Age of Adepts Chapter 887 - Battle in the Mines

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Chapter 887 Battle in the Mines

Three days later.

An intimate scene was happening in a finely furnished bedroom.

The two naked bodies, one male and one female, were tightly intertwined as they fought with all they had.

“So good, so good…babe, you are the best!”

Freina’s white and naked body was now covered in beads of sweat. Her voice was even somewhat hoa.r.s.e from all the shouting. Greem, who was still as energetic as before, would occasionally apply fire resistance on her before transforming into the large and powerful Flame Fiend form.

The sudden increase in size from his transformation almost ‘tortured’ Freina to the brink of death. The intense heat that seeped right into her heart gave her an entirely different feeling. If she didn’t have her powers as a Second Grade adept, and if she were any other witch or apprentice, she would never have been able to endure the ‘punishment’ that this legendary adept Greem was doling out.

Yet, just as the two were at the height of their interaction, a red light entered the room and ran into Greem’s red barrier, where it circled about helplessly.

“It’s…it’s my companion’s…message. Let me see what it is.” Freina shouted with some difficulty, her eyes almost entirely rolled back into her head.

Greem opened a rift in the barrier, and the red light lunged toward Freina before turning into a strange rune slowly rotating as it hovered in the air.

“Freina, I don’t care what you are doing right now. Hurry up and come to Mine Three. That flaming tiger…” An urgent male voice reached their ears. However, it was clear that his situation was bad, as his words were interrupted by a deafening tiger’s roar.

The rune also silently dispersed before their gaze!

Dammit, it’s that flaming tiger.

As one of the executives of Molten Fire City, Freina naturally had an obligation over the safety of the mines. Upon hearing the emergency there, she immediately broke free of Greem’s embrace and hurriedly departed after putting on her clothes.

Greem first revealed a strange smile before slowly putting on his own clothes and walking toward the bottom levels of the city.

Six to seven days in Molten Fire City was enough for Greem to gain a thorough understanding of every blade of gra.s.s and piece of wood here.

Greem smelled the thick scent of blood in the air the moment he arrived in the bottom levels of the city. He also sensed the hot air pressing against his face.

The cries and screams of humans were everywhere.

Large groups of slaves struggled as they climbed out of the depths of the tunnels, their bodies, hands, and faces, all filled with blisters and scorch marks. In fact, there were even people who ran out of from the tunnels still fully on fire and burning to death. These people fell onto the ground soon but continued to shriek and howl in agony.

It was an unbearable sight to behold!

Though there were many adepts in the hall, no one paid any attention to these slave miners, nor would any of them cast their magic to heal them. Their attention was concentrated on the interior of the mine, their hands gripping their instant-cast wands and scrolls tightly and preparing to fight at any time.

These adepts stationed in the mines immediately let out a breath of relief when they saw Greem arrive from the higher levels. Two of them quickly went forward and greeted him.

“Lord Greem, you’ve come.”

“What’s the situation inside the mine? Where’s Lord Karak and Lord Dorian?” Though Greem already knew the situation here perfectly, he still feigned ignorance and asked the question.

“Lord Karak and Lord Dorian have already entered the mines. Lady Freina also just entered.” One of the adept in charge of this location hastily explained, “Lord Karak said before he entered that if you and Lady Yunid arrived, you should hurry inside to help them!”

Even though Molten Fire City had been courteous and respectful to Greem over these few days, they had never allowed him to set a single foot inside the mines. That was why Greem remained extremely curious about Mine Three, which was where the eternium ores were produced.

Just then, the ugly Adept Yunid also hurried over.

“Shall we go down and take a look?” Greem asked.

Yunid nodded without any hesitation.

The two of them came to the entrance of the mine and were instantly met with a warm heat wave surging out of the tunnel.

Greem lifted his hand, and a barrier of fire appeared around the two of them.

In the blink of an eye, the powerful heat waves turned into a warm, gentle breeze.

The winding tunnel before them was four meters wide and three meters tall. There were no decorations on the walls or the floor, and the exposed surfaces were simply the tough volcanic rock. However, one could faintly see the gleam of metal in the uneven rock walls with the illumination of the fire.

They were the metal particles mixed in the rocks!

The two adepts had only made it a hundred steps into the mine before a flood of viscous red lava obstructed their path. It was apparent that the lower half of the entire mine was now submerged in lava.

While the two of them hesitated, the lava before them bubbled intensely. The battle inside was clearly still ongoing. Moreover, it seemed to be a very intense fight!

