Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Vol 2 Chapter 4

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Published at 10th of August 2019 01:07:46 PM Chapter 4

Following the success of DoraGaku, the game maker released their second t.i.tle .

 The t.i.tle was “Doki Doki Love Gakuen 2: The False Bride and Eternity of Love” or DoraDora for short .

 As an otome game that captures the essence of the previous work, this t.i.tle was also a success .   Taking place in a different university from DoraGaku, she remembered that the love scenes were more pa.s.sionate .   Also, unlike the previous work, all the capture targets have fiance, and love by pillaging was what come to mind .

 If Addie knew about this, he probably would say, “For love by pillaging theme, the t.i.tle is uncool as usual, huh . ” Rather than a t.i.tle that matched the content, it was more of a t.i.tle to incite users to think that it was a sequel .

 As for the content of the game…

Lilianne, a commoner who went to an elite school, encountered a group of fascinating but troubled men, and as they confronted the problem together, she found true love…

 was like that . It was your typical Cinderella story . By the way, ‘the capture targets problems’ mentioned here was mostly family problem and from there it expanded to their engagement . The results were breaking up the engagement because of ‘true love’ .

 The big difference from the previous work was the capture targets fiance, the player have to come to an understanding with them when it was the time of confrontation, to be able to progress with the game .   In other words, the rival character might be numerous, but in the end, you just had to defeat them .

 Mary was the only villainness in DoraGaku, which meant she appeared in every route . Perhaps the development team thought about this because Mary has the second-most appearance after the heroine .

 Although, it was an otome game, so there were complaints that if they increase the female cast, they should increase the capture targets as well . As a result, the story have bigger development, there were friends.h.i.+p event for specific rival, so there was an increase in male users . Hence the success .

 Remembering until that point, Mary furrowed her brow .

 Weird, even though this was DoraDora world, there shouldn’t be an existence called Mary Albert here .

 There was some relevance and craft that could be enjoyed by players who started from DoraGaku, but ultimately DoraDora was a story that unfold in the different place despite being in the same world as DoraGaku . With only one element removed, the previous characters were not depicted anywhere in DoraDora .

 Even in the fandisc, Mary had no role . It sounded bad, but her role was a disposable villainness, needless to say there was no need for a villainness who already lost .

 Aware of that, Mary didn’t understand why she is here,but she still bowed down and introduced herself without anyone discerning her confusion .

 And when she sat in her a.s.signed seat…

 To her right, there was a girl with soft and fluffy hair, and just like the fluffy image, she talked about her clumsiness with a cute smile and sweet voice, “I was lost . ”

 In contrast, when she looked to her left, the girl with clean-cut features muttered, “Which route were you trying to go…”

 Sometimes, when their eyes met each other, they would smile, and in just a second, an incomprehensible second, both of them would exchange sharp lines to each other .   It was an intense scene that could create electric sparks, but their chilly gazes was enough to make someone s.h.i.+ver .   Generally, that was not a gaze between teenage girls who met for the first time .

 Mary could only let out a small sigh at her bad luck being caught in the middle of them .

 It would’ve been nice if she brought Addie with her…all that big talk and she began to regret it so fast .

 Perhaps, the transfer student Lilianne, and the n.o.ble lady Caleena who looked at her with significant look, had memory of past life .

 With that in mind, Mary was heading to the corner of the dining room and proceed with her lunch elegantly .

 Everyone had surrounded Mary for several days after the transfer because of the Albert name, but by the end of three months everyone was treating Mary as a normal student . Of course, although there were only school customs, there were many scenes where the family lineage was emphasized and respected, but in the end everyone’s opinion about Mary was, “just a regular n.o.ble lady when I tried talking to her . ”

 Those who tried to be her follower, sticking close like a goldfish dropping, realized that there is nothing to gain and slowly go on their way . That fast change of att.i.tude was typical for a n.o.ble, and when she realized it, the girl who used to hold her bag was now holding another n.o.ble lady’s bag .

 On the other hand, there were people who come to talk to her because they realized she’s a normal girl, so her human relations.h.i.+p came to a draw . Compared to her Carelia period, where she got jealous stare from all the female students in the background because she was monopolizing Patrick, this was an improvement .

 However, eating alone in the corner of the cafeteria, it was because Mary was annoyed with the current gossip, so she started to take some distance from the schoolmates who were talking about it . She heaved a silent sigh as she could still hear the same story here and there, when suddenly there was a commotion starting in the cafeteria .

 ”Come on”, Mary murmured with a bit of disgust, glancing to her side, as if she was seeking someone who will agree with her… only to realize there was no one . For a moment, her eyes widen at the absence, but as if to gloss over it, she turned her gaze at the entrance .

 Including Mary, everyone’s gaze were concentrated at the entrance, where Lilianne were being waited upon a group of good-looking male students .

 After her transfer, Lilianne successfully attracted the boys who reigned at the top of the school . The speed of her work was as if she already knew all their problems and the best way to resolve it .

 Three months have pa.s.sed, and almost half of the male students, who everyone dubbed as princes, had become Lilianne’s follower . Even that good-looking teacher became her follower as well .   That those male students and teacher are DoraDora’s target characters was something that don’t have to be said .

