Age of Adepts Chapter 81

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Within the soil, the Demon Alligator Hunter was traveling at high speed.

After they went past the lightning trap, the unusual interference affecting the Earth Elementium had disappeared.

In order to save their life, Greem had no choice but to give up his Rock Snake. He had ordered it to trap the super frightening Thunder element Pseudo-Adept, while he secretly summoned the Demon Alligator Hunter. He then brought Mary and fled for their life.

Currently, Mary couldn’t be referred to as a human. She seemed to be more like dark charcoal just pulled out from the fire.

All of her skin was charred. Countless ashes would peel off with just a slight touch. Once the charred ashes had peeled off, her steaming hot, half-baked flesh was exposed. Apparently, the high heat brought by the raging electricity had killed most of Mary’s bones and flesh.

If it was any other ordinary human, a severe injury like would have long since killed the person!

However, Mary had proved herself as a Bloodline apprentice who had gone through a mutation. Her vampire bloodline had gifted her with an amazing ability. As long as her heart core wasn’t destroyed, her soul would be maintained intact. Within her charred and cooked body, a weak soul aura could still be sensed.

“Chip, scan Mary’s current condition. Provide me with the most reliable treatment!” Although Greem’s heart was trembling, his voice was still calm and cold.

“Beep, scanning commence… Warning! Warning! The survival rate of the target is less than 7%. The core consciousness has shown signs of damage… Warning! Warning! Target’s life aura is deteriorating. If this is not treated then the heart core will start to break down…”

“Don’t tell me all this c.r.a.p! Just give me the best solution!” Greem interrupted impatiently.

“Blood, a huge amount of blood… The target has the body const.i.tution of a mutated vampire. As long as the target is provided with sufficient blood, it will survive. Even if the entire body is disintegrated, as long the target’s core consciousness touches fresh blood, they would be able to rise once again!”


Greem shook his head, cursing inwardly at his own stupidity. Mary was a vampire, what else could save her apart from blood?

“Change our course immediately. Find me a region where there are abundant underground creatures. Quick!”

A couple of minutes later, at a colony of green-skinned Goblins, the giant body of Demon Alligator Hunter suddenly emerged from the ground.

Green-skinned Goblins were a subspecies of demi-humans and had the average height of one meter. Their green skin was as tough as cow leather, and they had a pair of donkey-like big ears. Their diet consisted of everything and anything. To be specific, in this Underground World, apart from rock and dirt, they could eat almost everything.

But, as their individual strength was extremely weak, they had the habit of living in groups.

In this Underground World, these Goblins were at the bottom of the food chain. However, they were widely distributed and had the largest population out of everything. Their biggest characteristic was their ability to eat anything. They also had an incredible rate of reproduction.

Normally, such weak creatures wouldn’t be able to survive in this harsh environment. Despite this, they could be found in every region of the Underground World. The reason was actually rather simple.

Food was a rare resource in Underground World, and it was extremely tough to find a stable source of food. Therefore, these Goblins were bred like livestock by the other underground creatures. When they lacked food to survive, they would come to a colony of Goblins and eat one or two in order to cure their hunger.

To be honest, the meat of these Goblins was tough and bitter. It also came with a stinking smell that was hard to get rid of. Therefore, unless the hunger really drove them nuts, no underground creature would be willing to torture their stomach like that.

Perhaps, this was the main reason why Goblins never went extinct.

But today, this colony of Goblins had been struck with a great misfortune!

Within a narrow cave, over one hundred Goblins were gathered in their camp cooking some ‘delicacies’. The shabby condition of this camp looked absolutely hopeless. Besides from the crushed rocks scattered around the place, the only other things present were countless piles of dirt. Even though there was a tent found in this place, it was just a dirty cloth. It was supported by a wooden stick, and no one could tell its original color.

This was a tent that even the homeless guys in the human society wouldn’t step into. But it was, in fact, the home of the Goblin who had the most prestigious status: the clan chief!

It was dinner time for these Goblins. Goblins, who had gone out hunting, had returned to their base. They chattered on their way and threw their spoils (which were things like wall lizards and other small insects) into the large stone pot in the middle of the camp. The fire was burning brightly under the stock pot. The color of the liquid inside of the pot looked green and muddy. In addition, countless strange objects were seen floating inside of this nasty liquid.

There were bones of unknown origin, strange-colored chunks of meat from unknown creatures, sharp teeth of demon beasts, small bugs that were struggling and crying violently and pale white eyeb.a.l.l.s that looked really frightening…

A few Goblins were standing on a platform, holding a wooden stick in their hands. These goblins kept stirring the bottom of the stone pot, bringing up many unknown objects from it. This was a pot of meat filled with poison and harmful ingredients, however, to these goblins, it was the most sought after ‘delicacy’ of the day.

Countless Goblins held a stone bowl in their hands and gathered around the bonfire. There were pus.h.i.+ng each other and trying to fight for the forefront position while waiting for the arrival of their clan chief. As the chief of Goblins, it was natural that he held the right of enjoying this ‘delicacy’ first.

