Age of Adepts Chapter 807 The Battle Concludes

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The Shackles of War!

Greem couldn't help but raise his head and let out a long sigh.

As a Second Grade adept himself, Greem had heard of this powerful adept's war equipment.

It might not look like much, but it was true Fourth Grade magical equipment. Moreover, it was terrifying planar law equipment.

Enemies that were chained by these shackles had almost no chance of escaping. There was no breaking free from the bonds of the shackles before exterminating the one that held it in their hands.


While Greem silently appreciated the magnificent fight between the Fourth Grades and slaughtered the dragonborn, a deafening roar rang out from somewhere nearby.

Greem turned around and saw a b.l.o.o.d.y dragon covered with wounds. If it weren't for his familiar profile and his damaged bright blue scales, Greem would never have been able to recognize the Third Grade thunder dragon.

Arms roared and charged out of the battlefield. He dove into the collapsed palace and let out a furious roar at the terrifying corpse dragon.

It was only at this moment that Greem noticed the b.l.o.o.d.y dragon beneath the corpse dragon's thick and sharp claw. He couldn't tell if the dragon was dead or alive. Judging by its slender figure and the strange emerald scales, this should be Third Grade Emerald Dragon Iritina.

However, at this moment, she no longer possessed any of her former beauty. She looked as terrible as possible!

Of the two pretty and elegant horns on her head, the left was completely gone, while only half of the right remained. Copious amounts of purple blood were flowing out of her wounds, completely covering her face and body.

Wounds of various sizes covered her slender body; not a single scale could be seen on these large injuries. In fact, b.l.o.o.d.y tendons and white bones beneath the flesh were exposed for all to see. Furthermore, a shroud of death energy was still clinging onto the wounds.

Iritina's flesh was rotting to the corrosion of death energy at a visible rate, turning green and gray, void of all its former life energy.

"Let go of Iritina. Hand over my Iritina…" Arms, just as badly wounded, rushed at the Fourth Grade corpse dragon and started roaring in fury.

The corpse dragon might be severely wounded, but it cared not for the provocations of a Third Grade dragon. It continued to press on the dying Iritina with its heavy claw while raising its head to glare sinisterly at the eager thunder dragon.

The battle in the sky was still raging on, just as intense as before. However, this corpse dragon had its flying ability taken away from it and couldn't rejoin the fight above. After some thought, Greem appeared beside Arms with a Fire Teleportation.

"My lord, according to the agreement signed between Lady Khesuna and me, this emerald dragon is my target. I must trouble you to hand her over. Furthermore, the battle on the ground has not ended yet. Shouldn't you lend us a helping hand to prevent these dragonborn from interrupting the plan?"

As the undead mount of Fourth Grade Death Witch Khesuna, the corpse dragon undoubtedly possessed extremely high intelligence. It let out a breath of cold mist in response to the request of an adept of the same faction before speaking, "Little adept, don't try and fool the great Artest with your little tricks. It's true that this little Third Grade dragon is yours; here you go. Meanwhile, the small fries over there are your job. Don't come and bother me."

The corpse dragon lifted its claw and tossed the emerald dragon over to Greem and Arms.

Greem's face turned pale. He was about to teleport away in the face of the dragon cras.h.i.+ng toward him.

Fortunately, Thunder Dragon Arms had been waiting to the side. He leaped forward and caught Iritina with his thick front limbs and wings. After lightly placing her on the ground, Arms started to deal with the shroud of death energy on Iritina's body.

A few careful lightning breaths later, the death energy was gone. However, Arms couldn't do anything about the death energy that had seeped into her organs.

The dragons simply had magical resistances and regenerative abilities that were too powerful. That caused most low-grade recovery potions to be useless on them. Only high-grade potions had a chance of working on them.

Then again, with the nature of the dragons, how could they possibly be carrying healing potions with them everywhere they went?!

Arms circled the unconscious Iritina several times. He suddenly understood the situation and turned to crouch before Greem, looking at the adept with eyes full of expectations. He looked much more like a begging pug shaking its tail than a Third Grade dragon!


Love was truly blind!

Even a Third Grade dragon couldn't avoid it!

Greem exclaimed in his mind. He couldn't deal with Arms' cute begging. He had no choice but to take out a small vial filled with a jade green liquid and started tossing it in his hand.

