Age of Adepts Chapter 842 Are You Finished Yet?

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Chapter 842 Are You Finished Yet?

Yurga had just comprehended the origins of the golems while the two towering Flame Fiends were already roaring and charging at him.

Moreover, a small flame portal suddenly opened deep in the sea of fire. Countless low-grade fire creatures rushed out from within and sped towards the Third Grade adept alongside the Flame Fiends.

Yurga's face darkened.

The fire adept seemed to have realized his weakness. He knew that this Death Gaze imposed an immense burden on him as well. Firing this beam four or five times during an ordinary battle was no issue. However, shooting them at a high frequency was an unbearable burden on Yurga as well.

Even Yurga didn't dare to face the storm of fireb.a.l.l.s and meteors head on. His body scattered, erupting into a flock of red-eyed crow as he quickly escaped the tide of spells' range.

As a Third Grade adept, he could not tolerate being chased around by a group of lowly elementium creatures.

He reformed three hundred meters away and let out a roar. The black mist around him instantly gathered into a ma.s.sive silhouette of a Death-Heralding Crow. A crimson eye opened on the figure and looked at the elementals in the distance.

Like a reaper come to life or ghosts seeking vengeance, an image of a small Death-Heralding Crow appeared on the heads of all the fire creatures. The images then let out a haunting shriek.

All the fire creatures froze before exploding where they stood!

In all honesty, the magnificent sight of several hundreds of otherworldly fire creatures exploding at once was breathtaking. Though the most powerful of these fire creatures were only First Grade, most of them were at the intermediate apprentice level; Adept Yurga managed to wipe them out in a single move.

That indirectly demonstrated the terror of a Third Grade adept!

Greem was slowly moving on the other end of the field.

After the trials and tribulations of the Fire Elementium Plane, his fire affinity had reached an extremely high level. If it weren't for the limits of his own grade, he might have even higher fire affinity than some fire creatures in certain aspects.

It was this unique trait of his soul that allowed Greem to a.s.similate his body of flames into the sea of fire and rely on its chaotic aura to hide him. Thus, he had successfully evaded the spiritual senses and scans of Adept Yurga.

However, hiding like this was not a viable long-term plan either. Once Yurga extinguished all the flames or spread eyes throughout the area, he would be able to pick up on Greem's position using the weak mental fluctuations Greem gave off.

When that happened, Greem would not be able to last ten seconds before Yurga's fearsome Death Gaze.

Even at the heat of battle, Greem didn't dare to show himself. He simply relied on the reserves of magical golems he had stored ahead of time, and the Fire Summoning provided by the Fire Throne set to wear out Yurga.

The two Flame Fiends had not died with the fire creatures.

Such large areof-effect eye magic was still too scattered. It had no problems killing the low-grade fire creatures. However, it was still insufficient when used against two intermediate Second Grade Flame Fiends.

Yurga furiously charged close to the Flame Fiends, enduring their attacks as he did so. He then used two sizzling beams of Death Gaze to deal with them as well.

"Kehkehkeh. d.a.m.ned brat, you think you can rely on these unqualified elementium golems to beat a Third Grade adept? You…"

Yurga, who had now exterminated all the enemies in sight, hovered in the smoking air. As he boldly insulted his opponent in hiding, two familiar and furious roars rang out from deep within the fires.

Two tall Flame Fiends stepped out of the sea of fire with rumbling steps. They roared and rushed forward as they wildly threw magma fireb.a.l.l.s at Yurga.

Da…dammit, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d still had elementium golems of this grade?

At this moment, it wasn't just Yurga who was shocked. Even the spectating adepts and Adept Laurent were almost driven mad at the sight of what was happening.

G.o.d! Was it in vogue to smash people with magical crystals these days? Those fighting in the arena weren't elementium golems; they were piles of walking magical crystals. Using such an expensive mountain of magical crystals to compete with an enemy and having them be destroyed in a single instant, one by one; the immense psychological impact to the master of these golems wouldn't be any smaller than what the enemy was dealing with!

This…this was already the fifth or sixth one, wasn't it?

That was probably more than a million magical crystals added together, right?

Anyone would have to put their hand to their heart when they imagined a million magical crystals gone with the wind, just like that.

As expected, just a minute later, the two new Flame Fiends had been reduced to rubble, their soul brands smashed to pieces.