Therefore, right in the middle of this noisy scene, the Demon Alligator Hunter made its debut.

Greem carried Mary in his arms and squeezed out from Demon Alligator. He coldly gazed at this ugly scene, saying with a low voice, “Kill them all!”

After saying that, he ignored everything and walked away.

After finding a rather clean place, Greem gently placed Mary on the ground.

Just this gentle movement alone had made countless pieces of ashes fall off from Mary’s charred body.

Greem pulled out a dagger from his waist, poking it into Mary’s chest without hesitation. He cut away her half-baked flesh while paying no attention to the steaming heat. Greem pushed aside her flesh, exposing the dying ‘heart’ within her chest.

This was Mary’s heart and was also where her core conscious stayed.

As long as her core conscious was still intact, even if her body was badly mutilated, she could still regenerate through the method of rising from the blood.

After exposing Mary’s heart, Greem cut his wrist without the slightest hesitation. As soon as his blood dripped onto the withered heart, a small amount of vitality was instantly brought to it. The once pale and earthy yellow flesh instantly turned red. Tiny blood vessels started to regrow like tree branches from the flesh, stretching out crazily.

Soon, these blood vessels formed into a thin layer of blood film and covered the entire heart. They kept stretching outward, following the dripping of Greem’s blood, and moved to all the other parts of her body like some strange-looking tentacles.

With incredible speed, Mary’s heart soon restored its original look.

The blood was still dripping. Whenever each drop of blood hit her heart, it would be absorbed instantly. Finally, following a light pumping sound, Mary’s heart had once again resumed its pumping motion.

“Blood, I need more blood…”

Mary’s charred lips moved, exposing the dark and red flesh inside her mouth.The hungry moaning of Mary could be heard coming from her throat.

His blood was far from enough!

“Why is it taking so long!?” Greem roared with a deep voice.

Meanwhile, the Goblin camp was in a state of chaos. Blood was being spilt everywhere.

Using its Quake spell, the Demon Alligator had collapsed the entrance to this cave and was moving its ma.s.sive body around. It was using the Spike spell to slaughter these green-skinned creatures. The Hunter had separated itself from Demon Alligator and strode to Greem. It was carrying a long dirt spear in its hand, which had two Goblins hanging off the tip of it.

The Hunter waved its hand. It revealed a half a meter deep hole in the ground. It then it ripped apart the Goblin’s body and threw it into the edge of the hole. Following that, a huge amount of blue blood sprayed out from the broken body of Goblins. The bottom of the hole started to turn wet and muddy.

The Demon Alligator handled the task of slaughtering, while the Hunter worked on draining blood from the Goblins. Within just a few minutes, the hole was fully filled with blue colored blood. Meanwhile, a large pile of dead bodies was seen at the edge of the hole. It was made up of all sorts of strange-looking Goblin corpses.

Greem carefully placed Mary’s body into the blood pool. Soon, her body was completely covered, and the pool of blood started to boil violently.

The level of blood pool was lowering fast.

“Hurry! I need more blood!”

Urged by Greem, more Goblins were thrown to the edge of the pool. The blue colored blood flew over the ground like water. The blood that was being injected into the pool was just enough to support the consumption of Mary’s resurrection.

Fifteen minutes later, the sound of water splas.h.i.+ng rung throughout the hole. A naked and perfectly-curved female body flew out from the blood pool and started hovering in the sky.

An obvious look of confusion appeared on Mary’s face, who was just raised from the dead. She suddenly opened up her greenish eyes, looking around in a confused manner. Her fair and silky smooth skin radiated with a brilliant glow. Her s.e.xy body looked tender charming, seductive and delicious, all at the same time!

She blinked her eyes and spent a few moments trying to recall her memories. Soon, Mary had remembered everything.

“You… You’re Greem? I… I’m Mary!”

Within just three seconds, the same Mary had returned.

“d.a.m.n it, how can you use such dirty blood to resurrect me!? b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don’t you know I hate the blood of low-grade creatures the most?” Before Greem could come forth and greet her, Mary sniffed and immediately began screaming and complaining.

Ugh… fine, Greem had no choice but to admit that he had too little understanding regarding the Vampire. He found that the combination of both vampire and woman made for the most frightening combination under the heavens. It made it a mysterious creature that was extremely hard to predict!

“Welcome back! Thank you!” With utmost sincerity, Greem stepped up and bowed. His words carried two meanings, and the actual meanings could only be understood by the both of them.

If it were not for Mary protecting the fragile Greem in the previous battle, Mary would have been able to go through the lightning trap by herself easily. However, she chose to use everything she had to protect Greem. This caused her to gain the most severe injury she had ever had. It was so serious that even her core consciousness was nearly broken.

Greem wasn’t a cold man whose heart made from stone. He was truly touched by Mary’s action. But, as an Apprentice Adept who had to maintain their calm and merciless behaviour at all times, he preferred to hide his true emotions deep in his heart. He would only bring them out when they were alone and lonely.

Therefore, with regards to Mary’s decision of saving his life with her own life, Greem could only express his true feelings with two simple words: Thank you!

Age of Adepts Chapter 81

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