Age of Adepts Chapter 933 - Battle of Dragons

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Chapter 933 Battle of Dragons

Rather than physical damage, it was an immense psychological humiliation that had been inflicted upon the golem dragon when the amethyst dragon’s tail hit it.

The eyes of the previously calm and composed Gonga immediately turned red as he flared with anger.

Under his berserk control, the golem dragon also turned into a frenzied bull, lunging without any hesitation to bite and tackle the amethyst dragon.

In response to the golem dragon’s relentless pursuit, the amethyst dragon dodged with agile and graceful movements, while repeatedly using crystal breath to erode the joints of the golem’s frontal limbs.

The breath of the amethyst dragon was of a unique elementium-corrosion attribute. The Crystallizing Breath could rapidly seep into the target creature’s muscle structure and turn all organic substance in came into contact with into lifeless crystal.

Such attacks were undoubtedly exceedingly harmful to creatures of flesh and blood!

Unfortunately, the magical machine golem dragon was an alchemical creation and had no muscle to speak of. Though the magical alloy would also experience some degree of mutation due to corrosion from the breath, the damage was significantly mitigated.

After seeing no results from his repeated Crystallizing Breaths, Toril immediately switched to magical bombardment.

The crystal magic that amethyst dragons possessed was more niche magic, and there weren’t very many spells they could use. However, amethyst dragons had unique ways of circ.u.mventing the inconvenience. They would search for powerful magical gemstones and embed them onto their scales.

This way, they would not need to prepare their Dragontongue magic during battle. They only needed to activate the magical gemstones on their bodies to successfully fire powerful elementium spells. It created a special method of combat unique to the amethyst dragons.

No one saw the amethyst dragon chant anything. It simply wove around the golem dragon’s ma.s.sive body as several crystalline gemstones on its body lit up, turning into ferocious elementium magic that surged toward the golem dragon.

The attacks were concentrated, and the target was obvious– the joint of the golem dragon’s right front leg.

Ice Ring Howl!

Doomsday Storm!

Devastating Thunder!

Inferno Impact!

Ring of Gravity!


High-Grade elementium magic was bombarding the metal leg of the golem dragon at such a close distance. As magically resistant as it was, the magical alloy was damaged to some extent.

However, the magical golem dragon remained unable to touch the amethyst dragon no matter how it thrashed and snapped.

The difference in their combat techniques and movement speed was too vast!

If this situation were allowed to continue, the golem dragon would be slowly toyed to death, even with its impenetrable body. Thus, without any hesitation, Greem and the elementium magical machine attacked the amethyst dragon in unison.

The Third Grade spells that Greem had currently mastered were probably only enough to scratch an itch for the Fourth Grade amethyst dragon. He was still far off from being able to break through the dragon’s defenses to wound him.

However, in collaboration with the elementium magical machine, and with both of them each controlling one of the giant cannons on the golem dragon’s back, they could unleash terrifying power.

Boom! Boom!

In all honesty, these two shots were really off their mark!

The direction that the cannons were pointing at was empty before they fired. However, shockingly enough, as the two energy pillars shot forward and intertwined together in midair, the amethyst dragon inexplicably appeared in their path.

The two seemingly randomly fired energy pillars ‘luckily’ hit the amethyst dragon.

Unfortunately, just as the pillars of energy were about the make contact, the amethyst dragon’s crystal body twisted abruptly, turning his belly away and causing the beams to graze past his back. Though the blast had missed the front of the body, it had still left horrifying scorch marks and deep gouges on the exquisitely beautiful scales.

The amethyst dragon howled in agony before escaping the range of the golem dragon’s cannons in a few flickers. It was then that he had the opportunity to inspect the ‘injury’ on his back.

Rather than an injury, it was more like damage inflicted on the amethyst dragon’s scales!

The two cannon shots from earlier were far from hurting the amethyst dragon himself. However, the fact that his most treasured protective scales had been so severely devastated undoubtedly infuriated the amethyst dragon, who valued beauty and perfection above all else.

Toril turned his head, and his glowing eyes locked onto the two humanoids controlling the cannons atop the golem dragon’s back.

Dammit! It was them!

