Age of Adepts Chapter 591

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Chapter 591 A Heroic Duel

Adepts like Endor and Dana had almost no independent combat ability in such a b.l.o.o.d.y and intense battle.

Their combat ability wasn't weak at all. However, their lack of defensive skills and techniques made it hard for them to endure in such a terrifying battlefield. Being unable to persist in the battle meant that they had no chance to unleash their fearsome magical powers.

Thus, the two of them had been staying within the protective circle formed by the Loggers, along with the two snakefiends since the start of the battle. They were using their poison and petrification powers to help the magical machines stabilize the thin defensive line. Meanwhile, Manticore Charon followed after Mary and took to the skies. He was keeping a close eye on the few dragonborn leaders who looked very distinct.

At this point of the battle, no more than eighty dragonborn remained of the original two hundred. Moreover, each of them were wounded and had been separated into small groups of their own. The magical machines had also suffered losses, with their numbers cut down from one hundred and sixty-three to only fifty-seven. Their ability to kill dragonborn was starting to plummet.

However, the magical machines had always been seen as cannon fodder by the adepts, meant to be exhausted in battle and war. As such, the adepts couldn't care less about their losses. Things were different on the other end. The higher-ups of the dragonborn army were agonizing over the deaths of their soldiers.

The commander and his two deputies tried their best to storm out of the dragonborn camp under the protection of a squad of two dozen dragonborn warriors and five dragonborn spellcasters.

Mary stood upon Charon's back in the dark skies. They circled above the survivors of the battle. Her crimson eyes fixated upon Commander Will.

The dragonborn's gaze clashed with the vampire's across the hundred-meter distance. An intangible soul flux rippled across the air.

An otherworldly Second Grade!

Will recognized the enemy's ident.i.ty with a single glance.

He took in that strange magical aura and frowned. He felt as if he had smelled this aura in the past, but things were just too far back into the past. It was somewhat difficult for him to recall the memory.

To dare to challenge him just because she was Second Grade; what incredible confidence this Second Grade had in herself!

Before he could even finish that thought, a commotion rang out amongst the dragonborn warriors in front of him. An intimidating roar rang out, and three dragonborn warriors were blown into the air by a powerful and unstoppable force. A towering and mighty figure revealed itself to everyone.

A humanoid upper body, a dragon's head, dragon-like limbs, and a tail.

This new enemy was a Second Grade dragonborn?

Commander Will felt his world spin uncontrollably at the sight. He couldn't believe his own eyes.

The dragonborn had always been utterly loyal to their rulers; to think there would be one who would join another world and turn upon their own.

If Mary was making Will feel hatred and anger, then the only thing left within Will's heart at the sight of Dragonborn Zacha was endless indignation as well as indescribable heartache and sorrow.


Commander Will waved his thick arms and shoved the dragonborn warriors at his side that were in his way. He roared at Zacha as he charged toward the dragonborn.

"I have no obligation to answer your question," Zacha waved his electric spear about and easily swatted away two dragonborn warriors, "However, I can swear by the bloodline of the dragonborn that I still abide by the pledge of the dragonborn, protecting the master I am supposed to protect."

What did that mean?

Was he intercepting Lady Philippa's dragonborn army under the orders of a dragon lord?

Could it be that other dragon lords aside from Wind Dragon Lord Cherkes were involved in this?

For a moment, many thoughts streaked past the minds of Commander Will and the higher-ups. Sadly, they were fated to not get a proper answer in a battlefield like this.

"Who would've known that you served such a despicable lord. I am speechless. Well then, come! Let me see what kind of great dragonborn warrior a despicable dragon lord could hope to cultivate. Do you dare to fight with me?"

"Fight if you want to. Spare me the words!"

A wicked smile appeared on Zacha's sharp face. Viscuous blood dripped from the electric spear in his hands.

An intense killing intent filled the entire battlefield the moment the two Second Grade dragonborn made up their minds. The surrounding dragonborn warriors stopped fighting and gathered around them with their weapons raised, the blades all pointed toward the center of the battlefield.

The dragonborn warriors slowly started retreating amid a solemn silence, giving the two Second Grade sufficient s.p.a.ce to fight. Deputy Commander Eden opened his mouth multiple times in an attempt to stop this unfair duel. However, he knew his words would have no effect when he saw his old friend's solemn and determined expression.

As such, Eden had no choice but to step back with the other dragonborn warriors dejectedly.

Dragonborn Zacha raised his head and looked to the sky. He sent a mental message to Mary's mind.

"A duel between dragonborn warriors is sacred. I hope you do not interrupt this fight!"

Mary rolled her eyes and pouted when she received the message from Zacha.

