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It was already six o'clock in the evening when Qin Feng and Jiang Xiaowen came out of the cinema. They went to the undersea hot pot shop in Wanda Square Snack City.

After taking her seat, Jiang Xiaowen excitedly ordered a lot of favorite mutton rolls, beef rolls and all kinds of fresh vegetable dishes. After the waiter left, she couldn't help laughing. "If I order so much, will people laugh at me?"

"Well, you can eat it."

Qin Feng up and down examined her, "You absolutely come to attract hatred. You can eat so well, but your figure is still so good. There are so many girls coming and going around here, and I'm sure they hate you to death."

"Hha, then let them hate a little more violently."

Xiaowen smiled and said, "This afternoon, the movie is fun, right? It is good to watch."

"It's all right, isn't it? I still prefer action blockbusters, like "Outsmarting Tiger Mountain" and "Mekong Action," and to this kind of romance movie, I feel a little stuffy. Ha, don't mind. I am so rough. I am not very emotional."

Qin Feng said modestly.

"It's not that you don't understand. You're wrapped up in yourself. You don't want to understand. In fact, when you put down the ill feeling, seriously to face a feeling, you can certainly find its happiness."

Jiang Xiaowen said, "I also want to have a vigorous feeling, just like in the film. For a love, one can wait for ten years, twenty years, or even if it is a lifetime. As long as one loves once, this is the support from love. One only needs to pay, and there's nothing to do with the return."

Xiaowen said this, in fact, meaning the relations.h.i.+p with Qin Feng. How badly she longed to ride a bicycle with Qin Feng, go for a joyride with Qin Feng on a sunny afternoon, go hiking, go to enjoy the great rivers and mountains, go to the hearty cry, or go crazy to hug and kiss. To feel the purest love in the world.

"I didn't think you knew the feelings at a young age."

Qin Feng smiled and said, "How many times have you been in love? With such experience, I'm sure you are someone who's been there before."

"Oh, I haven't talked about it yet. Why do you think that?!"

Jiang Xiaowen blushed, anxious to explain, "I just read more Qiong Yao's novels, and see the emotional experience of my cla.s.smates. I feel it from my own heart."

"Oh, all right. However, in you art school, those who have not been in love, were indeed rare. You are not too young, so you can fall in love. I mean, you family is not gonna be in charge of this, are they?"

Qin Feng said.

"My family indeed don't care about me, but my mother encouraged me to do so, saying that if I didn't fall in love in college, I would certainly regret it in the future."

Xiaowen said.

"Yes, it is such a beautiful four years. You have wasted two years. If you don't hurry, you will graduate. Be quick to find one, live up to the good times."

Qin Feng said.

"But the students around me feel so naive that they can't talk at all, and I don't like them at all. My tenet in feeling is to lack rather than abuse. I will not talk for the sake of talking. There must be a little feeling to be able to carry on."

Jiang Xiaowen seriously said, "I like boys that are mature, bighearted, cultured, patient, kind. I will not stick to him like a young girl. I will have my own independent personality and s.p.a.ce. We won't be entangled with each other, just dependent together. A touch of love. That's the real thing."

After listening to Xiaowen's words, Qin Feng was a little surprised. Unexpectedly, her opinion was quite mature. She saw things through, and was somewhat inconsistent with her age. However, only such a girl had a sense of quality and charm. If Qin Feng had to choose, he would have chosen this way, too.

Just as he chose to like Sister Hua, it was also because of her independence, temperament and maturity.

The most attractive place in a woman was not that being timid and lovable, but that she had the means to support herself, had an independent personality, could depend on men emotionally, but must know how to clarify them in her life.

"I'm sure in a school of this size you can find people who share the same interests with you. Although it is true that there are not many boys like as you said, it certainly exists. You put yourself down and watch."

Asked Qin Feng.

"No, not at school. Actually...... I have someone I like. He's in society. He's not in school."

Jiang Xiaowen mustered up courage to say, anxious to inquiry and say again, "How about, let's drink some beer? It's not a big night anyway."

"Don't you need to go back to your dorm?"

Qin Feng said, "If you drink beer and go back to school, it will have a bad effect."

"No. It's Friday. You forgot. Every Friday and night, we can stay out."

Jiang Xiaowen said, "Drink with me. Usually in the bar, I always watch them drink, and we do not have a chance to drink."

"Ha, ha, ha. Just in time for me to have a drink."

Qin Feng smiled and said, "You such a girl, big enough to sing and drink. But I like it. It smells."

"Well, you're just talking."

Xiaowen said.

Qin Feng asked for a box of courage to "venture into the world". This beer is not strong to let Xiaowen drink. He himself asked for a Qingdao beer 1903, which was more powerful, and had drinking feeling.

Soon the pot boiled, and they excitedly put the slices of mutton in it and began to raise and cheered each other, "Come on, let's have a drink?"

Xiaowen drank it up, and hummed, "I'm a girl, you can't drink with me like this, can you? How about you are drinking a small cup like this, and I drinking half cup?"

"Well, you can have it any way you want."

Qin Feng smiled and said, "Don't say one to two, just one to three is fine. As long as you're happy."

Looking at Qin Feng's open-minded, Jiang Xiaowen felt warm in her heart. It was not Qin Feng's large amount of alcohol. Such girls as Xiaowen who had been hanging out at night all year, their amount of alcohol was not bad. She just enjoyed Qin Feng's bighearted and unfastidious character and aura very much. Not everyone can do this. Many stingy boys, that is to say, let them eat a little more, would blush and pull away half a day. Qin Feng, it seems, has a clear plan for everything. He doesn't care about anything. It's like mortals seeing through the world, looking through all of it.

However, Xiaowen this kind of ordinary girl could not understand Qin Feng's realm. His experience was extraordinary. The life he tastes was through dozens of near death and hundreds of life crisis moment to break out. This was destined to be extraordinary.

"Qin Feng, have you ever thought about your own future?

Just floating around like this? You've got to settle down, get married and have kids, right?"

Jiang Xiaowen asked tentatively.

She liked Qin Feng, not only because of a rescue in that year, but also because of after several years of seeing each other, all aspects of Qin Feng's cultivation, temperament, and habits which were cherished by Xiaowen. She liked all of Qin Feng's possessions and she had reached the point of idolatry.

"Me? Oh, I haven't dared to think about it yet."

Qin Feng smiled and said, "Who would like a loser like me? Take a day and count a day."

His true ident.i.ty, Xiaowen naturally did not know, and Qin Feng would not let her know.

To Qin Feng, being able to chat with such a pure girl, or talk about the family was also very happy, but after all, there were many gaps that could not be crossed and Qin Feng on a lot of things could only talk a little bit and could not be emotional.

He still did not know Xiaowen's mind, and even if he did, he would not make any difference, because there was only one woman in the world who could make him leave out of the army.

That's it......

My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 271 Only One Woman

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