I Can Speak with Animals and Demons Chapter 22 Part1

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The forest behind the mansion is easy to walk through without intertwined branches like in the west forest.

In the forest where the lush foliage grows moderately, there are many things like wild plants and sunlight seeping through the foliage.

In this forest with birdsong chirping, I pick up an appropriately sized branch and walk around.

『Hey! Girlfriend over there! What about this call?』

『Stupid. I've decided on better. I don't feel comfortable listening to your twitters.』

『What is it!』

『Wanna fight!』

『Hey! Unbelievable.』

It seems like a male is calling out to a female.

He wants her to return his feelings, which I think is good.

“Oh, I've seen this before.”

Wound up edible wild plants that grow under trees. They're similar to j.a.panese ones. Are the ones that end up on our table picked from here? They taste nice.

This means that other wild plants can be picked here. Thet's find out how many there are.

『Hey there human! What are you going to do with my territory?』

I was looking for some edible wild plants that I have seen before, and was walking around looking for the next one when I was called out from somewhere.

“Nh? Who?”

『I'm here, you fool!』

The bushes rustle, and a monkey appears in front of me.

When the monkey arrives in front of me, he grabs the hem of my pants.

『Hey, are there any nuts there?』


When I ask, the monkey points his finger diagonally at a tree.

When I look, I can see a yellow, round fruit-like object on top.

“Oh, that is one. A popon fruit with mellow sweetness and exquisite acidity.”

『Yes, yes. They are delicious…. You know this is a human trap…. Huh…. 』

“What happened?”

『 Are you talking to me? Are you the rumored Jed that can talk to animals? ? 』

“There are rumors like this. Yes, I'm Jed.”

『Amazing, you're such a handy guy. Quicky take a look at this popon fruit.』

“Hey, don't say I'm convenient, you're a monkey. You can climb up and pick it!”

『Shut up! Don't think because I'm a monkey that I love bananas and am good at climbing trees! Apologize to my ancestor!』

“Ohh, I understand, don't pull my sleeves!”

Anyway, this monkey is not good at climbing trees. I didn't think that there could be such a monkey, so I reluctantly head towards the tree where the popon fruit grow.

But how should I pick it? I'm a human and I'm not good at climbing trees. I don't think there is a modern person good at climbing trees.

『I think you know, don't damage it right? Because it rots as soon as it gets scratched.』

Even so, I wonder why this monkey is so bossy. It can't climb a tree.

『 Ah! Talking in way that makes you seem to be so great though you can't even climb the tree! To think you wanted to direct! Oh, I climb a little. Nevertheless– 』

The monkey next to me starts to be noisy.

I think while looking at the tree in front of me. As the monkey said, the popon fruit is quit high up. I've never climbed a tree, so I don't think I can get that high.

Well, will I make it fall with magic? I need to get as close as possible so that I don't damage the tree or the fruit.

I move my hand towards the popon fruit and cast a spell.


Beginner magic of the wind attribute. Magic that blows wind blades is one of the easiest ones to use among the wind attribute spells.


The jade light converges and flies through the air in an instant.

It flies brilliantly in a straight line and separates the popon fruits from the branches.

I hurry and move under them and use my clothes as a cus.h.i.+on.

“Phew, success!”

『Noooo really! You did it! I was surprised when you suddenly used magic. Gimme, let me see quickly!』

I start giving a popon fruit to the monkey, but I stop.

『Hey! Why are you withdrawing you hand! Give it to me!』

” I didn't give it because it looks great. There are no words of thanks either.”

『Ah ah ah!? Respect me because I'm an ancestor!』

“Noisy, for a guy who failed to evolve!”

『Ah ah ah ah ah ah! Don't tell me what I'm supposed to say! …… Oh, wait a minute! Don't eat the popon fruits!』

In the end, the monkey was quite persistent, so I gave him three popon fruits, and in return I recieved something like a medicinal herb. Is this really a medicinal herb? Isn't it actually a weed?

I'm not sure, but I still put it in my pocket.

A while after splitting up with the monkey, the path starts to get steeper. It has become a little difficult, but since I'm higher up, I can see the village.

After going up further, I can see my house. It is a nice scenery.

In order to appreciate this view, I look for a flat area where I can sit down suitably.

“… Oh, it's a pretty nice view.”

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I Can Speak with Animals and Demons Chapter 22 Part1

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