My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 86 Affection

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In this society, it would really be difficult to live well if you had no idea of it.

"That's just an excuse."

Qin Feng had already seen through Li Faxian's thought. Obviously, he did not lack money, but he just took interest in Sister Flower's body. But Qin Feng didn't want to let Sister Flower got this information, he gave sister Flower an excuse, "He might have something to do with Brother Jun."

Sister Flower nodded thoughtfully, and said, "it's very possible to say so. Recently, the fame of Brother Jun in Tianhe was increasing. After so many years of silence, everyone thought that as the former boss in Tianhe, he wanted to retire. But he was unexpected to come back in such a way. He openly hit Ji Dongchen. Last night, at the Supersonic, there was a Solo hero. Was that you? For a time, the name of Brother Jun is considered to be an immortal. They say that Brother Jun has a larger background. He will lift a black cyclone in the Tianhe, rearranging the existing Tianhe forces."

"I almost got late last night. Have you gone to see Ru Ru? She was badly hurt."

Qin Feng put his hand on the back of his head, laughing, "I guess Brother Jun will be sad about her."

On hearing this, Sister Flower's blushed. Her relations.h.i.+p with Qin Feng was not only the employment relations.h.i.+p. Sometimes, she even felt very awkward with their relations.h.i.+p. It was clear that they were close, but she always felt Qin Feng was very intimate to her. As if he were deliberately approaching her. Did he like her? Sister Flower often thought of this, and would be anxious to deny the thought herself. No way, impossible. She was a woman from the brothel, while Qin Feng was a good young man with pure thoughts. How could he like her?!

Everyone who had come to the age and experience of Sister Flower had not easily revealed their thoughts. Even if her heart would bang, nervous, but he would try to restrain. Even if she wanted it very much, but she also learned to endure it.

It was not only the complexity of society that had taught her how to deal with people, but also the deep desire and treasure for feelings. It was not easy for her to maintain her initial mind and keep body untouched even if she mixed her mind and body in the night clubs for so many years. How many times she skillfully avoided the crisis, and even she was about to lose her virginal body for a few times, but she finally managed to escape the disaster.

"Have you gone to see Ru Ru?"

"I went last night."

Sister Hua said, "Although Ru Ru and Pei Xiang have not been able to get along with me and they have always hated me, in the end we are in a company. After all, we came over for many years, and we all had feelings. Last night, we three sisters chatted a lot in the ward. Pei Xiang and I accompanied Ru Ru in bed and talked about the interesting things they had when they were young, and the difficulties they faced after entering the society. We would not have gone this way. Most women want to find a good man to marry and a.s.sist their husband and raised their son up at home or go to work normally. They would like to live a comfortable life like those white-collar workers. But this is fate. Once you enter this environment, it is very difficult to jump out. Even if you jump out, you will also find that there is no experience in this field. We have nothing, we have to start from the bottom, and we already have a bit of fame and value in the industry, how can we be willing to go to the bottom? Compared to the two of them, I am lucky. I always adhere to my own principles. I firmly believe that the night club is also a need for honesty, solid management, do a good service. Even if you do not rely on selling drugs or selling silver, you can also develop. Facts have proved that I have done this, and more crucially, neither of them has a family. The men around them have changed countless times over the years, but none of them really cherish them. Although I have not found my man, I have at least a brother. Xiao he is all my thoughts. No matter how hard and tired, when I think of him I will be happy, relaxed. All troubles will disappear."

Sister Flower again mentioned Xiao he. Looking at her face filled with a smile, Qin Feng's heart were dripping blood. This was a torment for him.

Every time Sister Flower thought about him, Qin Feng's heart would be stabbed once.

"Sister Flower, now you… You still have me."

Qin Feng plucked up the courage to say.

He did not expect to take the place of Xiao he in her heart, but at least he could occupy a little s.p.a.ce in her heart. In future, when she learned that Xiao he had pa.s.sed away, she would still have a reason to live on.

In fact, during this period of time to get along, Qin Feng was also dependent on Sister Flower for some reason. He did not know what kind of this emotion was. It should be a feeling between family, friends.h.i.+p and love.

For this emotion, Qin Feng was also very vexed. He had no idea about how to get along with Sister Flower, with what kind of ident.i.ty was most suitable.

When she heard this, Xiao Jinhua's heart thumped, throbbing like a deer. She was unable to restrain herself, and said excitedly, "You?"

Sister Flower had already heard about Qin Feng claiming to like her when he met Brother Jun. To tell the truth, when she heard this news, Sister Flower was surprised, but when she calmed down, she felt a little joyous.

Over the years, Sister Flower had not considered finding a partner for life, but she found that the men close to her were just aiming at her body. They just wanted to have it, once she gave it to them, soon after, their hearts would drift away.

What she needed was true love, not hypocrisy, not a physical transaction.

And the appearance of Qin Feng disrupted all this. He had integrity, pursuit, thought, responsibility, and skill. He had a heart that would never give up. Most importantly, he seemed to be very fond of her and she had a feeling of inexplicable intimacy to him. It was as if he had known her for a long time, and he had come to the Free Man in order to get close to her.

Although Sister Flower was a little confused, she felt very gratified for such a good man entering into her world.

However, she was not sure of Qin Feng's idea. In addition, he was too young, although his mind was very mature, but….

Moreover, Sister Flower promised her younger brother that she would not get married until he left the army.

When he first joined the special combat team from the army, Xiao he realized that it might take a long time to see his sister again. He was afraid when seeing her again, his sister was already a wife or even a mother. He was very dependent on his sister and was particularly afraid of the feeling of losing her. So, he asked his sister to agree to his rude request before he left.

As a matter of fact, it was just the narrow minded of Xiao he at that moment. He was not mean all way through. If his sister really met the one who loved her, he would certainly give his full support to his sister's marriage.

Xiao He died before all these came true did not come true.

Sister Flower called Xiao he several times. Because for one thing, she had no news of him for a few months. For another thing, she was to talk to him about her current situation. Her emotional world was slowly being opened. She wanted to give her brother a signal.

She thought she might be in love.

Of course, this was only her sixth sense as a woman. Everything was not clear, Sister Flower was ashamed to speak it out.

My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 86 Affection

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