What was this? Why did they suddenly break into a duel? Wasn't it supposed to be two of their Second Grades beating down on one enemy Second Grade? Why did the script suddenly go a different way?

Even though Mary wasn't happy about the situation, she knew how much Greem valued Dragonborn Zacha. That was obvious from how much expensive magical equipment Greem had equipped Zacha with. As such, even the usually arrogant Mary couldn't refuse such a serious request from Zacha.

Mary nodded reluctantly and rose higher into the sky on Charon's back, leaving the battlefield behind them.

However, Mary had privately contacted the hidden Oliven and requested that she find a way to save Zacha's life if he were to lose the duel. And this request would be considered part of her battle contributions, regardless of whether she had to help or otherwise!

They ignored the commotion around them.

By the time the two Second Grade dragonborn made up their minds for a duel to the death, their attention and aura were already deeply tangled with each other.

They brandished the weapons in their hands and slowly circled each other around the battlefield. Both their eyes and attention were fixed upon each other. Any change in their Spirits or aura would invite a storm of an a.s.sault from the opponent.

Thus, they kept their Spirits to themselves, concentrating it and retracted into their consciousness, not giving the enemy any opportunity in this tense and stalemated standoff.

No one knew who it was that first revealed their killing intent, but both dragonborn raised the weapons in their hands at the same time. They charged ferociously at each other and clashed in the middle of the battlefield.

There was the dull thud of metal against metal.

The electric spear collided with the metal axe. A violent lightning storm clashed with a ravaging volcano. An elementium explosion detonated in the center of the battlefield.

Four hundred and sixty-seven points!

The violent attacks of the two dragonborn warriors combined and let off an explosion of no less than four hundred and sixty points. An attack of this strength would have been enough to instantly exterminate Mary if it had landed on her.

What use was the powerful regeneration of the vampires if their entire body was instantly minced to pieces?

Explosive-style warriors were truly powerful!

They lacked mobility and could be easily kited to death by spellcasters, but their instantaneous explosion of power at melee range was even stronger than elementium adepts.

Even Greem couldn't compare to Zacha in this aspect!

The two dragonborn didn't separate after the fight started.

They fought at melee range, their weapons charged with unbridled elementium power, regularly applying heavy pressure upon the enemy. Dragonborn Zacha was rapidly moving about as his weapons collided and clinked with Will's. Zacha circled Will using the agility provided to him by the wind elementium, occasionally lunging at Will and resuming the fight once again.

Will, on the other hand, had inherited the powers of fire.

Every blow and counterattack of his was accompanied by blinding magical fires that shrouded his body and axe. The flames would either burn or cause a magical backlash to Zacha, constantly interrupting Zacha's movements and attacks.

However, the lightning powers shrouding Dragonborn Zacha were not simple either. They caused a quick instant of paralysis every time they spread to Will's body.

Dragonborn Zacha was younger in comparison and possessed stronger Physique and will. Dragonborn Will might be older, but he clearly had more skill in combat and experience in fighting.

Both fighters had their advantages and disadvantages. They were both physically intimidating, causing the fight between them to be subdued yet wild and primitive. Their wounds increased with the pa.s.sage of time, slowly covering the entirety of their bodies.

If these were only ordinary wounds, their Physique would have allowed them to quickly heal within two minutes, even if they were fifty-centimeter gashes. Sadly, both of their weapons possessed strong elementium powers. Consequently, their wounds would split apart in a sudden explosion of energy the moment they healed.

The only difference was that Zacha's wounds were erupting with flashes of red light, while Will's injuries were erupting with blue arcs of electricity.

These minor wounds would never be able to truly heal until the foreign energy attached to them were neutralized.

However, who could take the time to take care of such an 'insignificant' matter in the heat of such an intense and b.l.o.o.d.y battle?!

Blood flowed, and warriors roared. Both dragonborn were drenched in blood, yet they continued to circle and hack at each other.

The duel between the leaders of both parties quickly attracted the attention of all the dragonborn. They slowly stopped their own battles and gathered around the site of the duel to cheer for their commander.

It was at this moment that Mary found Poison Witch Endor. A secret conversation happened between the two.

"Is that dragonborn infected with poison?"

"He is… but it seems he used his bloodline powers to suppress the poison."

"Then do you have any way to trigger the poison? Remember, you have to make it seem as if the poison activated on its own, and not by an external influence."

"Don't worry, Lady Mary! Lord Greem once pa.s.sed me a unique Aggressive Poison rune. It will not be suspicious at all."

"Very good. Find the best possible opportunity to do it later. We cannot leave the hope of victory in the hands of uncertain fate. Go ahead…"

Age of Adepts Chapter 591

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