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Chapter 1259: Killing Demons (Part One)

The appearance of supreme-G.o.d-level undead bugs took the regular supreme-G.o.d-level bugs by surprise.

The undead magic that Fei used combined the skills of his necromancer character from Diablo World and the ancient inheritance from the Undead G.o.dly Palace on the Azeroth Continent. The undead creatures that Fei created had insane damage, yet he had absolute control over them.

The supreme-G.o.d-level undead bugs were powerful. Under Fei's control, they each tied down an opponent and used suicidal attacks.

In the next moment, Fei didn't hesitate and used the power of the laws of s.p.a.ce to flash in the area, instantly turning five more supreme-G.o.d-level bugs into undead creatures.

This change instantly turned the tables in the shortest amount of time.

The advantage that the bugs had in terms of supreme-G.o.d-level ent.i.ties was slowly lost.

At the same time, a series of tornado-like soundwaves dashed out of the enormous wormhole that was collapsing. That unparalleled ent.i.ty of the bugs that was being teleported struggled like crazy, wanting to stabilize the collapsing wormhole and descend in this star system as soon as possible.

This figure's strength was truly insane.

If another supreme-G.o.d-level bug were in this situation, it would have been destroyed by the chaotic spatial elements. However, this ent.i.ty was able to last and even tried to re-stabilize the wormhole.

However, that was the best this ent.i.ty could do.

In the next moment, large waves of reddish-black demonic mists rose inside the collapsing wormhole.

Many shrill screams that seemed to come from ancient times resonated inside the wormhole, and the reddish-black demonic mists spread as if a bottle of ink was dumped inside a water well, staining more than half of the enormous silver wormhole.

[TL Note: The Author has made it a little confusing since the word 'demon' was used for many purposes. I would a.s.sume that the demons in the Demon Clan are different from the demons that were sealed in the giant eggs. I think these demons that had been sealed were the ancient foreign demons.]

“I left my homeland and got imprisoned for thousands of years. Hahaha! Now I'm free!”

“Come out, brothers! Our era is here!”

“Hehehehe, I finally get to see the outside world again!”

“I'm touched! I can smell the universe!”

Many crazy, cruel, and cold voices gushed out of the reddish-black mists as if they were calls from h.e.l.l, and they were filled with elation.

These beings sucked the energy around them, appearing as if they were staining and destroying everything in the area.

Such actions provoked the supreme lord of the bugs that was trying to pa.s.s through the enormous wormhole that was about to collapse. Many roars and spirit energy frequencies appeared in the surging spatial elements, trying to take out the reddish-black demonic mists.

“Who is it? How dare you fight us, demons from h.e.l.l?”

“Hehehe, we seemed to have run into someone who doesn't have eyes. This figure seems strong. Hahaha, brothers, let's go and devour this poor soul!”

“d.a.m.n it! Where are we? This isn't the sealed s.p.a.ce… I sense terrifying surges of spatial elements… chaos and destruction…”

Many high-pitched devilish screams sounded from the demonic mists.

Inside the enormous wormhole that was about to collapse, the two parties grew anxious and started to battle. They were all evil and vicious characters; one side was the supreme lord of the bugs, and the other side comprised of the devils that had been sealed for countless years. None of them were easy targets, and they battled to the death.

“Hahahaha…” Fei laughed as he dashed between supreme-G.o.d-level bugs and killed these high-level combat forces of the enemies.

Hail the King Chapter 1259.1

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