 She brought the bite-sized cut into her mouth while calmly a.n.a.lyzing the reverse harem . As a sister school to Carelia Academy, Eles.h.i.+ana Academy’s meal had high level as well . This delicious sauteed fish was definitely was made by a first cla.s.s chef . A rich taste spread just by putting it in her mouth, and the soft white fish slowly melt on her tongue .

 She wanted to let him taste it, but to do it she had to go back by carriage…as she thought that, she brought another forkful into her mouth .   This rich but light taste made one can’t stop eating . Another mouthful, another one…without realizing, her utensils danced on the plate . This taste, she wouldn’t point finger but two plates would be easy to consume .

 Without realizing, it was already the last bite, next for dessert…in the second she replaced her knife for a spoon, a tray was placed in the seat opposite of her .

 A familiar face greeted her when she looked up .

 Parfett Marquis, one of her cla.s.smates . With her soft brown hair, big eyes on a small face, her pet.i.te figure resembled a small animal, a girl with overwhelming adorableness .  

 She was also one of the characters in DoraDora . She was the fiancée of Gainus Eldland, one of the partic.i.p.ant in reverse harems that takes up a corner of the cafeteria . Her role would be the rival character in Gainus’ route .

 They had exchanged greetings several times before, but their relations.h.i.+p weren’t close enough to warrant direct contact, Mary widen her eyes and looked around at the cafeteria . Although it was noon, the cafeteria was relatively empty, and some seats could be seen around Mary . There was no need to sit with other people .

 To purposely put her tray in Mary’s line of sight… the girl gave an embarra.s.sed smile as Mary turn her gaze at her . “May I sit here…?” she asked with a small voice .

“Yes, of course . ”

 For now, Mary smiled to hide her discomposure .

 However Parfett seemed to realize something when she saw Mary’s hand and her expression became stiff .

“Ah, are…are you with someone?”  “

“No, I am alone, what’s wrong?” “

“Ah…but, your cups…”

 Parfett returned her gaze to Mary’s hand .

 Mary was alone but there were two cups . Anyone who saw this would think that another person sat on the same table .

 But Mary who realized that still answered with, “I’m just by myself . ” Parfett started to looked gloomy, and sensing that, Mary urged her to sit with a, “Please . ”

“Don’t mind it,” before she got questioned, Mary explained, “I just prepared two cups by accident . ”

 Ignorant of Mary’s belief, Parfett took the seat despite still looking troubled .

 And just like that meal time started again, Mary raised a question mark in her heart at Parfett, who wasn’t talking about anything .

 She wondered what is wrong, but to ask Parfett directly was out of the question . As Mary sneaked a glance at Parfett to check her condition…with a suffocated expression as if she’s afraid of something, she sighed .

 She was Gainus Eldland’s fiancee . But, the man in question was one of the reverse harem group that Lilianne was building .

 In other words, she was a poor n.o.ble lady who got her fiancee stolen by a reincarnator . And it was as “one of the guys who surrounds the heroine” .

 She didn’t know what else to say besides it’s being a disgrace . It wasn’t difficult to imagine her uncomfortable situation . What’s more, Marquis family didn’t rank that high in the n.o.ble society . Her engagement to Gainus Eldland was what elevated their prestige .

 Therefore, there was nothing to protect her now that she lost it, and the curiosity that are directed at her would be more merciless compared to other n.o.ble daughters who have been deprived of their fiances . Even now, there were people who stole glances at Parfett and those who laugh coldly at her . Mary sighed tiredly…

 Ehem .

 She coughed once .

 In that moment, everyone get fl.u.s.tered and turned away while Mary could only feel their shameful behavior . After all, they were just people who laughed at the tragic n.o.ble lady from the shadow . If Mary Albert was involved, it would come to this .

 However, even Parfett seemed scared, her shoulder was trembling slightly…

“Ah, ano, perhaps I am disturbing you…”

“No, you’re mistaken! It’s okay, please don’t mind it . ”

 Consoling Parfett who stood up hurriedly with teary eyes, Mary tried to calm her down .

 From Mary’s perspective, Parfett was the opposite of herself …a type that was difficult to handle, but you couldn’t drive her out considering her current situation .

 That’s why Mary turned her gaze at Parfett who returned to her meal with depressed expression .

“I won’t ask you anything, so would you eat with more enthusiasm . “

 And said that . Parfett’s expression as she ate was like it was the last meal of her life, and it seemed like she was forced to eat something terrible and tasteless .   There was no fragment of elegance and it looked more like a penance .

 She knew about Parfett’s situation but it was rude to the chef . Parfett let off a small sigh .

“Yes, you’re right…”

 She whispered with a weak voice . But the gazes from their surrounding didn’t stop, and from the corner of the cafeteria, lively conversation and giggles could be heard, as if it was a flower field .

 A girl who was eating her food gloomily at the front . Buzzing of whispered words and glances from the surrounding . The carefree laugh from a girl and boys who welcomed it…

 With a I-have-enough expression, Mary sighed and chewed the last bite of the dessert .

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