The instant the two Flame Fiends were killed, a flash of fire appeared in the sea of fire and roars rang out. Another two towering figures stood up from within.

"d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Are you finished yet?"

At this instant, even Yurga, who thought himself a calm and composed person, couldn't help but swear.

The spectating adepts had opened their eyes and mouths wide in shock. None of them could believe their eyes. Meanwhile, the apprentices had been counting their fingers and helping that young fire adept clan leader count his losses since the start of the battle.

A million magical crystals. That was a million magical crystals!

The apprentices shouted in their hearts and minds, roaring furiously.

They gripped their fists tight as their bodies trembled. For the first time, they felt the limits of their logic.

If…if those million magical crystals were theirs. That image, that scene; it must be unimaginably wondrous!

These one million magical crystals were more than enough to buy the loyalty of a few desperate adepts, along with a large group of fearless apprentices. Yet now, with the repeated blasts of Death Gaze, these mountains of magical crystals around them were collapsing into dust and their dreams along with them.

For a moment, countless adepts and apprentices in the arena became disappointed and disillusioned!

Even Mary and Billis were a bit shocked at the sight of this, let alone the outsiders.

Dammit, a duel could be dealt with this way?

In particular, Bug Adept Billis couldn't help but start counting his fingers and calculating how many insects he would need to kill a Flame Fiend.

A swarm probably wasn't enough!

The offensive and defensive power of a swarm were still too weak. It would have trouble getting close to the Flame Fiends who had their Rings of Fire. A Flame Fiend wouldn't even need to fight. They just needed to activate the Ring of Fire, and they would be able to roast most of the swarm.

In comparison, only the First and Second Grade insect generals could break through the Flame Fiend's sh.e.l.l to break the golem core within.

Given his current number of insect generals and their overall power, killing a Flame Fiend was still possible. However, he would have to pay the price of losing half of his insect generals to do this. If he went all out, killing two Flame Fiends who were working in tandem with each other was still possible.

However, he would have to prepare himself to lose all his insect generals and all of his swarm!

Yet, two Flame Fiends appeared to be nothing to that strange clan leader of his. Just look at it. Look at it! The seventh and eight Flame Fiends were roaring and appearing once again!

For a moment, for some reason, Billis felt a bit of sympathy for that Third Grade Adept Yurga, who had been 'dominating' the entire battle.

His luck was just completely in the gutter!

Mary also let out a sigh of relief.

The danger was resolved, and a chance for victory had appeared for her lover. Naturally, her mood had turned around.

“Very good, very good. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d Greem. You had such a trick up your sleeves, and you didn't tell me ahead of time? You made me cry for nothing all this while. Hmph! Just you wait and see how I'll deal with you once we get back home."

Meanwhile, the white-robed Adept Laurent started frowning.

Dammit, how did those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the information department do their job? How did they manage to fail to gather such vital information on the target? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yurga, has your brain been eaten by a dog? Stop tussling with those brainless elementium golems and hurry up and find the brat.

Unfortunately, regardless of how he cried internally, the situation in the arena had already been unimaginably turned around!

When the seventh and eighth Flame Fiends fell before Yurga, the ninth and tenth Flame Fiends appeared out of thin air.

At this point, the spectating adepts and apprentices had overcome the psychological shock as their thoughts were back and working on the fight.

They shouted and cheered vigorously as they watched with excitement at how the Third Grade adept destroyed the piles of magical crystals again and again, before watching new piles of magical crystals roar and arrive in the arena.

They no longer cared about the outcome of the battle. They were simply curious how many magical crystals this legendary fire adept clan leader was prepared to use to crush this Third Grade adept. Two million, or three million?

It was this odd thought process that caused all the adepts and apprentices to place bizarre wagers on Yurga within their own minds.

"Nineteen of them."


"I say sixteen. Can't you see that Adept Yurga is already panting? I bet he can take him down with sixteen elementium golems."

"Hmph! What do you know? Panting just means he's furious. Any adept can show an explosion of potential in a duel of life and death. That's why I'll bet twenty-one!"

Some more acquainted adepts and apprentices even started gathering together and began wagering.

Just as they were all excitedly pretending to be 'experts' at a.n.a.lysis, the battle took an unexpected turn.

The new Flame Fiends started self-destructing when they charged at Yurga!

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Age of Adepts Chapter 842 Are You Finished Yet?

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