Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 85 Practical Evidence

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Ye Fei suddenly stood up and walked straight towards Zhao Hao's seat. "Since everyone is so eager to catch the thief, let's find out who they are right now." All the students looked at Ye Fei, whispering among themselves.

"Zhao Hao is definitely the thief. Ye Fei can't protect him forever."

"Of course he is the thief."

"Looks like seeing the cop took the fight out of Ye Fei..."

Meanwhile, Zhao Hao's face turned red. He looked at Ye Fei with surprise and did not know what was going on. Why had Ye Fei, who was just supporting him, suddenly changed his mind?

Ye Fei quietly stooped down to take the money out from inside Zhao Hao's desk.

Seeing the bills, the students exclaimed and pointed fingers at Zhao Hao, "He's the thief!"

"Officer, you see? This boy stole the money and hid it in his desk because he was afraid to be frisked."

"These kinds of people should be driven out of our campus! He does not deserve to stay in Shanghai University!"

Students from other began jamming up the doorway, trying to find out what the commotion was all about. After seeing Zhao Hao being found out as a thief, they too joined in the fray.

However, Chen Qun was staring at Lin Qingwan.

Earlier, Lin Qingwan had argued vehemently that Zhao Hao didn't steal the money, but then, her bodyguard was the one who found the money in Zhao Hao's desk. He wanted to know how Lin Qingwan would explain this.

Zhao Hao was stunned and baffled. What was going on? How did the cash get in his desk?

His brain blank; he couldn't even say a word.

Ling Susu suddenly screamed, "You thief, how dare you steal the money!" She stepped forward and tried to slap his face.

However, Ye Fei stopped her.

Ling Susu was stunned, and began shouting, "What are you doing? I'll hit this shameless boy! Why are you still protecting him?"

This scene caused an uproar. Although Ling Susu wanted to slap Zhao Hao, it was inappropriate.

Ye Fei shook his head severely. "You are shameless. I've never seen such a shameless person in my life." He then took out Lin Qingwan mobile phone and handed it over to Chen Qun. "Watch this video."

Chen Qun took the phone and replayed the video recorded by Ye Fei. A few other students pushed and squeezed to peak over his shoulders.

Chen Qun watched the video. He clearly saw Ling Susu put the money into Zhao Hao's desk.

Chen Qun was silent for a while. "Impossible…" he muttered in amazement eventually. "It's the cla.s.s monitor who stole the money...? That can't be right."

The other students were stunned as well. Most people did not know what was going on, but shoved for position to see the video. Chen Qun played it for them again three times.

However, they still didn't believe that the student who stole the money could be their cla.s.s monitor.

Anyone else, they would believe.

But the prim and proper Ling Susu? No way.

A cla.s.smate whispered, "Maybe this video is fake. It's CGI."

"That's impossible," Someone else said in a low voice. "This happened just now, he didn't have time to edit it. But... it's quite chaotic, it might be an optical illusion."

"Let me see!" Ling Susu screamed angrily and reached for the phone.

Ye Fei quickly grabbed the mobile phone and coldly said, "You can watch, but you can't touch it."

In fact, Ling Susu indeed wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the phone to "accidentally" drop it on the ground.

Ling Susu realized Ye Fei had seen right through her and could only let Ye Fei hold the phone in his hands while she watched the video.

After watching, her face was pale.

She was silent for a moment, then said, "This video is too fuzzy! Who can even tell whose hand that is…"

"You can't see clearly, but someone else can," said Ye Fei. "We can take the video for a.n.a.lysis by the police tech lab. They'll easily tell us whose hand it is."

Ling Susu's immediately changed her angle. "Well, we can take this video for a.n.a.lysis, but even if they say it's my hand, so what? Even if this hand is mine, it just means I put money in his desk. It doesn't prove I stole anything!"

"But why would you do that?" Ye Fei asked.

Ling Susu suddenly gave out a high pitched cackle and shouted, "I... I just wanted to! I hate Zhao Hao, okay? I hate his poverty, hate his stench, hate his weirdness, hate how he makes us all look bad by comparison. I know he must be the thief, but I thought we might not find enough evidence to punish him, so I took out my own two hundred Yuan to frame him. Is that enough of a reason?"

The cla.s.s stood in stunned silence.

They never would have thought their outstanding cla.s.s monitor could be such a despicable villain inside.

But... a villain was not a thief.

Although they thought Ling Susu was utterly shameless, they also knew she would not be expelled for it.

In other words, she might be unable to become the monitor again, but Zhao Hao was still a thief. If the school knew that, he would be expelled.

"I give you one chance after another, but you just won't take them." Ye Fei looked deeply into Ling Susu's eyes. Under her fair appearance lay hidden an ugly heart.

He walked toward Ling Susu's little suitcase.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Ling Susu immediately saw what he was after and suddenly screamed, charging at Ye Fei like a crazy lioness.

That suitcase... was full of Ling Susu's treasures!

Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 85 Practical Evidence

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