Venerated Venomous Consort 2505 Had Someone Stolen The Pill?

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Not a single one was left behind. Gu Xijiu paced around Di Fuyi and examined him carefully as she frantically searched for the pills. She somehow hoped that he had awakened, but her heart eventually sank into a hopeless abyss.

Over the past few days, she had spent so much time with the statue that she could recognize every fine spot on its figure. She could immediately tell if the statue had moved even the tiniest bit. However, it would appear as though nothing had changed. It was exactly the same as before. Not even a strand of his hair was misplaced. In other words, he was still unconscious.

Could the Purple Cloud Mushrooms have been stolen? The white tent was obviously a forbidden place. Everyone here was well aware that no one else was allowed in the tent. Moreover, she had established a wizardry barrier around the tent that was so secure that even Guardians Jin and Hua could not enter, let alone the common villagers.

Something was not right. Kun Xueyi was born to be an expert in breaking through wizardry barriers, but at that moment, he was resting in the lake that was right in front of the tent. Also, if any intruder were within three miles of him, even if the person were the size of a mosquito, he would have been able to sense it. 

Gu Xijiu walked out of the tent and called out for Kun Xueyi. Soon, a mini version of him emerged. He was quite reluctant to leave the water, so he only showed part of his head on the surface of the lake. "Miss Gu, what is the matter?"

"Did you see anyone going into my tent?"

"No, I did not. There has not been anyone around for the past four hours. What is wrong?"

She trusted Kun Xueyi, but if what he said were true, then where were the pills? Kun Xueyi was still looking at her with his bright, curious eyes. "Have you lost anything?" He seemed to have made a smart guess.

Gu Xijiu nodded briefly and went back into her tent. Kun Xueyi stayed in the lake and pondered about the severity of the situation. He then decided to go to the sh.o.r.e and transformed into a pocket-sized bird. It would not have made sense if he had transformed into his original size. From outside of the tent, Kun Xueyi asked, "What have you lost? Do you need my help?"

Gu Xijiu considered his offer and thought that his good sense of smell could be useful in this situation. "Yes, please come in." Therefore, Kun Xueyi walked in with his adorably cute figure with short legs. 

Gu Xijiu was pacing around hastily. She seemed to have flipped the bed over to look into every crack and every hole in the tent. The pills were round, so they could have fallen to the ground due to the tremors from the disturbances at the wizardry barrier. Perhaps, they had rolled away.

She looked up abruptly and saw the pocket-sized bird. "What are you doing?" She was bewildered.

The bird took a look at the jade statue and answered calmly, "I am trying to avoid any misunderstanding."

The tent should be the place where Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi spent their nights together, so it was considered as a very private s.p.a.ce. If Di Fuyi found out that another man had been in the tent, he would definitely give Kun Xueyi a hard time. It would be better for him to go into the tent as a bird instead of a man.

At this point, Gu Xijiu could not really care if he was a man or a bird. The only thing that concerned her was the pills. Gu Xijiu still had one Purple Cloud Mushroom pill left, so she took it out and showed it to Kun Xueyi. She told him that she was looking for this pill and needed his help.

Kun Xueyi knew immediately what the Purple Cloud Mushroom was at first glance. Although he was unsure of the ingredients used to produce the pills, he could tell that it was a great supplement to increase one's spiritual power. No amount of money was worth the rarity of the pill. Losing the pill would be a great loss to anyone.

"Did you only lose one pill? Where do you think you misplaced it?"

Venerated Venomous Consort 2505 Had Someone Stolen The Pill?

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