Hail the King Chapter 1274: Finale 3 Part One

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Fei sighed, “d.a.m.n it! Do I have a choice at this moment? If I don't move right now, everything will die, including me!”

Fei felt like he was pushed to become a hero who was going to sacrifice himself for others.

After taking a deep breath, Fei's body started to enlarge as well. The golden flames around him emitted unprecedented brilliance, and his presence quickly strengthened as if he had taken a catalyst.

“d.a.m.n it! Should I chant something at this moment?” Fei was a bit unwilling, but he had no choice. “Am I going to say goodbye to this world before I get to see my children who are about to be born?”

Fei felt like his body was on fire. The burning of his core energy was extremely painful. He felt like his body was a balloon that was blown over the suggested limit, and it would explode at any time.

Also, with the burning of his core energy, Fei felt like he no longer had complete control of his power. He sensed the rapid growth in his power, yet he couldn't control anything.

With the sudden increase of Fei's power, Gao Shang's giant claws that were striking down from the sky gradually slowed down. Fei's rising presence offered a ton of resistance.

Now that they were close in level, it seemed like Fei's power was purer and clearer compared to that of Gao Shang.

Everyone on the battleground in s.p.a.ce was stunned by this scene.

“Is the Human Emperor… going to sacrifice himself? We ended up at this point?” many people thought to themselves.

“No! You can't! Your Majesty…” The gold saints were enraged, and they tried to rush into the sky and help Fei. However, they were suppressed by the presences that these two unparalleled figures released, and the laws of nature in the area became chaotic. They couldn't fly up at all!

Everyone was watching this tragic scene.

Everyone had to admit that without the miraculous rise of Human Emperor Alexander to support the Azeroth Continent, the descent of the bugs would be an irreversible tragedy for everyone. From the beginning of the war until now, the Human Emperor turned around many situations and gave the united troops the confidence to continue to battle.

If this most brilliant lord of Azeroth never appeared, perhaps the Azeroth Continent would have become a paradise for the bugs.

No one wanted to lose such a ruler.

Elder Princess Tanasha of Zenit who was missing and Zenit's G.o.d of War Arshavin both appeared on the battleground in s.p.a.ce, and the one million Zenit soldiers stood behind them. It was they who sang the eternal holy spiritual battle songs inside an underground s.p.a.ce with engraved magic arrays that were prepared ahead of time. It was they who empowered the 12 gold saints, stimulated everyone's morale, and awakened the power of the united troops.
This was all prepared by Emperor Ya.s.sin of Zenit who had pa.s.sed away a long time ago.

On that secluded island, Elder Princess Tanasha, Elder Prince Arshavin, and the one million soldiers learned the arrays and the holy spiritual battle songs.

Hail the King Chapter 1274: Finale 3 Part One

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