Arms immediately recognized the green liquid br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life energy. It was a vial of Moonwater, which was the holy water of the forest elves and possessed powerful healing properties. Iritina was also a forest dragon and could make full use of the Moonwater's effect.

Still crouching on the ground, Arms opened his eyes even wider and the wagging of the dragon tail intensified. Still, with the terrifying dust clouds he was setting off, ordinary creatures couldn't even deal with a fawning dragon like himself.

"Are you sure you want to treat her right now?" Greem continued tossing the potion about as a gentle, devilish smile appeared on his face, "Are you sure you have the ability to keep her in check if she recovers now? Do you think she can still live if she still insists on saving the Wings of Azure Skies and ends up interfering with the witches' plan?"

This series of questions kept Arms on the ground. Tears had welled up in the eyes of the Third Grade thunder dragon, and his tail stopped wagging entirely.

"Don't worry. With the Physique of dragons, there is no way she dies from these wounds," Greem continued speaking, "As long as we can end this battle quickly, we can bring her back to the metal fortress; treating her will be a matter of a single potion! However, before that, shouldn't you be doing something for me as well?"

The Third Grade thunder dragon roared softly and instantly got up from the ground. He ignored the heavy wounds on his body and charged wildly into the ranks of the Second Grade dragonborn warriors.

With a Third Grade thunder dragon as their main force, the pressure on Greem and the others was immediately cut in half.

Without any threat to their lives, Greem and the others could focus their attention on maximizing their profit from this fight. They had been striking with all they had in their previous engagements out of fear that their attacks weren't violent enough to stave off the attacks of the Second Grade dragonborn warriors. However, they changed their tune now. They started to carefully protect these Second Grade dragonborn as best as they could.

One by one, the Second Grade dragonborn warriors collapsed to the ground beneath Thunder Dragon Arms' reckless strikes and bites, left with broken bodies and shattered limbs. Greem and his group immediately charged forward and knocked these dragonborn out before carefully transferring them to a safer location.

In just fifteen minutes, Arms and the adepts had managed to deal with thirty-nine Second Grade dragonborn.

Greem went back and checked on the Third Grade dragonborn leader after the battle concluded. He was surprised to find that he wasn't dead and thus moved the dragonborn to a safe location as well.

While they were having fun doing their work here, the Fourth Grades in the sky were already engaged in intense combat.

However, Greem and the others had no chance of watching the battle unfold with the speed and strength of these powerhouses. These Fourth Grade elites often flew several kilometers in the blink of an eye. They had moved between a dozen different locations of battle since the start of the fight. The entire battlefield spanned hundreds of kilometers.

Greem had secretly let out a few dozen apprentice-level wind critters. Unfortunately, they either couldn't catch up with the speed of the Fourth Grades or were crushed to pieces by the shockwaves from the battle.

That allowed Greem to understand once again that a Fourth Grade battlefield was not one that he could partic.i.p.ate in at the moment!

Greem no longer cared about the result of the battle between the witches and the dragon. He started an immediate excavation of the collapsed Fourth Grade dragon lair after dealing with most of the dragonborn warriors.

Several strong stone golems were summoned and made to remove the rubble and collapsed buildings. Bit by bit, they dug toward the depths of the lair. No one knew what benefits Greem had secretly promised the corpse dragon, but it also pa.s.sionately helped out with the looting.

Greem could sense the ferocity and wildness of the Death Witches' a.s.sault throughout the digging process. All the magical traps along the way had been activated. Many of the wounds on the Fourth Grade corpse dragon were probably related to this as well.

It was due to the corpse dragon's wild and reckless advance that the two witches had been able to charge into Krille's chambers so quickly. The dragon had clearly been unprepared for battle when they entered.

With Corpse Dragon Artest leading them at the front, Greem and the others dug their way to the Fourth Grade dragon's chamber without any mistakes. When all of the dirt and bricks had been moved away, Greem and the other adepts were instantly dazzled by the blinding brilliance.

The wealth of a Fourth Grade dragon was too shocking!

Greem might have made a mental estimate in the past. However, after what he had witnessed today, Greem had no choice but to admit that poverty had truly limited his imagination!

His eyes couldn't help but water when he saw the sea of gold coins and the countless treasures buried beneath it.

I'm rich!

Age of Adepts Chapter 807 The Battle Concludes

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