Hail the King Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: The mysterious black mask

Items in the Diablo World would fall into eight levels.

The first level was 【Inferior Item】. The color was dark, and they would be divided into four more categories: inferior, chipped, damaged, and rough. These items were barely usable; a lot of novice warriors didn’t even use them. Even an ordinary demon or monster could drop these items when they were killed.

The second level was 【Ordinary Item】. The color of these items was white. Some of them had natural holes where gems and runes could be embedded. However, these holes would be drilled on after making the items. These items were very common, and they were the foundation of the game. They were easy to get, as one could get nine ordinary items from killing ten monsters. The attributes of these items were very average.

The third level was 【Superior Item】. The appearance of these items was also white; only weapons and armors in the Diablo World could be at this level. These items had some extra attack damage, durability, and defense stats, but the extra effects weren’t that strong. They were only a bit better than 【Ordinary Item】.

The fourth level was 【Magic Item】. The appearance of these items was blue; they had stronger attributes and effects. They were better at attack, defense and additional effects compared with the other three item types. Most 【Magic Items】 also had one or two prefixes or suffixes; they determined the quality of the additional attributes. There were super powerful 【Magic Items】 and weak 【Magic Items】, but they were all very strong. Fei’s current Barbarian’s armor and belt were both 【Magic Items】.

The fifth level was 【Crafted Item】. These items were orange and could only be crafted by combining various ingredients through recipes. Fei didn’t own anything like this currently.

The sixth level was 【Rare Item】. These items were yellow and were even more powerful and had more attributes than the other four types of items. The name of these items typically contained two to six prefixes or suffixes. Fei had a few of these items. For example, the bow that Fei gifted to Elena was a 【Rare Item】. These items were the more premium mainstream items.

The seventh level was 【Set Item】. The appearance of these items was green. According to legends, these green items belonged to great legendary warriors. When all of the 【Set Items】 from the set were collected and equipped, extra powerful magic power would be generated on top of the powerful attributes of each individual item. 【Set Items】 were hard to find. There were usually a few pieces in a set; it would take a lot of time to collect all of them, even if one was lucky. Fei did get 【Arctic Fur】, the armor in the 【Arctic Gear】 set in the Barbarian Mode. However, he still hadn’t found the other three missing items to complete the 【Arctic Gear】 set.

The eighth level was 【Unique Item】. These items were golden and were almost holy. They were the rarest of all items, and they each had a unique special ability. They had their own shapes, attributes, names, and they could even changes color. There were three small levels within 【Unique Items】, and they were normal, exceptional, and elite.

After understanding the level system within this Diablo World, it was easy to see why Fei was so excited.

What was in front of him was a complete set of the level seven green 【Set Items】. They all appeared in front of Fei; this was unheard of when he played the game in his previous life – of course, the scene with the female demon Andariel also never occurred in the actual game on Earth.

Fei lightly reached out and touched the green 【Set Items】 in front of his eyes.

The cold sensation coming from his fingers told him that this was real; he was not hallucinating or dreaming.

This was a four-piece set. There was a simple pointy light blue mage hat made of bones, a delicate light blue metal armor that protected his shoulders to his knees, and a light blue wand that was about 6 feet tall. It had a spherical magic crystal at the top and three mysterious strands of clothes covered the wand. The last piece was some kind of talisman that was red, about the size of the palm, and had a five-star magic array engraved on it.

The four items were tightly put together and took the shape of a standing person. It was lively and a crystal light of life floated on the surface of the items. Waves of powerful magic fluctuations came off the set of items in an unstoppable manner.

The set was currently in an unidentified state.

However, Fei was very intrigued by this. He could no longer wait to take them back to the encampment and let Cain identify them for him for free. He used four 【Identify Scrolls】 and unveiled the properties of this set –

The wand’s name was 【Arcanna’s Deathwand】.

It was a two-handed item.

Damage -12-18; durability – 50/50; level required – Level 15.

Special properties: +1 level to all sorcerer skills; +25% chance of deadly strike; +50% damage to undead creatures; +5% mana regeneration; +50 mana.

The pointy light blue mage hat that was made out of bones was called 【Arcanna’s Head】

Defense – 237; Durability – 18/18; Required level – Level 15. Required Strength: 15

Special properties: +4 health regeneration; attacker takes damage of 2; +25% lightning resistance; +228 defense (depending on player’s level).

The light armor was called 【Arcanna’s Flesh】

Defense – 195; Durability – 60/60; Required level – Level 15; Required Strength: 41

Special properties: +3 damage reduction; +2 visibility (Light radius) ; +10 stamina; +100 defense.

