed white. She bit her lip tightly and had to use all her strength to ensure her body didn't start trembling.

A First Grade witch like her was insignificant to this hall full of high-grade witches. If the old contracts hadn't bestowed upon her the rights she deserved as the leader of the witches, she wouldn't even have the right to listen in on this meeting, much less speak in it.

Alice's blue eyes swept across everyone. The energy field and spiritual flux that spilled out of the witch leaders' bodies were so overpowering that tears started to flow. Every single person in this room was like a miniature sun in Alice's eyes. The magical light that they released was so intense that Alice risked blindness when staring at them for more than three seconds.

In this situation, Alice would not be able to see the faces of the witches, even if she opened her eyes as wide as she could.

Alice was worried that Dark Witch Leader Circe might start yelling. Just the shockwave from the sound might be enough to kill a mere First Grade witch like herself.

Fortunately, these witch leaders still knew how to restrain their magical powers and Spiritual flux, despite their rage. They made sure not to hurt this witch leader sitting in front of them. Alice's abilities might have been insignificant, but ancient contracts protected her status and ident.i.ty.

Cases of public infighting had yet to happen among the Northern Witches. At least the leader-cla.s.s witches still knew how to maintain the good of the whole.

"Alice, we are all waiting for your answer," Of all the witch leaders, only Death Witch Khesuna seemed to be calm. However, her words still caused Alice's heart to tremble in fear, " Convening the Witch Council is a right that all witch leaders share. However, the witch that asked for this meeting has to provide a sufficiently important topic. Otherwise, we witch leaders are entirely allowed to cast votes and strip you of your rights as the leader of the Witches of Fate."

Alice remained silent in her seat. After a long while, her emotions had calmed down. After she had gotten used to the pressure from the other witches, Alice finally started speaking.

"Witch leaders, I have gathered everyone here to restore the glory of all Northern Witches." Alice stuttered as she spoke.

"Hmph! We are not here to listen to your empty words. Glory? What kind of glory? How are we doing it? You had better begin talking about something more practical!" Dark Witch Circe grunted unhappily.

"A large-sized plane… a large-sized plane that has advanced to that level for no more than a thousand years. This… will it be enough to restore the glory and prosperity of the Northern Witches?" Alice had to adjust her breathing to make her words come out smoothly even while under the pressure of many Spirits.

"A large-sized plane?"

"A large-sized plane…"

The witch leaders were shocked. For the first time, they started expressing a little interest in Alice's suggestion.

"Be clearer. What does this large-sized plane have to do with the Northern Witches?" The one to speak this time was still the Death Witch Khesuna.

Having said that, the Fourth Grade Death Witch waved her hand at Alice and cast an Undead's Protection of her. This way, Alice would be unaffected by the Spiritual pressure of the high-grade witches!

"Thank you, sister Khesuna!" A trace of blood finally returned to Alice's face. She smiled and nodded to Khesuna, "I specially gathered everyone here for the sake of restoring the former might of the Northern Witches. To fulfill this goal, I intend to offer up the coordinates of a large-sized plane that has ascended to that level for no more than a thousand years. I wish to call upon all my sisters to fight our way into that world. If we Northern Witches can take down that plane with our abilities, will we ever need to worry about the issue of rising to prominence?"

The various witch leaders were utterly shocked.

The value of a large-sized plane was so significant that even the people in this hall were hard-pressed to give an approximation.

The coordinates of a small-sized planeworld were currently worth a million magical crystals in the World of Adepts.

It wasn't even a plane that had been conquered. That was the price for an untouched planeworld: one million magical crystals.

Similarly, a mid-sized planeworld's coordinates would be a hundred times that of a small-sized plane.

A large-sized plane?

Its value could not be estimated!

It was important to note that even the World of Adepts was no more than a large-sized plane.

The only difference was that the World of Adepts had developed into a large-sized plane several tens of thousands of years ago. The strength of its natives had grown to their fullest. That gave them a chance to rise and become one of the most powerful planar conquerors in the multiverse.

