Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 295 The Director Of The Local Police

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"Village head, your three-storey paG.o.da, only just one point. However, we have no point here. Now you have lost!"

Xu Haifeng was the first to react, and he walked over, said with a smile.

The villagers kept their heads down and whispered.

"In theory, the village head really lost."

"Yes, who can expect, this young man incredibly crushed the dices."

"Now the problem is how did he crushed it? It is so amazing."

The villagers also thought the village head lost.

Since his three-storey paG.o.da was just only one point, so Ye Fei crushed the dice, of course, it was the zero point.

At the moment, the servants of the children of Luo Bixu had no idea, and their eyes fell on the body of Luo Bixu, because he was the master of the house.

Luo Bixu sneered, then he immediately pointed to Ye Fei and shouted loudly, "You incredibly cheat with the false dices. Come on, go and get this man and cut off his hands."

After Luo Bixu said that, his son, son-in-law and his grandson were holding all kinds of farm tools to surround Ye Fei.

"It's ridiculous!"

Ye Fei still smiled and said, "You brought the dices, I even have not touched it, but now you incredibly want to frame me?"

"Bulls.h.i.+t! You must change the dices secretly."

Luo Bixu still shouted loudly.

"Yes, you did! You are a cheater."

"Grab him, put him in the pigsty, cut off his hands!"

Luo Bixu's family members were also shouting.

"I have understood you this man is really hateful."

Ye Fei sneered and then he walked toward Luo Bixu.

"He wants to hit our village head."

"Stop him!"

They used all kinds of farm tools to hit Ye Fei.

Although Ye Fei was into the siege, he was indifferent, then he stretched out his hands to block their attacks. When those farm tools met his hands, like the paper paste, had broken, while the people who were attacking Ye Fei inexplicably fell on the ground.

Ye Fei came to the face of Luo Bixu, but ignored him, and he took the three dices of Luo Bixu, then smashed them on the table.

After the dices were crushed, the silvery liquid immediately flowed out of the dices.

"What's that?"

Some villagers shouted loudly.

"It's mercury! It is mercury, d.a.m.n it, unexpectedly there is mercury in those dice!"

A villager cried out.

Suddenly the villagers understood that originally the cheater was not Ye Fei, but Luo Bixu.

"Village head, how do you have mercury in your dice! Are you cheating?"

"Have you been cheating our money with these dices filled with mercury!"

"I see, originally the cheater is you, Luo Bixu!"

The villagers were angry, especially those villagers who often lost the money, they surrounded Luo family.

"The village head Luo, what are you doing with these dices?"

An elder of the village came up and stared at Luo Bixu.

"I... I fell into his trap! He replaced my dices secretly! I really did not cheat! How many years do you know me? How could I have done something so shameless?"

Luo Bixu was still quibbling.

But the villagers were not fools, and they did not listen to his justification, shouting to let him pay them back, or they would tear down his house. 

Luo Bixu was dumbfounded, now he knew it was over.

Now, no matter what he said, the villagers wouldn't believe it.

However, Luo Bixu did not admit defeat, but nodded to his son, and Luo Ben quietly made a phone call.

Within five minutes, a loud siren sounded outside the house.

Several policemen rushed in, carrying batons, dividing the crowd, shouted "What's the matter? Do you have any laws in your eyes?"

Although the villagers were very serious, they still were afraid of the police, hurriedly let out a road, so that the police walked to Ye Fei and Luo Bixu.

"s.h.i.+t, you're incredibly gambling in public! Handcuff these several people and confiscate the gambling money, take them to the police station."

One of the police officers was the captain, he waved his hands, and a few policemen immediately came to surround Ye Fei, Xu Haifeng and other people in the middle.

At this time, when Xu Jie saw himself surrounded by the police, he was very scared, reeled back a few steps.

"That's ridiculous! Someone open the casino here, but you don't care, now he lost, you the police appear here, and want to catch me! Do you have anything to do with Luo Bixu?"

Ye Fei was not afraid. When he spoke, he had a strong voice, which made a few policemen were a little surprised.

Because his words were right.

In this group of policemen, there was a young man, who was the youngest son of Luo Bixu, called Luo Gui.

Luo Bixu was able to bully in the village, most of which depended on Luo Gui.

"Shut up. Catch this man first, and teach him a lesson in the police station."

The police captain immediately said.

Ye Fei did not want to talk to these policemen, so he immediately made a phone call to Qin Xiaogang, "Bro, something happened to me. Yes, not in Shanghai, it is a small place called Luo Cun. I stay with my comrade's son to come back. Who's in control here?"

"Luo Cun?"

Qin Xiaogang thought for a moment, "I can't remember this small place, you tell me what county it is."

"It seems to be called Nine Yun County."

Ye Fei said.

"Oh, wait a minute, I'll made a phone call to the director general of that county police station."

So Ye Fei hung up the phone, after two minutes, there was a phone call over, and he said he was the director general of the county police station, called w.a.n.g Yifang.

After Ye Fei and w.a.n.g Yifang chatted a few words, then he went to those police officers, said, "Which of you answer this phone?"

Then the police captain walked over to pick up the phone, "h.e.l.lo?"

"Who are you?" There was a sound coming from the phone.

"I am Zhou Li, the director of the police station in Luo Cun!" He arrogantly said.

"Oh, I see. I'm w.a.n.g Yifang."

Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 295 The Director Of The Local Police

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