The talisman was called 【Arcanna’s Sign】

Required level – Level 15

Special properties: +20% mana regeneration; +15 mana; +20% fire resistance; +50% chance of finding【 magic items】.

These were the individual properties and attributes of each item.

【Arcanna’s Tricks】!!

Fei instantly knew the name of this set.

From Fei’s previous memories, there was such a 【Set Item】 for sorcerers. Although it wasn’t as great as the top-tier Sorceress 【Set Item】- 【Tal Rasha’s Wrappings】, it was the perfect set for Sorcerers who were at a low level. The required level to equipment this set was only level 15. Currently, Fei was level 19, so he could equip it.

Without any hesitation, Fei stripped himself and put on 【Arcanna’s Tricks】.

A light blue light instantly enveloped Fei. An unprecedented feeling of power filled every single cell in his body. Fei felt that his attack and defense had doubled or tripled instantly. With this complete set, he was the equivalent of a level 25 sorceress even though he was only level 19.

After he equipped everything, the bonus effect kicked in –

20% faster cast rate; 5% mana stolen per hit; +50 health; +50 mana.

Fei closed his eyes and carefully felt the pleasure of the increase in strength.

Then, he noticed a simple, black iron mask floating in mid-air.

The appearance of this mask was far worse than the set item – 【Arcanna’s Tricks】. If Fei didn’t pay attention, he would had thought that it was a piece of old bark with two holes cut in it. The mask was lifeless, but it floated in mid-air as if there was no gravity. A strange power vaguely floated on the surface of the mask, and it had an ancient, mysterious, and tragic sensation.

“Could this be… the legendary 【Andariel’s Visage】?”

Fei was stunned. 【Andariel’s Visage】 was the mask that Andariel begged a blacksmith to forge for her after her beauty was destroyed. It was a nice item, but it was rare to get from the Monastery map. It shouldn’t have appeared here.

Fei took the mask, and it was so light that Fei felt like he was holding onto air.

Before the identification, Fei wouldn’t know the name or the property of the mask. He took out a 【Identify Scroll】 and a golden light flashed by.

Fei was shocked.

He realized that the mask in his hand wasn’t affected at all; he still could get its property.

“This… What is going on? Could it be a very normal mask that’s not even considered an item? And that’s why there are no properties to display?” Fei guessed. “But that shouldn’t be it. If it’s just a regular mask, how could it float in the air?”

This was very strange.

This situation was also unheard of in the original game that Fei played before.

Fei remember what Andariel said to him in her recovered, soul state –

“Accept my gift, and protect your lover. Every 【Flower of Rogue】 will experience unprecedented sufferings. Young warrior, a great disaster is coming. If you still believe in love, please protect her, and don’t let her go through that I had!”

The sixth-sense that came from his soul vaguely told him that this mysterious black mask was somehow related to the “prophecy” that Andariel left him, but he couldn’t wrap his head around this vague connection.

Fei thought about it and tried to put this mysterious mask onto his face.

His face felt a warm sensation, as if his lover was lightly touching him.

The mask wasn’t big. It perfectly covered the rest of the face below the hat that was made out of bones. He was still able to see through the two holes on the mask, and the nose was raised, so his nose fit perfectly into the mask. He was able to breath comfortably. However, Fei had a strange feeling; he felt like this mask had its own life. It slowly squirmed on his face and adjusted itself to his face. The end result was that it fit Fei’s face so perfectly that it seemed like it was built for Fei.

Then, another strange feeling kicked in.

Fei felt like all five of his senses were merged. He could see what he couldn’t see before, he could hear what he couldn’t hear before, and he could smell what he couldn’t smell before…

He raised his hand and took off the mask, and this feeling went away.

After a few trials, he was sure.

It seemed like magnifying senses was the only ability of this mask.

“Something that 【Identify Scroll】 couldn’t identify, this is very mysterious… I know for a fact that even level 8 【Unique Items】 can be identified by the 【Identify Scroll】. Wait… Could this black mask be something above level 8【Unique Items】? It can’t be! I’ve never heard about a level 9 item in the Diablo World!

Fei shook his head; he couldn’t tell what was going on, but he knew that this mask was mysterious and strange. He put the mask into his storage belt.

Then, the scene in front of him changed, as if it disappeared into s.p.a.ce.

Like traveling through time, Fei instantly returned to the catacombs where he killed the demon Andariel. There were the same burning fires and flowing blood; all the monsters were dead, and Fei’s Sorcerer character competed all the quests from 【Rogue Encampment】

All seven of his characters pa.s.sed Act I in Diablo World.

Fei returned to the 3D screen where he could choose different cla.s.ses.

Something occurred; although it surprised Fei, it made him very happy.

Hail the King Chapter 136

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