If what Alice claimed turned out to be true, and the plane that she offered up was indeed an immature planeworld, then there wouldn't be too many Fourth Grade powerhouses in that plane. In that case, while they might not be able to colonize the entire plane completely, the Northern Witches could still obtain a sizeable territory there with the full united force of every single branch. They could then scour the place for resources. That was a feasible plan!

However, why was Alice so willing to offer up these coordinates, given how valuable they were? If the same situation had occurred any other witch leader, they would have hidden the truth and profited from their discovery by themselves. They would lead their own clans to stir trouble in the foreign realm, and never offer to share it with the others.

It was important to note that the final spoils of war were uncertain. No one knew who would profit the most once they shared the coordinates and a portal opened to the new world.

If your luck was terrible, you might run into the armies of the planar natives the moment you broke into the plane. Don't even talk about scouring for resources then; even the army you brought there could be wiped out.

Alice didn't seem to possess an advantage over the rest in this particular point!

The more the witches considered, the more unimaginable the situation felt like to them.

Yet, everyone started having a vague answer when they thought of Alice's current powers.

It was a large-sized plane!

Even if it had only advanced from a mid-sized plane not long ago, its fundamental power was still there. It didn't matter how weak the enemy was. They were not enemies that a bunch of First Grade adepts could knock over.

If a First Grade adept like Alice burst into that world, the most likely outcome for them would be being crushed to death by the enemy like a bedbug. There would be no room for resistance.

As for keeping the coordinates in her hands and going there to find a chance once her powers had increased; this was such a simple thought that it was almost funny.

By the time Alice had grown her fangs, the enemy would probably have developed into a real monster. Then the difference in power of both parties would not be shrinking. Instead, it would be widening at an increasing rate.

That was why Alice offered up this item that she could not lay her hands on. She would go after a more practical and obtainable benefit while doing a favor for the other witches.

The witch leaders' expressions softened when they understood this. For the first time, they felt as if Alice the brat wasn't that bad. Even the cold leader of the Agony Witches had put on a much better expression.

"Alice, if everything you said earlier was true., then how do you intend to prove it? Do you just intend to hand over the coordinates of that world right now?" Death Witch Khesuna was a calm and experienced individual. She was the first to voice her doubts.

"I hope you all can pick two representatives to head to the Tower of Fate. I will hand over the world coordinates there. You can check the validity of the coordinates of said world. However, before everyone is done preparing for the invasion, I wish to keep the world coordinates in my hands alone. What about this plan…" Alice immediately tossed out the idea that she had cooked up after long periods of thinking.

The witch leaders looked at each other and gave it some thought. They found nothing wrong with the idea.

"That is good," Khesuna nodded, "Then sisters, let us cast our votes. Who shall be responsible for the verification of these world coordinates?"

There was no question that the representative had to come from one of the six Fourth-Grade witches. That was why Third Grade Coldwinter Witch Leader Morgana was automatically excluded.

The six Fourth-Grade witches were of the same grade, but they still held different reputations and respect in the group. That was why everyone quickly chose Death Witch Khesuna and Dark Witch Circe without much fuss.

The Pale Witch Sylvia was also a decent candidate. However, before she became the Witch of Fate, Alice had been a member of the Moya Clan, subordinate to the Pale Witches. Thus, to avoid any possibility of collusion, the witch leaders chose Circe, the witch who clashed directly with Alice, as the judge.

However, while everyone had just reached an agreement and were filled with satisfaction, Dark Witch Circe's body suddenly trembled. Black mist filled the s.p.a.ce around her.

"How bold of you, Alice! How dare you send someone into the Black Mystery to take a prisoner away from me. You are seeking your grave."

Circe waved both of her hands and a surge of mysterious shadows immediately wrapped around Alice's body.

Age of Adepts Chapter 477 Large-Sized Plane

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