They were the ones who had used a strange ability to predict the location of his teleportation and gave him an unexpected blow across the back. Otherwise, a pair of Third Grade gnats wouldn’t even show themselves before him. A single claw for each would be enough to kill them.

Toril roared furiously in his heart as he controlled his crystallization powers to grow new crystals where the scales had been damaged, hiding the burns and gouges. However, the act of doing so also ruined the perfect, flowing lines of his scales. It only made Toril angrier.

Without any warning or declarations of death, Toril’s body turned into a beam of light as he charged toward the golem dragon. The golem dragon did not back down either. It opened its mouth and roared as it charged forward with its ma.s.sive body.

The two Fourth Grade creatures, one large and one small, instantly clashed with each other.

Though they were both Fourth Grades and were supposed to have a similar level of Strength, the difference in size and muscle foundations meant a ma.s.sive gulf in their fundamental Strength. The smaller amethyst dragon was the one that lost in this contest of power.

A loud, dull thud rang out.

The golem dragon’s accelerating body suddenly slid backward, its four heavy metal limbs tearing up the ground as it stabilized itself. The vicious horn at the front of its head had snapped in half, and even its skull seemed to have suffered some light distortion.

In comparison, Amethyst Dragon Toril was in a far more terrible state.

Cracks had appeared all over its crystalline scale armor, with horrifyingly large gaps visible everywhere. Even Toril himself had been blown over two hundred meters away. In the end, he had to rely on his wings to regain balance and not crash to the ground.

The amethyst dragon paid no heed to his wounds. He lifted his bloodied head and roared at the golem dragon, “Again!”

His crystal wings beat wildly as he lurched forward like as a beam of light once again.

“Hmph, you are sending yourself to your grave!”

Gonga, who was sitting in a metal chair inside the golem dragon, waved his hands about as he roared. He then straightened the mind-synchronizing helmet on his head and commanded the metal dragon to tackle the enemy again.

The demands of the battle required Gonga to direct nearly seventy percent of the magic generator furnace’s energy to form an invisible but impenetrable force wall on the dragon’s head. Gonga was confident this would allow them to deal even greater and more terrifying damage to the amethyst dragon in their next clash.

Greem felt something off about the situation, but he couldn’t pinpoint the specific issue.

Amethyst Dragon Toril wasn’t supposed to be someone so easily driven mad by anger! Why…why did he choose such a primitive and direct method of confrontation?

Was there a trick behind this?

Greem couldn’t help but be moved at the thought of this. He started to make preparations of his own silently.

As expected, Toril’s crystal wings flared just as the dragons were about to run into each other. His slender and elegant body made a graceful arc as he wrapped around the golem dragon’s vicious horn and flickered above it.

Just as his perfect body cut across the golem dragon’s back, Toril turned his slender neck and unleashed a short Crystallizing Breath on the two towering figures there.

As a Fourth Grade, Toril’s Crystallizing Breath was enough to kill an unprepared Third Grade adept, even if it wasn’t fully charged.

Unfortunately, as sly as he was, Greem was more sly!

At the instant the dragon’s breath left Toril’s mouth, the elementium magical machine gave up on its cannon and lunged to Greem’s side, protecting him with its own giant body of steel. A barrier then rose from its feet and protected the two of them.

The breath instantly penetrated the barrier and crashed on the elementium magical machine’s body.

Its magical alloy quickly showed signs of aging and deterioration, with tiny particles of crystal occasionally appearing here and there. Greem could sense the magical machine’s magical energy fall below half in an instant, with various parts in its body starting to become dysfunctional.

That said, this was not the time to care about his subordinates.

Greem roared and turned the cannon abruptly, instantly locking onto the amethyst dragon and smas.h.i.+ng the b.u.t.ton to fire.

Apart from providing the telekinetic barrier from earlier, Gru had also silently taken on the task of charging this cannon himself.

As the cannon trembled, a beam of pure-white energy shot forth, catching up to the amethyst dragon’s gliding body and blasting its back.


A deafening dragon’s roar rang out. Toril had let out his most pitiful cry since the start of the battle. His body tumbled away from the impact of the beam, cras.h.i.+ng into the ground and leaving a five-hundred-meter-long ditch before reluctantly stopping.

The entire battlefield instantly fell silent!

Age of Adepts Chapter 933 - Battle of Dragons

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