“Since we are here, we might as well go down and see what’s happening!” This time, Yunid was the one to speak first.

Greem smiled and walked in front of her.

A ma.s.sive flame suddenly ignited on his tall body as, in a single instant, he transformed into a nearly translucent flame humanoid.

Silently, he stepped into the lava. Not a single bubble rose from him diving into the lava, almost like a drop of water falling into a pond, leaving no traces behind.

This place was the best battlefield for a fire adept.

Adept Yunid exclaimed in her heart before erecting a defensive barrier to keep the lava outside. She then strode into the depths of the lava tunnel.

The crimson lava split before her eyes, sliding past the two sides of her transparent barrier. The immensely hot lava clashed with the s.h.i.+eld, causing this sealing master of the south to feel a bit of pressure. Moreover, the deeper she went into the tunnel, the higher and more apparent the pressure.

In the end, Yunid was still a Third Grade witch. This bit of pressure wouldn’t be able to stop her. Moreover, with Greem advancing through the lava before her, she did not need to worry about her safety and could concentrate solely on repelling the lava.

Greem suddenly stopped at a large fork in the path.

It was an underground hall. It used to be filled with all sorts of furniture, and a small pile of ores had also been placed in the corner of the room. However, at this moment, all of the items were submerged in boiling lava. All things wooden had vanished without a trace, with only a few unique items barely being able to survive the lava.

Freina struggled and escaped from one of the entrances here. She hurriedly and joyously ran toward Greem when he saw the flame humanoid he had turned into.

It had only been fifteen minutes since they parted, yet Freina was already covered in moderately severe wounds.

Her hot and seductive body was now covered in scorch marks. Three black claw marks scarred her pretty face. All of her exposed skin was also covered in blisters and burns.

Judging by her stumbling gait, it seemed that she was even more severely injured than she looked.

Greem hurried forward to grab her before patting her on the back. A strange magical power surged forth and instantly dispelled all of the flames on her body. In fact, the fire poison that had entered into Freina’s body also turned into sparks of fire and slowly dispersed into the air.

A large air bubble instantly enveloped Freina, allowing her to float within the lava.

“Lord Karak is fighting with the tiger in Mine Three. Lord Dorian’s gone to activate the array. Lord Greem, you must help Lord Karak.” Freina saw Greem as a savior and grabbed his flame hand and shook it.

“I understand. You go out first!”

Greem nodded and slapped the bubble with his hand. The air bubble then flew outward through the tunnel, with Freina inside it.

“It seems Lord Greem makes friends really fast!” Adept Yunid chuckled softly before pa.s.sing by Greem and diving into Mine 3.

There was a faint smile on Greem’s face as he followed after.

The location where Karak and the tiger were fighting was two hundred meters below Mine Three.

Here, inside a somewhat wider tunnel, two Third Grades of different races were fighting with all their strength.

Karak was now standing in the corner of the tunnel, his back against a stone wall. He waved a small and delicate magical dagger in his hand, fending off the attacks of the tiger that were coming from every direction. The jade green gemstone on his forehead continued to let out ripples of green halos that rapidly polluted everything around him.

It was obvious that Karak was not the match of the Third Grade flaming tiger in melee combat. Still, the tiger appeared to be wary of the short dagger he was waving in his hands and didn’t dare to press forward too aggressively.

The two parties squared off against each other intensely with such attacks and parries, trying to break the stalemate.

Greem and Yunid’s arrival triggered the tiger’s senses. He let out a roar as a ma.s.sive wave of fire surged toward the two adepts, while he lunged at Karak.

Karak seemed to be prepared for the tiger’s attack. He waved his dagger, and a terrifying jade serpent was quickly formed and bit at the lunging tiger. The gemstone on his forehead let out another wave that shot toward the tiger’s body.

Usually, the tiger would avoid the poison adept’s attacks. Yet, for some reason, the tiger charged into the attacks without dodging; the tiger ran straight into the jade wave and the giant serpent.


A resounding roar rang out as the flaming tiger smashed through the wave. The dagger had also stabbed into his shoulder. However, the tiger continued to charge forward without hesitation and viciously bit at Karak’s head.

Karak’s poison spells had no use in the lava. There was nothing he could do against the ferocious tiger and could only run desperately toward Greem and Yunid.

Greem and Yunid looked at each other and rushed forward.

Age of Adepts Chapter 887 - Battle in the Mines

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