Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 241

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BaoBao quickly brought out his best argument, hoping to convince his Host. This was a good deal; all she needed to do was capture the good impression. She didn't need to do anything else in particular. 

BaoBao didn't know XunMi's att.i.tude, but XunMi could understand BaoBao. She obviously didn't have a real choice in this matter. 

"Let's go." She closed her eyes and sank into darkness. She only hoped this general  was her husband. Or else her husband will really hold a grudge. She really didn't want to put in that situation. 

When XunMi woke up, she was ruthlessly slapped with a splash of seawater. The salty taste scratched her throat uncomfortably. The stinging water in her eyes make her want to choke even more. Luckily BaoBao was there yelping, reminding her that she was a mermaid. The sea's mermaid. As long as she relaxed, the water wouldn't hurt her. 

After she slowly adapted to the water, XunMi grabbed the white fur ball and squeezed. 

"BaoBao, tell me. What is this situation?" 

Looking at her rose red fishtail, XunMi could only imagine how frozen her face appeared. "If I remember correctly, there was only one mermaid with a rose red tail in the entire dimension. So am I somehow related to the female lead? Or are we twins?"

BaoBao squirmed out of XunMi's grasps and looked up at his Madam Host for the first time. As soon as he did, his eyes widened. [Ah Ah Ah, Madam Host! Why are you in the female lead's body?]

The female lead had a young and tender face, with red hair that matched her tail, long enough to cover her back. The most appealing feature was still her fishtail. In the azure seawater, it attracted everyone's attention. She would appear even prettier if her soft blue pupils weren't shooting fire daggers at the current moment. 

"Hehe…so you can also see that I've ended up in the female lead's body. Then, please tell me how this happened?" XunMi wasn't upset about ending up in the female lead's body. Rather, she was upset about this body's age. She had short arms and legs. It was obvious that she wasn't older than ten years old. 

But when the female lead transmigrated into this mermaid body, the mermaid was at least an adult. Most importantly, mermaids were considered to have reached adulthood after five thousand years. Five thousand years! ! ! Not five years, or fifty years. Just thinking about it made XunMi want to faint. 

BaoBao had his head down. He also hadn't expected this to happen. This world's world consciousness wasn't completely formed yet so probably wouldn't have been able to cause this trouble. [Madam Host, why don't you just go with this current situation. I'll go and search for the cause.] crycrycry~~ Madam Host's gaze was too frightening. He really didn't do anything on purpose. 

XunMi used her tail to swish the white fur ball far away. Watching him flail and swirl in the water did put her in a slightly better mood. 

"BaoBao find it fast. I don't want to be waiting for several hundred years doing nothing." After venting out her anger, she curled up in the large clamsh.e.l.l behind her. Her current body was too small, she needed uninterrupted deep sleep to replenish her energy. 

BaoBao bounced back to the s.p.a.ce room to search for the cause. In a flash of an eye, two hundred years pa.s.sed. 

When XunMi woke up from her slumber, she was shocked by herself. Her red fish tail had changed to a blue color, camouflaging with the seawater. Under the moonlight, the tail glistened like gems. Her red hair transformed in this moment too. 

There were no mirrors in the water. She couldn't see her face. Neither could she determine the cause for the sudden change. 

Therefore, she decided to head closer to sh.o.r.e. Taking advantage of the lack of people at night, she took a better look at herself. After two hundred some years, XunMi was still in the body of a barely ten year old mermaid girl. She let out a quiet sigh. 

After swimming for a while, XunMi noticed a small group of fish and shrimp following her.  They swirled around her, b.u.mping into her gently once in a while. When she gave no reaction, they would b.u.mp again. 

XunMi helplessly stopped for a moment. Did this group mistake her for a playmate?

'Dii' The faint sound of a steams.h.i.+p horn floated into XunMi's ears. From a distance, waves rippled, quickly reaching her. XunMi's instinctive reaction is to dodge and sink into the sea. However, before she could react, bang! Something fell into the water. Immediately, she felt something grab onto her moving tail.

XunMi was feeling a bit helpless in the moment.  She blankly turned around. Before her eyes was a chubby little kid in a Western suit. His cute face was in a pout as he stared unblinkingly at her. 

XunMi was stunned? What was this situation? She slowly tried to wiggle her tail. The little hand immediately wrapped around her tighter. 

"That. Little brother, h.e.l.lo. Can you please let go of my tail first?" XunMi was feeling pitiful. Why couldn't an old spirit like her escape from a child's grasps? This didn't make logical sense. 

The kid held still, only tightening his hand on XunMi's tail, as if afraid she would run off. 

"What's your name?" Since she couldn't remove his hand, she gave up. This kid looked like he was wealthy. What was he doing in the middle of the ocean? Although they weren't too deep in the water, this would still be dangerous for oxygen levels. How was this kid able to bear it? In fact, he didn't show any signs of breathing difficulties. 

The kid still remained silent. He took one last look at XunMi before gracefully fainting. Once again shocked by the sudden turn of events, XunMi really wanted to cry. She caught the unconscious child and searched for a place where the seawater wouldn't drown him. Following the waves' flow, XunMi caught up with the s.h.i.+p.  

When she reached the s.h.i.+p, she could hear urgent quarreling coming from above. While the s.h.i.+p guests were distracted, XunMi placed the child on deck of the s.h.i.+p and prepared to depart. At the last minute, she pulled out a lifesaving mermaid's tear pill and placed it gently in the palm of the child's hand. She took one last look back before submerging back into the ocean, swimming far away from the s.h.i.+p. 

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 241

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