Hail the King Chapter 1214.2

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Chapter 1214: Collecting Samples (Part Two)

The giant meat-mountain-like monster was lifted off the ground and got thrown into a sealing scroll.

“There are no more bugs in here. We can go now.”

Before Fei finished speaking, w.a.n.g Jian and Jian Jie felt their visions instantly brightening. They already returned to the ground and were at Tiananmen Square.

The intersection that was desolate and deserted a few hours ago was now full of people. Tens of thousands of survivors gathered here, making it seem like time had returned to before the disaster. However, the collapsed buildings in the area reminded everyone that time didn't flow back.

“He is here; the immortal is back…”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and everyone turned and saw Fei, Jian Jie, and w.a.n.g Jian.


Whoos.h.!.+ Close to 100,000 people all knelt on the ground.

These people were saved when they were in desperation, and they were guided here by Fei's doppelgangers. They witnessed how Fei's doppelgangers easily butchered the bugs and saw these doppelgangers turning into light beams and disappearing.

Then, these survivors met up with those few people who were saved alongside w.a.n.g Jian and Jian Jie, and they learned more about Fei. As the stories got pa.s.sed around, Fei became more and more mysterious, and many people saw him as an immortal.

Of course, not everyone thought that way.

A few middle-aged men who had big bellies walked to Fei under the protection of a few muscular men in military uniforms. They smiled flatteringly, and one of them said, “Friend, I'm Mayor Zhang of Beijing. How should I address you?”

Fei casually scanned this person, and he learned about this man's ident.i.ty and thoughts.

Even during this crisis, such people were having other thoughts and wanted to control Fei, having the desires that they shouldn't have. These people were pathetic!

In reality, a little mayor was nothing to Fei, the Emperor of the Northern Region Empire on the Azeroth Continent. He ruled over a territory that was tens of thousands of times larger than the land on Earth, and even a bronze saint who acted as Fei's guard was more prestigious than the most influential leader on Earth.

After scanning the people in the area in silence, Fei learned many things. Then, he flickered his finger, and hundreds of golden light beams dashed into some people's bodies.


The people who were chosen by the golden light beams were scared at first, but then they were shocked to find that a new power appeared in their bodies. As if they transformed from ordinary people to superheroes, they could easily jump up for hundreds of meters, almost like flying!

“Immortal! Thank you for your gift!”

The lucky people all knelt on the ground and shouted in grat.i.tude, and others looked at them with envy, jealousy, and hate.

“I have cleared all the bugs in the city, and I set up restriction arrays around the city, in the sky, and underground. No more bugs will appear. You were once the master of this land, and you are the only survivors. Carefully rebuild this city! The people whom I chose are trustworthy; you will be the temporary leaders.”

As soon as Fei said that, those middle-aged men with big bellies were shocked, and their faces changed color.

“You two, come with me.” Fei smiled at Jian Jie and w.a.n.g Jian. Then, he said to those middle-aged men, “You, come with me as well.”

Then, a streak of golden energy flames dashed out and engulfed these people before they flew into the sky and disappeared from many people's eyes.

Hail the King Chapter 1214.2

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