Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 284

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Published at 9th of April 2020 08:08:34 PM
Chapter 284

Ziju BaiLin calmed down immediately . Indeed, XunMi was the one he had seized, and she had willingly accepted it .

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“Marshal, Marshal, you’re not having an episode, are you?” Mu Cheng was already nervous and did not pay attention to his choice of words .

Oh my G.o.d, Marshal is finally calm, that was close, really close .

Ziju BaiLin sat in his seat and listened quietly to the movements next door .

XunMi didn’t know that her husband had almost fallen ill . She was just a little speechless, because she finally remembered who had used this rotten maneuver before .

The Male Lead! When they first met, he had constantly attempted to incite disharmony in the relations.h.i.+p between her and her husband .

Ai!  ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ Was he really worthy of being the same fellow? The methods used were all so low .

“Don’t tell me Chairman w.a.n.g means that you think I should seek asylum with you? But what kind of capital do you have to come tell me this?”


XunMi felt extremely disdainful, but she didn’t show it on her face .

To put it badly, even if she were an indigenous woman and met these circ.u.mstances, she still would not hesitate to choose Ziju BaiLin . [1]

Not to mention, Ziju BaiLin was now a marshal with an army in his hands . It could be said that Ziju BaiLin’s experience was much higher than this old man by who knows how many levels .

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She wasn’t blind, nor did she have any special hobbies, so how could she wrong herself?

Besides, the current Ziju BaiLin was her dear husband .  Your mother, even if you dare to come bully my family, you also dare to incite me to bully him with you together? It’s really against the heavens .

Chairman w.a.n.g completely misunderstood XunMi’s meaning . He thought she was just probing for what kind of sincerity he was capable of showing .

He leaned forward and lowered his voice: “Miss Nian may know of the Western Region’s Major General . I know him . ”

Up to this point, as for what the other party would think, that wasn’t a matter of his concern .

After working as a businessman for so many years, he was still very clever .

XunMi hooked her lips up playfully, “Oh, really? s.h.i.+ HuaYi, ah, I just met him two days ago . It’s just that he seemed to be on friendly terms with the Marshal . It is said that the Western Region’s Marshal wants to give BaiLin face . He’s just an insignificant major general; what can he do?”

The wings are not yet strong, but he wants to fly . You want to fly up? And still not afraid to fall to your death . Really .

Chairman w.a.n.g’s face suddenly fell . He didn’t know about these things at all, it was just that the terms that s.h.i.+ HuaYi had given him were very attractive .

He couldn’t help it . Besides, he was also used to riding roughshod over people in Li Hua Province . Then suddenly this person came and took charge, and he naturally wanted to drive the person away .

“This is unpleasant to say, but so long as Miss Nian cooperates with us, bringing down the bandit is only a matter of time . ”

Chairman w.a.n.g was a little anxious . If this Nian XunMi didn’t stand on the same side with them and turned around and told Ziju BaiLin, they’d be finished .

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When he got excited, he had no scruples in speaking of all their plans .

“When the time comes, you will give us information about Ziju BaiLin, and we will choose the right time to begin, so we can coordinate from the outside and the inside . Are you afraid of what will happen when it’s game over? At that time, Miss Nian will be free, and you can do whatever you want to do . At the same time, Major General s.h.i.+ HuaYi will be meritorious, and he will definitely not treat you badly . ”

 He desperately wanted to see XunMi nod so that he could feel at ease .

Only it was a pity . XunMi looked Chairman w.a.n.g up and down for a few moments, and her expression seemed say, where did this fool come from?

Chairman w.a.n.g’s face fell . “Nian XunMi, what is your meaning?”

XunMi s.h.i.+fted her legs and rested her chin on her hands . “What do I mean? I don’t mean anything . Actually, I’d like to ask Chairman w.a.n.g what you mean . Are you trying to provoke disharmony in my relations.h.i.+p with the Marshal? What’s in it for me, may I ask? If I were found out, then what? Would you all come to my rescue regardless of anything? Such a simple equation, like one plus one, cannot equal three . So you tell me, Chairman w.a.n.g, what is my meaning? And what kind of intentions are you harboring?” Her expression was severe as she sneered .

He really thought she was a sweet, naïve young woman . How did he have the confidence to dare dig a pit so brazenly for her .

Chairman w.a.n.g’s face turned from green to white, then from white to green . It was extremely impressive .

He’d been rash . d.a.m.n it! Why had he listened to s.h.i.+ HuaYi? He’d said it’d be simple .

“Miss Nian, we can still discuss this matter . You can voice your demands . As long as we can be satisfied, we will be sure to do according to Miss Nian’s wishes . ”

With such big temptations, he did not believe she would not be even a little interested, that she would not take the bait .

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“That’s really brave of Chairman w.a.n.g to accept any of my demands, isn’t it?” XunMi asked with curiosity, pretending to be moved .

Chairman w.a.n.g gritted his teeth and nodded: “Miss Nian, please speak . ”

XunMi touched her chin and pouted, showing an appearance of ‘I want to think about it,’ which calmed Chairman w.a.n.g’s heart .

As long as there was something she wanted, it would be fine . The thing he feared was the other person being stubborn and not listening to his persuasion .

“Ah! I’ve thought of it!” XunMi’s eyes lit up, her hands resting on the edge of the table .

At these words, the hearts of three people were in the air .

Chairman w.a.n.g focused his full attention on what would follow .

Next door in the private room, Ziju BaiLin’s hand that had been on his armrest had already disappeared . Mu Cheng was also sitting to the side, trembling with fear .

Madam, please don’t play around! The Marshal will really go berserk! I can’t control him if his illness comes on!

As if she had heard Mu Cheng’s prayer, XunMi continued to speak .

“I want your life . ”

In a flash, her hand shot out and grabbed Chairman w.a.n.g’s neck, and pressed him down onto the table .

Using the power from her foot, she sat down on the table and looked down on the person’s face she was crus.h.i.+ng .

Regardless of how Chairman w.a.n.g flopped his short, chubby hands, he couldn’t loosen XunMi’s hold on his neck .

Instead, because of his movements, his face kept rubbing against the table, and he almost screamed out in pain .

“Chairman w.a.n.g, let me offer you a piece of advice . A person should have a clear view of things . I advise you to be a man who needs to be aware of the current affairs . You’re quite clever, so how can you be so blind this time? Even if you’re blind, you must hide it better . ”

XunMi s.h.i.+fted her position and, stepping on the chair, hurled the person directly to the ground .

The chair tilted, then turned over and fell, by chance trapping the person on the ground between the two of the chair legs .

XunMi slid down to sit gracefully in the chair, looking on as Chairman w.a.n.g’s face turned red and fierce .

As he was no longer restricted, he immediately reached out to push the chair so he could get up .

With a kick of her foot, the chair spun around to confine him . She forcibly grasped Chairman w.a.n.g so that he could not turn around in the makes.h.i.+ft pen .

“Originally I did not intend to settle accounts with you . Say, how can you take things to heart like this? Unfortunately, you still delivered yourself to me to be sorted out . If I don’t get involved, I will be embarra.s.sed . After all, how can I fail to live up to your good intentions?”

XunMi was fully expressing, not only will I physically oppress you, I will also psychologically upset you .

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Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 284

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