What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. Volume 3 Chapter 4.5

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In the middle of the Ancient town of Amzeria is a congregate of devout citizen.
Within the center of the that has long ended lies the

A [Forbidden book of magic] that has the power to destroy the world.
It’s a valuable item that I only obtained 1 even though this is my 3rd time being reincarnated.


A ferry from Axeplant Kingdom to the Azerlaims imperial city.
We then proceed towards the port city of Azerlaims, Oceanweaver.
From there we ride a boat to Rakzhadia republic’s port city, Lyndonburg, and amidst it――.

“…I feel s.h.i.+ck…”

“Haa… Seasickness huh… As always you’re unreliable Kazuha”

I gave the little girl a cold stare from the cabin bed I’m laying on.
It can’t be helped!
I’m bad with boats!

“Ruru-chan I’ve finished preparing the tea. Kazuha too… guess not”

Tao whips up tea from the inboard kitchen and looks at me pitifully.
That look really hurts…

“Let’s leave Kazuha alone and have it for ourselves Tao”

Ruru sits from the chair which taller than her as she start the tea-time.
Tao distributes the snacks with a wry smile.

“Urgh… I wanna erat too but… urgh… I feel s.h.i.+ck…”

I bury my face on the pillow and give up on tea-time.
Isn’t there any anti-travel sickness in this world…
I mean isn’t this boat shaking too much…

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, since the last time we ride a boat like this”

“You’re right… The last time was maybe when we went to Rakshadia republic with Rei and Selen”

Ruru and Tao talks to each other while filling themselves with snacks.
It’s true that there aren’t that many chances to have an outing since the founding of Axeplant kingdom.
I mean Ruru is no longer capable of battling and Tao is in charge of cooking so the only thing available for them is staying at home.
And it’s the job of a mercenary group to answer the request of the country which is the part of Rei-san, Alzein, and Graham.
Selen takes part on it if she likes because she is held down by her pride as an ex-maou.
And Lily is more requested as a magic academy lecturer…

As for me;  I built a country, officially visited Eline twice, partic.i.p.ated in the tournament and wasted time in the castle.
And to truly live carefree, I left all the foreign affairs with Zegius…

“By the way Kazuha, you’re really growing out your hair, aren’t you going to cut it?”

Guess she had no more stuff to talk with Ruru.
Tao talks to me, with my face still buried on the pillow.

“You really are growing it. Even though before it’s a short cut”

After eating all the snacks and cleaning up Ruru continue what Tao is saying.

[It’s fine. I’m growing my hair… Ok] (<-おえっぷ a="" slang="" that="" i="" don’t="">

I answer with my m.u.f.fled voice.
Or rather I feel sick so don’t talk to me!

“…At least face the person you’re talking to when you’re answering… good grief…”<>

“Tao? Isn’t “he” the reason. Zegius’ grandson, Yuuri. Maybe he told Kazuha to lengthen her hair.”

The sudden declaration of Yuuri’s name made my heart skip a beat.

“Ah~… Is that how it is. A maiden in love has finally started paying attention to her own body…”<>

“h.e.l.l no! I already planned to grow out my hair before I met Yuuri! Or rather why is Yuuri suddenly involved! He has nothing to do with this!”

I quickly get up from the bed and oppose them.

“…Then why is your face beet red” <>

“It’s red because I buried it on the pillow!”

“…I guess Kazuha is a maiden too. Oh dear”

“A little girl doesn’t say “Oh dear”! … Ugh, I feel s.h.i.+ck…”

I want to refute them more but I can’t anymore.
I might throw up.

(But maybe those bunch are getting demands from all country…)

A new mercenary group with Yuuri as the leader.
They aren’t that influential but with Airi, Lumeria and also Deborg then maybe they might become a threat for us, .

(A~ah… Maybe I should’ve invited them before…)

If only I knew sooner that Yuuri is Zegius’ grandson then I would’ve invited him immediately…
I’m also curious about Lumeria’s [Null attribute].
It’s the 13th attribute that I still don’t know yet.

(A research about the huh… Lumeria did say that she’s from Gehilrohanes federation…)

I’m also a bit curious about that research.
It’s because and [Forbidden books of magic] are inseparable.
I too also obtained one of it, the [forbidden book of fire magic].
It really was a dangerous book.
I still don’t know a lot about this world ――



Amidst my thinking Tao suddenly jumps on my back.
I feel something sour welling up inside me…

“Are you planning something again? Tell me!”<>

“OWWW! I ain’t planning anything! Get off you’re heavy!”

“Hm-hmmm… That face shows me that you’re thinking about Zegius’ grandson again…? Tell me! What type of hottie was he, spill it all out!”

Tao then sway from my back.
Ruru let out a sigh as she gazes upon me and Tao.

“I’m not thinking about him! Rather I’m about to spill something else if you keep doing that! I don’t feel good! I’m feeling dizzy! Stop it!”

“Why won’t you tell me~? If not then… how about this!”

Tao then increase the her sways.
I can’t. I’m gonna let it all out.

“I-I get it…! I’ll tell you…! So please let go…!”

I give up.
“That” seems to have gone up to my throat.
If I let it all out here then bad things will happen.

“…What the heck are these people doing…”

Ruru mutters with an upset expression.
Rather than saying that, help me.
And stop this rampaging china girl.

“…Gulp, that was close… I was about to spill other things out…”

I hurriedly swallow “that” that came up.
And then took a deep breath.

“What type of hottie was this Yuuri guy?”

Tao sits on the bed with sparkling eyes.

“What type… A blonde… silky hair…”

“Fumu~fumu. And then?”

“….He has a wide back, his voice is indifferent, and he smells nice…”

Yuuri comes in my mind.
I can say that he’s the perfect hottie.

“Does he have a girlfriend? Or is he fine with having more than one?”

Tao leans forward and listens.

“I-I don’t know…”

“…Why did you look away just now?”

Tao continues to question me.
Well… because your face is seriously looking at me that I got scared and…
I mean you’re too close…

“Why are you getting excited with these conversation about men… I don’t get how you female human think”

“Ruru-chan is… still a child so you don’t get it, these kind of conversation”

“Wha-…! Are you mocking me Tao!”

Ah, Tao steppes on a land mine.
With this, the sultry china girl will have to deal with Ruru.

“Ah, no, that’s not what I mean…”

“You’re so mean Tao! I’m from the spirit race! It’s because Kazuha sealed my powers that I look like a child! You should know that!”

“Ah, it’s…AH! Where are you going! Don’t run away Kazuha!”

I try to sneak away from there but Tao notices.
She looks at me with pleading eyes but it’s her fault so I have no say to it.
You solve it yourself.

“Wait Tao! I’m still not done talking!”


Tao gets depressed at the little girl’s lecture.
That’s great keep it up.

I open the door and close it praying.
Dearest Tao, now that Ruru is like that, no one can stop her.
I’ll bury your bones so rest in peace.

“Haa… Maybe I’ll get some air…”

But I still don’t feel good.
However if I rest on bed all day then my body will just collapse…

“…I hope they’re all fine…”

I end up thinking about Rei-san and the others.
I bet Tao and Ruru knows it too.
So they’re making merry to not sulk further.

“…Just what happened in ?…”

Failed escort on the heritage――.
The communication with them ceased, and they tell us that they’ve been annihilated――

But I’m sure there something happening that I’m not aware of

within this world――.

What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. Volume 3 Chapter 4.5

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