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Chapter 514: Incident in the Mayor's Mansion (Part One)

The only place in the city that was heavily guarded was the Mayor's Mansion.

Since the two most important women in the King's life were resting in here, all the masters of Chambord except for Cech, who had to organize the patrol and defense, were all guarding this place. 50 Saint Seiyas were divided into two groups and patrolled outside the Mayor's Mansion for 24 hours, and the No.1 Master in the city, Frank Lampard, was resting at the gate of the main palace.

Under such heavy guard, even ordinary people could sense the bone-chilling murderous spirit coming from the Mayor's Mansion.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, a thin figure appeared 500 meters away from the gate of the Mayor's Mansion.

"Eh? It should be here. Since it is this heavily guarded, they must be protecting someone or something. Humph! It must be the base of the King of Chambord! Haha, since he isn't here, I will go in and kill a bunch of people to vent my anger! I bet he will be p.i.s.sed when he comes back…… Hahaha!"

A vicious light appeared in this man's eyes. As he thought back to what the King of Chambord had done to him, he was even more triggered.

This man was Tony, the second disciple of the [Snow Mountain Hermit].

After he and [Snow Mountain Hermit] lost the chance of getting an [Elemental Gate] and got severely injured, they immediately left the Mythical Palace after healing up a bit. After all, Tony had made too many enemies in there. Now, they got into Dual-Flags City through the water wells, and they were resting and healing here.

For some reason, [Snow Mountain Hermit] didn't hold Tony responsible for the betrayal. Instead, he still showed a lot of love for his disciple, and Tony got arrogant again.

Initially, [Snow Mountain Hermit] already calculated the time. He was planning to rest in Dual-Flags City before Fei came back and leave right after his strength recovered. He was going to take Tony back to Big Snow Mountain and told Tony not to cause more troubles.

However, after two days of monotonous cultivation, Tony couldn't help himself but went out onto the street to chill. When he wandered to the Mayor's Mansion, he thought back to what had happened and couldn't hold back his murderous spirit.


Tony quickly got around the Saint Seiyas and got into the Mayor's Mansion.

Although he was as weak as a bug in front of Fei and could be even injured with a stare, his level 1 low-tier New Moon strength was G.o.d-like in front of these low Star-level Warriors. In just half a minute, he easily bypa.s.sed four layers of heavy guards and approached the main palace.

Suddenly, a dash of lighting shot at him.

"Sh*t! Magic trap? Who is it? Who put so many magic traps around here? d.a.m.n! I didn't even spot them!" 400 meters away from the main palace, Tony got electrocuted! Smoke was coming out of his mouth, and his limbs were numbed.

He didn't expect that there would be so many delicate magic traps around here. As a Moon-Cla.s.s Elite, he didn't even sense their existence!

After one lightning trap was triggered, it activated the traps around it.

Instantly, Tony felt like he was in a lightning storm.

"d.a.m.n it! Break!" Tony struck out, and a dash of fire destroyed the lightning webs,

However, this instantly exposed him.

Gasps sounded, and the Saint Seiyas and the masters of Chambord instantly rushed over to this location.

These magic traps were set up by Fei himself, and they were powerful yet stealth. They covered almost the entire area of the Mayor's Mansion, leaving only one path for people to walk on. Anyone who was an outsider would be easily identified.

"Who is it? How dare you sneak into the restricted area of Dual-Flags City?" A blond young man who was wearing a white robe appeared on top of a palace. With layers of green Warrior Energy Flames on him, three arrows appeared on his bow as he pulled on the bowstring. The arrows targeted Tony who was exposed, and this blond young man shouted, "Report your ident.i.ty and surrender! Otherwise, you will be killed!"

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Chapter 514: Incident in the Mayor's Mansion (Part Two)

At the same time, a lot of people appeared around him.

There was Warden Oleg who was huge and had an ugly centipede-scar on his forehead, Pierce and Drogba who were muscular and tough-looking also appeared around Tony, blocking his path.

Then, Frank Lampard also appeared by the gate of the main palace. With that huge black sword standing in a rock beside him, he gave Tony some pressure even though he didn't say anything. Lightning was flas.h.i.+ng around him, and he was about to reach mid-tier Nine-Star.

Tony was a bit nervous now; he didn't expect to be discovered so soon. He knew that he underestimated the subordinates of the King of Chambord.

However, with fire-elemental Warrior Energy Flames burning aggressively around him, his face was covered by them. Therefore, he wasn't worried about being identified by these people.

Was he going to back off like this? He was unwilling to! After thinking back to the fact that the King of Chambord shouldn't be back yet and none of the people here could defeat against him, he got more courageous. He used his Warrior Energy to change his voice, and he said with a high-pitched tone, "Hahaha! You are like a group of chicken and dogs! Anyone who is in my way will die!"

Before he finished speaking, he dashed forward and rushed toward the main palace.

"Do you want to die?" Torres growled as he released the three green arrows on his bow. Forming a triangular shape, these arrows were so fast that they instantly cut off Tony's exit path before the air-piercing noises could sound.

Tony laughed loudly as he flicked his fingers three times.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The three arrows exploded and turned into dust.

"d.a.m.n!" the masters of Chambord were shocked to see this.

The King liked Torres, and this young man was the most talented warriors among these people. His archery allowed him to kill enemies who were above his level, and the technique he just used was called [G.o.dly-Transformational Three Arrows]! It was a technique that Fei taught this young man personally! It contained almost 100 potential changes, and even Eight-Star Warriors would choose to back off in front of it. However, this mysterious man was able to destroy the arrows before the changes and transformations could take place…… The strength of this intruder was beyond everyone's imagination.

"Stay still!…… Corpse-Piling Shock Wave!!!"

Warden Oleg who wasn't too far away shouted, and the bones on his body crackled. His huge hill-like body started to shake, and his fists left two fist prints on the ground. Although nothing else took place, Tony who was about 40 meters away suddenly sensed danger. A powerful energy rushed up under him and struck his lower body.

"Such a strange technique!"

Tony thought as he stomped on the ground, and an even more powerful fire-elemental energy shot forward. The ground started to shake, and the green stone tile on the ground were all thrown into the air. Soon, clouds of dust significantly reduced the visibility in the area.

However, he was only able to block the attacks for less than three seconds.

Suddenly, a huge shadow covered him from the top. At the same time, a dash of sharp sword energy shot at him.

Tony's heart raced, and he strengthened his arms with his Warrior Energy before punching out.


White-haired Pierce got knocked back like a metal ball, and he puked up a mouthful of blood.

The difference between them was too much. Therefore, Tony easily dismantled Pierce's peak Six-Star level strike.

However, Tony didn't feel good afterward as well. He soon realized that it didn't matter if it was that blond young man's three arrows, that huge ugly fatty's ultimate combat technique, or this white-haired man's invisible sword energy, they all contained a bit of mysterious power. Although this power was weak within their strikes, the power itself was limitless like the universe! It easily penetrated through his New Moon level fire-elemental Warrior Energy and damaged his body.

"I need to end this battle quickly! Since these people are very nervous about the main palace, there must be something that the King of Chambord value in there. I need to destroy one and leave right away……" After making the decision, Tony no longer hid his strength. His level 1 low-tier New Moon strength was completely unleashed, and he flew towards the main palace rapidly.

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Hail the King Chapter 514

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