Mother Truth's Melodies Part 8

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Ten toddling steps, but to us full of grace, For our babe in our hearts ever holds the first place.



Two little pink shoes standing by the head Of our Nanny sleeping in the trundle-bed;

On the little table, waiting for the morn, Two little pink shoes, our Nanny to adorn.


Two little bright eyes, peeping open wide, Spied the little table, and the pink shoes spied.

Two little fat hands climbing up to catch; Two little fat feet following to match.

Two little fat arms hug them to her breast; Two little fat legs run to show the rest.

Never more a treasure can our Nancy choose, That will give such pleasure as these two pink shoes.

In your work or your play, When you read, talk, or write, Sit always, my child, With your back to the light,



Now listen while I tell you, child, That I am quite a grown-up girl, For I can read, and spell my name, While you,--why, you're just Baby Pearl.

I help mamma to "house-keep," too, Although she says I make a whirl!

But I can wipe the forks and spoons, While you, Ah, you're just Baby Pearl.

And then I dress myself, you see, And comb my hair when not in curl, And I can make my dolly's clothes, While you, you're only Baby Pearl.


Tis true, mamma says I must be "A very pattern little girl,"

Just all for you, and I shall try Because, because, you're Baby Pearl.


Dearest little lover mine, Sweetest, pertest valentine; "Desht I'm two years old," he says,-- Blessings on his pretty ways,-- "'Tan't I be your valentine?"

Yes forever, lover mine, Shalt thou be my valentine.



FEE-FI-FO-FUM, From the Spruce-tree comes the gum; From the Pine the turpentine, Tar and pitch, And timber which Is very choice and fine.

Fee-fi-fo-fum, How from Spruce-tree comes the gum?

Soft enough;--the sticky stuff, From seam and cleft, Both right and left, Flows out, and hardens, rough.


Fay-fi-fo-fee, Nut-galls grow on the Oak-tree; By tiny worms the nut-gall forms, Like little ball; And from Nut-gall The Gallic Acid comes.

Fee-fi-fo-fade, From Nut-galls, too, the Tannin's made; While Acorns grow in group or row;-- And Live-oak long, Makes s.h.i.+p-knees, strong, That round the world may go.


Fee-fi-fo-fap, We tap the Maples, and the sap We find as sweet as sugar-beet, Then boiling hard, Our sure reward, The maple-sugar treat.


Fay-fi-fo-fee, See the graceful White-Birch tree, With bark so light, so tough and tight That Indians wrought Canoes we're taught, And paddled out of sight.


Fee-fi-fo-fap, Hark and hear the Hemlock snap;-- Little spine so full of wind, Heated, hops, And jumping, pops, And makes the bright eyes s.h.i.+ne.

Fee-fi-fo-fur, See the curious chestnut-burr; Green and round, then turning brown.

Frost opens wide Each p.r.i.c.kly side, And out the chestnuts bound.


Fee-fi-fo-fay, Now the farmer makes his hay; grow, which workmen mow,-- Toss every-wise, Till suns.h.i.+ne dries, Then into stacks, they stow.

Fay-fee-fi-fo, See the farmer wield his hoe, Lettuce, greens, then corn and beans, With pumpkin-vines Along the lines, Where many a weed o'er-leans.


Mother Truth's Melodies Part 8

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